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Discussion in 'The Promised Neverland' started by Deleted member 10852, Nov 30, 2017.

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    This video might say "Unavailable in your country" for some of you (Including me lol) so you can check out their Facebook video here, just in case:

    The trailer is an announcement by Viz Media for it's physical release of Volume 1. Official release date on December 5th. A total of 7 chapters are included in the first volume (192 pages)

    Chapters List:

    Chapter 1 - Gracefield House
    Chapter 2 - Exit
    Chapter 3 - The Iron Lady
    Chapter 4 - Optimal
    Chapter 5 - She Got Us!
    Chapter 6 - Carol and Krone
    Chapter 7 - We're Counting on You
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  2. Arashirai


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    The country restriction can also be bypassed using sites like

    Nice news. But can not think they may have overdone the anxiety in the video, it looked more of an action rhythm than a mindgame one.
  3. Raycont


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    The trailer is well done and fits the first part of the story imo. Though it looks a bit more brutal than it actually is, that scene with Norman and the dead kids is very misleading.^^

    I didn't get that feeling, maybe it's bias because I know how the story is.
  4. Deleted member 10852

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    Viz media released the trailer for the physical release of Volume 2. You've probably already seen it before when Japan released it (I remember sharing it) but figured I'll share it again since it's in English xD But mostly for announcement purposes because volume 2 is now available :D

    Chapters List:

    Chapter 8 - I have an Idea
    Chapter 9 - Let's Play a Game of Tag
    Chapter 10 - Control
    Chapter 11 - Spy Part 1
    Chapter 12 - Spy Part 2
    Chapter 13 - Spy Part 3
    Chapter 14 - Trump Card
    Chapter 15 - Don't You Dare
    Chapter 16 - Secret Room and William Minerva 1
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  5. Blue Rose

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    Honestly I don't buy manga usually - try to save money. But I think I'll buy every single volume that's gonna be released in my country. For now I have only first, I'll have to wait a month more for the second one to come <And as Ray and Ray&Mama relationship fan I'm damn hyped for this>

    And the song for the second trailer! Sometimes I just put in on a loop to listen to this music, it has this particular sound of something you've once heard but you don't know where, and it just draws you to it.

    If they put at least as much effort into the opening once the anime comes - it's gonna just blow me away.
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  6. LogicoftheVI


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    I'm now the proud owner of volunes 1 and 2!!
  7. Deleted member 10852

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    Same here. I own a very limited collection of manga but TPN is something I wanna buy every single volume of :D I probably have to wait for a month as well. It's available on amazon right now but usually takes that long for it arrive here lol. Already ordered it though xD

    Yup. The first trailer was good as well. Gets people into the series but the 2nd one is so well done all the way down to it's music and visuals. I love it.

    I have such high expectations for the anime. I really hope we get an announcement for it soon. The hype for it will be unreal ;_; And if well adapted, the popularity it'll get will be insane :D

    Nice! :D Congrats haha.
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