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Discussion in 'Shokugeki No Soma' started by godenel, Mar 11, 2017.

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  1. godenel


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    So, so far we got
    1. isshiki vs. baseball cap person
    2. Megishima vs. weirdo with the glowing eyes
    3. Yukihara vs. kinokuni

    I'm going to guess they'll try and match Mimasaka against the 1st seat and see if he can at least neutralize him with his perfect trace.
    Erina vs. Rindou
    Megumi vs. Momo would be hilarious because they're both so shy
    Eizan vs. Takumi
    Kuga vs. saitou

    also how can you do 3 on 3 if you only have 8 people?

    I'd be really disappointed if isshiki or megishima loses since they're both so hyped up and they're match up against two weirdos we've never seen before.

    Also I'm going to bet that in these battles, it's going to revealed that Rindou is actually a better cook than Tsukasa
    Kind of like how Saiba was better than Douma, he just never took the first seat because he was too lazy
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  2. Hi Shin Unit

    Hi Shin Unit

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    My prediction
    Souma, Subaru, Megumi vs Eizan, Saito, Momo
    Souma beats Eizan
    Subaru lose against Saito
    Megumi lose agaisnt Momo

    3rd round
    Erina, Satoshi, Kuga vs Momo, Saito, Eishi
    Erina wins
    Satoshi wins
    Kuga loses

    4th round
    Takumi, Satoshi,Souma vs Eishi, Rindo, Saito
    Takumi loses
    Satoshi loses
    Souma wins

    Souma, Erina and Megishima vs Eishi & Rindo
    However Megishima wants a 1 vs 1 against Eishi.
    Azami/Eishi accepts but Megishima get beaten by a 2 to 1 score.

    Final round
    Souma & Erina vs Eishi & Rindo
    Team battle where Erina is the head chef while Souma is the sou chef and Rindo is the head chef and Eishi is sou chef.
    Souma & Erina with perfect synergy makes a dish that intertwines with passion to save their friends, which you can see an illusion that Erina is the queen and Souma as her trusted knight or King. While Rindo & Eishi cook something up but pales against Sorina because they can't work well enough due to Eishi's personality flaw.
    3-0 victory
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  3. godenel


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    I've changed my opinion, I think it'll come down to a tie, and the final round will be Saiba vs azami (which would be epic)
  4. Putu


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    Let's get the next rounds :)

    Central Side :
    * Momo Amanegakubo
    * Soumei Saitou
    * Eizan Etsuya

    Rebel Side :
    * Tadokoro Megumi
    * Takumi Aldini
    * Yukihira Soma

    The winner is :
    Ah is up to you to bet xD
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