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Vegapunk's new island – The World Government's Pacifista Factory

Discussion in 'The Theory Archive' started by Tokikake, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. Tokikake


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    Four years ago Dr. Vegapunk was working and living on Punk Hazard, the government's secret research facility. Then Caesar blew it up and turned it into a toxic wasteland used as a battlefield for Sakazuki and Kuzan's fight.

    Smoker and Tashigi are currently heading towards Vegapunk's location to have him treat the kids. So this raises the question where the hell Vegapunk is and what he's doing currently? First off, I do not think that he's in the Marine Headquarters for a couple of reasons stated below:
    1. His researches and developments require a lot of space. He had an entire research facility before.
    2. He's part of the Marine's Science Unit, not the military personnel.
    3. Tashigi made it sound like they're heading to a very special place and not just back the H.Q.
    So what theme could Vegapunk's new island have and where is it located?

    The New World is a very dangerous place. primarily ruled by the Yonko and such. So the island must meet a couple of security stanndards. Punk Hazard was a top secret island, not detected by the Log Port. And it was also very close to the Red Line and G-1. Having Vegapunk stay on a normal island that could be raided by Kaido or Big Mom any moment would be a stupid idea.

    Here's what I'm thinking: The Island will be located in the Calm Belt mirroring Impel Down. It's impossible to travel the Calm Belt without Marine equipment (unless you're Rayleigh lol). Perhaps it's closed-off by a Gate of Justice too? The island will not have a magnetic field, making it a very safe place for Vegapunk's researches.

    Like Karakuri and Punk Hazard, the island will have a futuristic theme (Cyberpunk), but since Oda rarely repeats his settings for an island, I think it will also be one-of-a-kind, something we haven't seen before. I really liked the theory that Vegapunk will be the ruler of his own science kingdom inspired by the Emerald City of Oz. But my theory about the island's theme is a bit different:

    I think it will be a huge arms factory where all of the World Government's weapons like the Pacifista or Battleships are build. I'll call it »Vega Arms« the new Punk Hazard. The place will be highly futuristic with themes such as cyborgs, computers, lasers, etc. The World Government seems to have an individual island for anything, what's still missing is an Arms Factory.

    Not sure how the Straw Hats will even visit this place, maybe we will just see it through Smoker and Tashigi? But there's also the Germa 66 and their whole technology stuff which could also link to Vegapunk. Maybe Big Mom is just allying with the Vinsmokes in order to get her hands on Vegapunk tech, or even kidnap him?!

    That's it.:p
  2. ZoroDSwordmaster


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    Your description of the location seems really logical and very plausible.
    I think it's highly possible that we will see a bunch of new creations from Vegapunk (like Kizarus laser in PX) since we all can agree that Akainu is pushing the military strength of the Marine forward
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  3. Divvens


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    Hi @Tokikake!

    Earlier today our new platform for publishing theories & speculation went live, you can read the announcement post here for more information. I'm leaving this message here as your theory was posted recently or has had discussion recently.

    All theories in this section which are in the "thread" format will be archived and authors will have 30 days within which they can port their content over to the new platform, we have written a guide to help you port over your theories.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the Theories Help Desk.

    Team Oro Jackson
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