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    If you intend to have a serious discussion on something posted in this thread, please consider creating a new dedicated thread. Also if the thing you want to share is from the latest chapter it may be more appropriate to share it in the relevant thread (RAW or translated).

    Credit: 101010 from Batoto

    Yihwa's disappearing tights.
    Androssi has a small horn on her head.
    Quant's and Androssi's faces can been seen on items all around the Tower.
    Novick has the habit of biting his nails.

    Baam [밤] can both be 'Chestnut' or 'Night'

    Tower of God [신의 탑] is sometimes called as Tower of Betrayal [배신의 탑]

    Koon's [쿤] nickname is [사기쿤] , which a pun of tricker in Korean [사기꾼]

    Ja Wangnan's name [자왕난] is 'I am prince' backwords in Korean [난 왕자]

    Yeo Goseng [여고생] means 'Female high school student' in Korean.

    Season 1
    Androssi stopped wearing heels after she and Anak tossed each other off the platform in chapter 1.33.

    Chapter 1.1
    Baam doesn't need a pocket to communicate with Headon.
    Chapter 1.6
    Green April's face is not green, but blue.
    Baam and Rak have matching clothes so Aguero asks Baam if he brought a pet with him.
    Chapter 1.12
    In the background Rak demonstrates, on several occasions, a "strange behaviour".
    Chapter 1.14
    The button for entering the Crown Game has a graffiti that's probably made by Urek.
    Chapter 1.20
    Rachel implies she has never seen a real sky by telling Baam that the "world's ceiling" will collapse if he ever lies to a woman.
    Chapter 1.25
    Someone is pulling Rachel's hair in Baam's flashback from before he entered the Tower.
    Androssi could have won the Crown Game by taking the crown, but she didn't.
    Chapter 1.27
    Androssi says that she knew Akryung from before, but that's mistranslation. She actually says that the big guy (Akryung) was already with Rachel.
    Chapter 1.28
    The first time in the comic where Rachel mentions her fear of the night.
    Chapter 1.46
    Levin's appearance on Rachel's Lighthouse is a reference to Detroit Metal City.
    Chapter 1.51
    Androssi makes a Dragon Ball reference.
    Chapter 1.53
    Baam makes a reference to Digimon.

    There is a scene with Baam, Aguero and Rak sitting in a peach garden with a bottle of wine and three bowls in front of them. This is a reference to the Chinese historical work "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".
    Chapter 1.57
    Rak gets stabbed in the head by Aguero after humiliating him publicly in front of Yisoo and other Regulars.
    Leesoo hugs Anak and Hatsu, and later you can see them trying to hurt him physically.
    Chapter 1.59
    Rachel is standing up at the window, even though she is supposed to be crippled.
    Chapter 1.78
    Near the end of the chapter, Baam's positioning and behaviour indicates that he survived the ordeal by hiding inside the bull's corpse.

    Chapter 2.2
    When Wangnan first meets Baam and Horyang, he says "너에게 제안을 하나 하지(let me make you a deal)" to Horyang. Aguero said the exactly same thing (in Korean) to Rak when Baam, Aguero and Rak met on 2F.

    Chapter 2.10

    The colours of Prince's boxers are reversed from what is shown in the previous chapter, 2.9.

    Chapter 2.20

    Baam puts the fingers of his left hand in Yihwa's mouth, but when he pulls them out they are actually his right hand's fingers.

    Chapter 2.22

    At the end of the chapter, Aguero is contacted by someone to inform him of the new Slayer candidate. By the way he is being addressed, A.A., it can be deduced that the person he is talking to is almost certainly Ran Koon.
    Chapter 2.28
    Karaka was supposed to appear with a mask but SIU initially drew him without it. That's why the original and The Company versions differ.
    Chapter 2.29
    Akraptor is missing from Tangsooyook's lineup.
    Chapter 2.41
    Cassano's robe has the Yeon crest all over it.
    Chapter 2.44
    Teddy's missing sleeve changes sides once and his backpack disappears for one panel.
    Chapter 2.51
    Xia Xia's lighthouse alters Baam's voice. It's indicated on the lighthouse itself.
    Chapter 2.52
    Baam uses one of Novick skills that he never saw being performed - Hayeol Style: Crimson Soul Fist. Instead he should be using Hayeol Style: Crimson Soul Fist-Crimson Bell Shock Seal.
    Chapter 2.53
    Dan's blood trail indicates that he was checking on Gyetang once the FUG folk had left.
    Chapter 2.63
    When Baam is fighting Amigochaz there are a couple of panels where the latter is missing his gloves when punching.
    Chapter 2.65
    When Androssi is kicking Traveller there is a reflection of her foot on his goggles. The reflection is of the wrong foot.
    Chapter 2.66
    Laure has two small earrings on his right ear.
    Chapter 2.67
    Aguero says he will get Baam from FUG "치사하고 악랄하게(dirtier and more sinister).". It's the exact same wording (in Korean) that he used in Chapter 1.53 when he told Baam he will escort him to the Top "cheap and dirty".
    Chapter 2.69

    Parakewl can be seen in the background when Viviolga is introduced.
    Xia Xia's shorts change colours during the scene where she enters Baam's room.
    Aguero's shirt changes colour from black to white.

    Chapter 2.70

    The skin colour of Regular Leg that Miseng sends flying changes from dark to light.

    Wangnan is drawn not holding to his plug right after Miseng has her flower taken from her. This is a drawing error that SIU promised to correct.

    Chapter 2.71

    The colour of Varagarv's plug changes from black to white and back to black.

    Chapter 2.72

    The skin complexion of the guy that Baam kicks changes to a lighter tone once he is outside the arena.

    Chapter 2.80

    Baam's shirt changes colour from white to black for a few panels, afterwards it goes back to white again.
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    I see, some good fun facts here :D Mostly drawing errors though :p It's true, I never noticed Androssi having a horn on her head, until just weeks ago, when I visited the wiki :eek:
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    Shame on you!! How dare you not notice Androssi's horn!?
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    Chapter 1.12
    In the background Rak demonstrates, on several occasions, a "strange behaviour".

    Hmmm, I need to go back. What behavior?
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