Anime Episode The Promised Neverland - Episode 7: 011145

Discussion in 'Previous Chapter & Episode Discussions' started by Chris Mic, Feb 22, 2019.

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  1. Chris Mic

    Chris Mic

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  2. KuroKaze


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    Okay. Lost of moves. Lots of possibilities. The children did well to make a deal with Sister.

    a) Sister knows Ray is a double agent. (Well it's not a surprise because 'keeping an eye on Ray' was the reason Isabella brought her in the 1st place). But she hasn't reported this fact to Isabella yet. Why? because doing that would mean that she can't find any hard evidence of the Children's potential escape anymore and Mama would clean up the situation. And that would effectively delay (at best) her plan of becoming 'a Mama' herself.
    b) Sister making the deal with the children makes sense. She knows, even though Ray tells on her to mama, that would blow up their escape plan as well. Because She (Sister) would then reveal mama about Ray being a double agent and the bits of plans that are yet unknown to Mama. So she is confident that the children (Ray) won't tell anything to Mama.
    c)As Norman deduced, all she wanted was for them to trust her. That's the reason she even told them the rules/conditions of becoming Mama. Why? because she wanted that "Hard evidence" that would not only expose Mama's fault but also at the same time will make the higher ups to ship the children immediately. Knowledge about how to nullify the tracking device = Hard evidence.
    d)So, Emma & co. decide to hide this bit from Sister. But Sister cleverly deduced from their facial reactions that they already know the countermeasure to the tracking devices. Now it was a race against time.

    Then Ray does something awesome I bet. Hiding some info ( Could be false or true, could be about the higher ups/some other secret) on a piece of paper knowing that Sister would search there. This is info that even Isabella shouldn't be knowing let alone Ray.

    BUT now the one who is holding that info/piece of paper is SISTER. If Mama were to search for it and found would be terrible for Sister.

    1. What is up with the letter that Isabella gave to Crone?
    2. What was the conversation between Ray and Mama about?
    3. Is the next shipment really in 2 and half months or was Mama lying to Ray?
    4. What did mama mean when she said "Well then it's about time"?

    I think Ray may have outsmarted Sister here. But what did Sister mean when she said " DO you want to know about HIM?" HIM= RAY?
    Is Ray still planning something that Emma & co. don't know?

    Lots of questions. Man this show is tickling with my brain.
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  3. TMWRS


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    Really enjoyed Sister Krone in this episode.

    The mind games continue to be intriguing, Mamoru Kanbe (the director) has certainly been handling that aspect very well so far.

    It probably would've been a good idea if Emma and Norman pretended to check their ears for detectors.

    Phil certainly has the knack to appear in moments you wouldn't want him to if you happened to be doing something unusual.
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  4. Blue Rose

    Blue Rose

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    I won't go "In the manga it was..." because I really enjoy your own ideas. Though there will be many unanswered questions considering how they handle things. And guessing the answers right is a lot more difficult.

    That bit with Ray and Mama was only in one of the volumes bonus pages, but I'm very happy they incorporated it!
    This scene is something so sad to me, but that's a matter for another occasion :catcry:

    Next episode is going to be wild! :catblush:
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