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Discussion in 'My Hero Academia' started by Monkey D Theories, Aug 4, 2018.


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    so from 193, one thing is clear, All Might lied to Izuku about the nature of One for All.

    All Might said that Izuku couldn't interact with the previous OFA users, despite the fact that he clearly could. What is happening here?

    before i begin i will just start by saying that this has NOTHING to do with the "singularity" the original OFA user mentioned.


    the singularity he was talking about most likely refers to quirk singularity. Basically he is saying that quirks are so strong that heroes cannot effectively control them anymore, hence you have villains like the Noumu that took the full strength of both the #1 and #2 hero to take down.

    anyways why would all might lie to deku about this?

    Well the only purpose possible purpose of telling deku that he cannot talk to the previous OFA users when he clearly can is that All might doesn't want Deku to talk to the previous users.

    Why is that? I believe it is because their is some sort of side affect to interacting with the previous users, or that maybe the original OFA user is malevolent.


    in the above, All Might gives his response to recovery girl telling him that Deku saw all might amongst the previous OFA users. This and the way it is drawn suggests something ominous about this specific ability of OFA.

    so what could that be? My Theory is this:

    OFA allows the user to essentially merge with the previous users. Essentially, if it is fully mastered, every single user of OFA can coexist in one body. The thing is, if Deku tried to use this ability and couldn't control it, he would lose control of his body.

    The bonus to this power is that when in this form, Deku would have all the strengths of every previous OFA user. For example, Deku's hand was injured by overuse of OFA, but by interacting with the first OFA user, Deku essentially gets the original OFA user's hand, which isn't injured.

    this ability gets insane when you realize that not all the previous OFA users were quirkless, as we know for a fact that Shimura Nana had a quirk besides OFA(ive seen the panel but i can't find it, just take the wiki's word for it). When every single OFA user exists in Deku's body, Deku will have access to any other quirks that previous OFA users had, including Nana's original quirk.

    anyways leave your thoughts in the comments below
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    Theory confirmed... kinda
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    I think horikoshi want to change the nature and plots of OFA... We so far see up to 20% of OFA FULL COWROLL, so I don't think 100% of OFA can take down big times villain, then he introduced new quirks inside OFA and interaction with former holders of OFA in order to power up deku to high tier hero..
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