The Western Raiders - Tips And Tricks To Raid And Defend

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    The Davy Back Fight Island 2 introduced Raiding and Defending, a chance where each faction gets to steal Beli from their opponents. It is my job to help you out, and here are some tips and tricks to raid and defend successfully!

    1. The Basics
    The event topic outlines it very well, but let me summarize it for you here. The "Attack And Defend" event gives factions a chance to attack another faction and steal their Beli. The "attacks" are termed as "raids", each faction is limited to 2 raids per week (7 days). How much a faction loots in a raid depends on the number of faction members participating in a raid. A single faction member is capable of stealing up to 150 Beli per raid. So a successful raid with 6 members would lead to a total of 150 x 6 = 900 Beli of loot, unless any other factors play a role to reduce that amount.

    1.1 Raiding
    The "act" of attacking another faction to steal their Beli is refereed to as "raiding". For a faction to initiate a raid, more than 2 faction members must participate and the opposing faction (the faction you plan to raid) must have one member of their faction online! To participate in a raid, the faction members have to type the following into the event thread;
    If the faction being raided fails to defend a raid within 4 hours with equal to or more members than the raiding faction, the raid is considered "successful", if the faction being raided defends promptly with enough man power, the raid is a "failure".

    1.2 Defending
    The "act" of protecting your faction for a raid is refereed to as "defending", to defend, you must type the following into the event thread while being raided;
    Your defense can only be successful if you have enough man power, that is; if a faction is raiding with 6 members, your faction must defend with 6 or more members to ensure a successful defense. If the defending faction members lack in numbers, the defense would fall and the raid will be considered successful.​

    2. Advanced Strategies
    Now to move on to the next step, tactics, tricks and tips to raid a faction successfully and defend successfully! Before I begin explaining further, I cannot stress enough on team work! Davy Back Fight is all about team work, every event in DBF requires team work. A faction with stronger communication and team work will outclass the other factions. Use what you have and make the best of it, communicate with your fellow faction members via any means necessary, united we stand and divided we fall! Team work is everything, not only in this one event but in every event. Start coordinating with your faction members, tag them on the forums, get their skype/facebook or other instant communication contacts, work together as a team and we will conquer the other factions!

    2.1 Timing
    A crucial aspect of this event is "timing". A faction gets 4 hours to defend against a raid, now to perform a raid you need strength in numbers, you need to get the timing right! For this, you have to have a keen eye. Don't select to raid factions on a whim or randomly!, that's the most stupid and biggest mistake you can make, not only will you lose a raid attempt, you will also alert the others that you are raiding and they will be ready for a future raid!

    How do you judge which faction to raid? Notice how many members they have online, notice their activity in general around the forums, notice their activity in Davy Back Fight related topics and forums, included but not limited to events and central hub. Judge their response time, and strike when they would least expect! Timing it right will win you a raid.

    2.2 Expect The Cavalry
    Never underestimate your opponents, always expect the cavalry! They will try their best to defend against a raid, no one wants to lose their hard earned Beli now, do they? Always make sure to attack in great numbers, take your time and coordinate with your faction members on a common time (GMT/UTC) to perform a raid. Be patient, outsmart your enemies, and victory will be yours. If you do not coordinate, or jump the gun and be impatient, you will not be successful. A raid involving 12/13 members is harder to defend against than a raid involving 5/6 members.

    2.3 Never Give Up
    This is probably the most important point you need to remember, never give up! You may be raided, you may have unsuccessful raids, but once you give up its all over. Remember, it's not over until the last battle has been fought and the last enemy has been defeated, pick yourself up, dust yourself and get back in the game, for tomorrow may bring more adventures and more excitement, more opportunities and more luck! Never give up, never.​

    That's all I have for you, brave warriors. Stay strong, and strike fear into the hearts of your opponents. Getting raided? React with such a defense that they fear you. Planning a raid? Go all in, show them that you are a force they shouldn't mess with. Things not working out for you? Stay calm and coordinate, teamwork is the key and I cannot stress enough on that! And last but not the least, it's a game, don't forget to have fun! Taunting helps, use the davy back fight discussion topics to taunt your opponents, you never know, taunting them and playing mind games may just make them jump the gun to your advantage.

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