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    Genuinely baffled by Lee's reply, Drago gave him an awkward and confused smile with his brows pointing downwards. With his hand up and palm faced towards the night sky, he tilted his head and shoulders forward and slightly downwards, he squinted his eyes at Lee with his smile gone.

    Drago went from this.

    To this.

    "Umm, what's this change of mind? I thought the plan was to go down there, free some slaves, take them to the WG and testify against Callebro so the Admirals can come in?" I don't understand? What happened? Did he see the exchange between me and Dango or something?

    Drago, bringing his shoulders and head back, hand down, going back to normal body position. He continued to stare at Lee through squinted eyes and downward eyebrows.

    Santo Castillo-Sky
    Verdano kept crashing down at high speed. He threw his body from left to right continuously, the flames that covered him started to burn him. Badly. Burnt marks were started to show up all over Verdano's body. His mane was being singed off, the naturally brown colored mane was turning black. The pain, oh the pain. It was like 100 hornets stinging you on each side. Yes, 100 on each side.

    If you got near him he would smell like burnt bread.

    As he kept swinging his head from side to side, Verdano swung his head right into Pistolero's roundhouse kick. *crack* There goes Verdano's jaw. Verdano stopped moving and his eyes went white when he got kicked. Pistolero's kick was so powerful that Verdano's whole body was sent flying with the flow of Pistolero's kick.

    *WHEEEEEEEE* Down he went, descending towards the Santo Castillo courtyard at high speeds. Verdano's wings couldn't help him here as holes in them have formed from the napalm and they were still forming.

    *KABOOM* Verdano landed with a BIG ASS THUD. I know I say thud a lot, but this is A BIG ASS THUD. Clouds of dust particles spread outwards immediately from Verdano's crash. Bushes, trees, all of it pummeled. The fountain in the middle of the courtyard? That was done for as well. The benches? That too. Callebro's calmness when he finds his courtyard destroyed? Soon to be?

    Did I forget to mention? The place was on fire?

    Santo Castillo - Dining Room

    Athena snorts and crosses her arms. "That brute better be."

    Rex started to relax as Callebro started to speak. His heartbeat slowing down. Muscles not tense anymore. Breath easier. Can't say anything about his pants though. Rex stared at Olivia through an amused expression. "Is something the matter?"

    Olivia blushed as she realized that she was holding onto Rex. Shoving herself away from him, her face reddened even more. Looking towards the ground and with a sheepish tone she replied. "Uh, nothing," Oh my gosh, I can't believe I just did that! So embarrassing.

    Straightening herself to listen to what Callebro was saying, her face went back to it's original color. With each sentence, Olivia's eyes grew wider and her mouth opened more. is convincing! If I didn't know about what he was really like, I'd be thinking what he's saying is the truth!

    A savory scent filled Olivia's nostrils. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the smell. Is this Roast Boar! It smells so good! Just from the smell alone I can tell how crispy and tender it will be!
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    Santo Castillo - Courtyard

    The manticore had crashed into the center of the front courtyard of Santo Castillo. The many bushes around where it fell began to set ablaze, further lighting up the night sky. Luckily, monster form Verdano had been knocked into and destroyed the water fountain as well. The water from it leaked around the surrounding area and helped to counter act the destruction of the flames. Though, the sheer collision completely ruined the aesthetic appeal of the luxurious area... Callebro would have a fit when he saw...

    The many castle workers began to rush out with buckets of water and began trying to put out the fires as best they could. Meanwhile the gaurds that were on duty began to surround the creature that was Sir Verdano and pointed their weapons at him. A dozen rushed into the castle to go bring out another sea-stone collar that Pistolero could attach.

    Paredo finally made it to the front courtyard, however he was too late to do any good. He just lowered his ready and heroic looking pose. Though he was happy that the event was soon to be over, the Prince still wished that he could have done more to stop it...
    Paredo: "I hope papaa won't be too mad at us for nearly failing..." He held Solace up to his eye level and with a lighthearted smile he told his blade, "We'll do more next time Mr. Sword!"

    Santo Castillo - Dining Room

    As the people of the high court began to dig into the tender and succulent boar, the musicians helped to drift them back into a pleasant and euphoric state. Once some time had passed the room began to pick back up with light conversation. Callebro knew he could finish his speech in peace now. He sensed that Verdano was knocked out and that Pistolero and Paredo were now upon him.

    Rey Callebro turned in his chair to face his loyal knight, Sir Fuente, who stood behind him alongside Sir Arbusto. Then rising to his feet yet again Callebro opened his arms to motion the room toward his presence.

    As the houses fell to silence, Sir Fuente brought over a long wooden box and stood beside his King. It was a dark mahogany wood, embroidered with gold leaf and black onyx along it's edges. On the top of it could be seen the symbols of each of the noble Houses. A raven, a dragon, and a beaver to the right side. A lion, a tortoise and even an otter to the left! In the center was a thunderbird, the sigil of House Bourbon.

    Callebro: "Today... on the day of the Aurora Borealis marks another passing month from when my grandfather conquered Boasey. And despite the fact that our families pasts are forged in steel and war I hope that during my rule I have done well to bring the people of Boasey together! As a family! ... I bear no ill will toward your fine and noble houses. To those who have worked hand and hand with me over the years, I thank you. To those who have shown hostility and scorn... I forgive you. As I see it, Boasey is one people! One family! And for that reason I wish for us to unite and show the world our proud heritage. I am planning to create a cultural festival at the heart of Boasey so that the people of the world can come and see how wonderful this country truly is! I ask that each of you, join together with me. I ask that we put aside our differences and truly and finally unify under the great name of House Bourbon. For each house," he motions his left arm to Sir Fuente, "I shall bestow a gift!"

    Sir Fuente begins to open the long wooden chest. A brilliant light shines from within as the contents of the chest breathes, but soon, a demonic presence creeps out and gnaws at the air!... Six different colored fruit sit inside...

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