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Vegapunk: Inanimate objects with Devil fruits

Only live things can eat, so how does Vegapunk make objects with Devil fruit powers?

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  1. Pavel Williams

    Pavel Williams

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    I have nothing to say or add, thats gr8
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  2. Syed


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    Look at the image below, jailer beasts where in hybrid kind of state and they had human's abdomen.

  3. Hannibal Psyche

    Hannibal Psyche

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    1. He's basically saying that there's another stage that devil fruits have known as "awakening".
    2. He then proceeds to say there's a rare occasion where it doesn't just affect the body (meaning that what awakenings usually affects is the body or ability alone) but their surroundings also. The emphasis is on the BUT in that sentence.
    Wherever there's a BUT in a sentence, the emphasis of the sentence is after the BUT. Not all awakenings affect surroundings even if Paramecia, it just depends on the fruit's ability.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 12, 2015, Original Post Date: Aug 12, 2015 ---
    Never seen Human form: All the Zoans we've seen till now, we at least saw them in human form while these demon guards we never once see them in such form. They're always in this form which seems to imply they have no other form to regress to.

    Hints: Also, a lot is hinting at them being toys or originally animals, but I think toys seem better as it explains both appearance, dressing and behaviour; they lack the intelligence to think for themselves and only do as they're told, they also lack personality or initiative and are all relatively identical in that aspect.

    Appearance wise, the eyes are very cutesy which implies they were originally toys and even the clothing implies they were kids which can also be attributed to them being toys.

    If we assume Human: If we look at their size and assume they're human, then they surely would be adults. Adults should have a form of intelligence, even the most idiotic adult wouldn't be as dull as these guards appear to be.

    Not once did they even talk or show sign of expressing a though such as Luffy being powerful or even recognizing their opponents were ex-Shichibukai which should be a big-deal, they appear to have the inability to form opinions other than exhibiting violence when necessary.

    If we assume they're kids going by the constant showing of snot dripping and clothing, then it questions why the World Government would have kids in a prison to act as guards which is highly in doubt even by WG moral standards.

    Not Mindless: They're always compared to Chopper in Monster point form; they lack any similarities. Chopper pre-skip in Monster form didn't listen to anyone and couldn't be tamed, he had to be knocked out and in post-skip he's actually able to control himself.

    The Impel Down Zoans are not mindless in the sense that they go on rampages, they actually just do as they're told or patrol and are quite obedient; they have a routine, so they're really not mindless. Here, we can see them actually standing together by Sadi and not doing anything until otherwise ordered.

    Minokoala has a stash of eucalyptus leaves to snack on, I doubt a human zoan would snack on their Zoan-type food. This suggests that these guards are not human; I doubt Lucci would be craving flesh to eat, so I see no reason why these guards if human are eating animal food.

    Zoo theme and Designated keepers: There's also the huge theme in Impel Down riddled with animals like it's a zoo. One of the creatures known as the Blugori has been designated to a member of staff to look after them:
    Just like the Blugori are desginated to someone, the demon guards have been designated to Sadi who looks after them and controls them.

    Extra details: Also, their names all have the same prefix "Mino" which means half-man and half beast. This explains why they have some human features, it doesn't necessarily mean they were once human.

    1. A Bazooka is given a Dog devil fruit, it retains it's Bazooka model and is still for the most part a Dog.
    2. A doll given a mino-devil fruit, it retains doll features such as the dotted eyes and for the most part is still a Minotaur.
    I see a lot leaning to them not being human at all; at the very least they're animals or pets, but being originally toys given devil fruits by Vegapunk would explain behaviour, lack of regression and limitation to exhibiting animal tendencies.
  4. Vegeta


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    Just gonna through This For Future Reference
    Android is a machine made to imitate Humans

    While Cyborg is a human with Robotic parts !!!
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