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Discussion in 'Attack On Titan' started by Kodomo, Aug 21, 2016.

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    As we know that history in Attack on Titan is not clear yet. Many things still unexplained. Several important point to discuss about history :
    • It has been confirmed that Reiss Family is the creator of the Kingdom. They are possessing a power to manipulate human mind except for Ackerman family and Asian race.
    • Titan can be created by injecting serum into human body and after becoming a titan, titan can revert back into human form by eating another titan who has high level than the eater.
    • There is civilization beyond the wall where Berthold, Zeke, Reineer, and Annie come from. And Zeke said that he is one of the victim from Grisha jaeger experiment. Their goal is to destroy human inside the wall .
    • Wall is created by Titan .
    Several question
    • Where and Why are Titan come from in the first time? What is their goal?
    • How is history in the past?
    • How to create titan serum?
    • Is there huge civilization beyond the wall like inside the wall or it just consists of several people?
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    Thanks to the few recent chapter, we have some answers to what you're looking for!
    We were told that Ymir Fritz is the first and foremost Titan after she made a deal with a Devil
    I am guessing that she/her clan (Ymir) is among of the Eldian people; and they were oppressed by the Marleyans.
    She made a pact to oppose the Marleyans lead a better life for her people. Upon her death, her power/soul was split into 9. I believe some of those being coordinate ability, mind erasure, hardening, colossus, beast, armored, and others that needs more details.
    Years passed, Marleyans fought back and get a hand of 7 out of 9 of the Titan descendants.
    And they overpowered the Eldian once more.
    This needs more time and details. I believed that Marleyans have the idea / theory that once they got a hand of all the 9 titans, they can create the King of All Titans.
    Yes there is. Now we have 2 main civilization / cities;
    1. Marleyans, which is located in the main land, and
    2. Paradise, which is the Island where King Fritz and another remaining titan make refuge after refusing to battle in the war.
    Now that the storms is brewing, and the war is coming!
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