Private The Fourth Duel - Diverging Point

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    "That heroism. This is a brave decision. I definitely don't hate that..." Like a matador facing a mad bull, Nero kept provoking warriors by lightly shifting from side to side in a low position.

    Nero somehow seemed satisfied by finding again what he missed, but the tension was clearly noticeable in the tone of his voice. It was clearly visible to anyone that Nero intended to finish the battle as soon as possible.

    Nero knew if the fight went on, by a little, just by a little, Nero's movement weakens.

    Warriors saw it at that time: Nero's threatening smile when he was sure of his victory. The glint in his eyes had spoken more than his words. "I will strike through your imprudence..."

    "...Damn it. This is bad." Governor, who was standing on the arch of the building Bridge overlooking the battle taking place near exit gate, muttered softly as he stood up.

    "Wha, what is?" Seeing the governor display impatience, his supporter became agitated, and he questioned governor while clinging to the steel frame.

    "These two brought out decisive techniques. Looks like they want the match decided quickly."

    "Wouldn't that be favorable for us?"

    "I wanted to wait out on the battle's development before everyone arrives, but by the look of the current situation our warriors going to have a disadvantage, and it would be too late to attack by then."

    "Too late? – Didn't you want to execute them? Now our only chance to kill them is when they're exhausted from fighting"

    "You still won't let me win easily... It's very good, that adamant manner of yours." Nero stared at warriors with a desolate smile, as if desperately trying not to pay attention to his bad mood.

    Nero, the heavy sword in his right arm It has an ornately etched base, and appears to be modeled after the German Großes Messer.

    "If any of us went down first... Then by default, another one will be the winner. Agreed, Dabit?" Nero declared resolutely, while at the same time gritted his teeth with hatred deep in his heart for his current situation.

    Just need to land one blow at each is not a big deal...

    "Fuck you!" Nero launches himself in the crowd of warriors, as the first one directly tried to stab Nero, but not being able to match his speed with Nero, Nero dodged the attack with his impressive movement and reaction speed, that warriors fail to keep up with.

    "Hey… we gotta take care of them first before more arrives?" The moment he said this, a warrior directly tried to stab Nero but, by taking a few steps in his right, Nero avoided the blow hence the warrior landing his attack in his own comrade

    A Leaped up in the air to attack Nero from above, In order not to let the man do his job, Nero quickly caught his right foot. Then straight up and pull him to his side, while pulling and running. Time is running out, Nero and Dabit have to end everything before more arrives.

    Nero released the hand and aimed at the face of the man who temporarily lost his defense in the air. Nero used all his strength to smash the right fist. The man's head was deeply embedded in the depression of the floor, but Nero not satisfied, continue to ride on the man's body and beat his face countless times. If he doesn't do this, they will stand up again. Nero stopped his punching as he kicked the man with his right leg.

    "Crap, there's is no end of these guys..."

    Nero suddenly showed an aloof expression as he heard a loud voice of a woman, "HEY, YOU TWO TAKE COVER!"

    "Eh?" Nero asked back in surprise as he spotted Rei near exit gate, "Wait… why are you here? What are you holding in your hands!!"

    "They're heavy firecrackers," He was bewildered upon hearing this, and inadvertently hollered,

    "Wait! What?!" Nero's white handsome face lost all expression, seemingly gazing upon the events of a distant.

    "What kind of joke is this! You bitch!" One of the warriors yelled not giving any attention to those warriors words Rei release firecracker at the ground of the big house after burning them, the fire produced by firecracker caught by the big bottle of Kerosene. And the fire started to spread in the entire building slowly

    "Now it's our time," Nero said to Dabit as he went towards the exit gate. Rei herself, already escape just after throwing those firecrackers
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    Nero and Dabit were surrounded by countless soldiers, feeling pressed on by the enemies, Bit heard Nero keeping up with his sarcastic style, challenging the guards as they came closer.
    The cyborg samurai grinned, he realized the situation was dire, and being outnumbered by such magnitude could imply a premature death, even if their skill was superior than thos soldier fodder, their stamina had a limit, and when the fatigue gets to them, the battle would be over. It seemed impossible to kill all these men in one go.

    Dabit hear Nero´s challenging yet encouraging words, which rose his fighting spirit to the maximum
    "Deal, sounds like a good way to finish our previous duel, Buakaka"

    Dabit saw Nero charging rashly into the soldier crowd, and he thought (Is he actually trying to get himself get killed?)

    From his training lessons, Dabit had learned to use the openings created in a battlefield. And when Nero charged at the soldiers he created that opening for him. If he went to the other way, he would loose this chance. Keeping his ally near his fighting spot would grant him a little security that no attacks would come from that directions, that´s Samurai battle tactics 101.

    Keeping around a 2 or 3 meter distance from Nero, Dabit went for the nearest guard to the right side of Nero´s position, whom wasn´t sure wheter to pay attention or the cyborg, his indecision costed him as Dabit slashed him with a diagonal strike, from bottom left to upper right, blood sprinkled on the ground as the soldier dropped.

    Another soldier came forward to the cyborg with a basic vertical slash, Dabit sidesteped to the left as he stroke the man with horizontal slash, his sword moved from right to left as it cut deeply in the soldier´s flesh.

    As the cyborg samurai massacred the Governor´s men, he heard his ally telling him to fasten the pace:
    "Right, let´s pick it up a notch"

    Without stepping back any further, this time two guards came at him, the men were relentless as they both tried stabbing Dabit at abdominal level. Dabit jumped, performing a front flip in the air, and when his body was upside down parallel to the soldiers, he stroke them with a horizontal slash from left to right. And with that, both soldiers dropped decapitated, their heads rolled to the ground.

    Dabit´s battle spirit was rising, the man felt the thrill of the battle once more, the feeling he loved more in the world was this. Sensing the danger of the fight made his blood pumping. The cyborg samurai was killing soldiers like flies.

    But suddenly, he heard the loud voice of the woman that rescued them from the jail cell.
    (What the hell?) Dabit wondered as he saw the woman holding something in her hands. He also heard her telling Nero that those were firecrakers. No further explanation was needed, the battlefield was about to light up, literally.

    As the explosive detonated with a bottle of Kerosene, the whole place started burning up. The smell of scorched flesh immediately took over as many of the guards were burning alive, others were panicking from the chaos. The turmoil was increasing as the fire spread all over the place.

    "Ohh" Dabit knew the chaotic scene was their signal to flee. Even thou he would´ve enjoyed staying and decapitating some more fodder, it wasn´t a good idea at all.

    Dabit dashed out of the place without looking back, and headed to the rendezvous point by the riverside, hoping none of the Governor´s men would follow him.

    Once at the riverside, Dabit unseathed his sword once again to challenge Nero deal with their unfinished bussiness.

    "Let´s finish this Nero"
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    "Okay... Now it's your turn" It was such a random suggestion. Nero was dazed before he had a chance to feel angry. Opposite him, Cyborg samurai standing while holding his sword

    Dabit, they cyborg samurai. He is indeed an extraordinary samurai. There had no one else like him who fought Nero such an amazing sword fight, so full of eagerness to manifest his ambition of defeating this samurai now his goal.

    It was the first time that anyone had to make him feel to fight for his life. It was hard to tell whether this was a wise decision or a foolish move. Nero shook his head with a bitter smile, but there was no laughter in his eyes. A glare as intimidating as a sharp sword

    "...C'mon, Dabit. Let's do this!" Nero said, immediately placing his hand on his sword hilt. His expression was different from earlier; there wasn't any laughter to be found. It was a sound that was completely different from the tone used before; something that exposed a heart that want to fight.

    To become a true warrior, one must be prepared to be killed in a fight... A theory that was usually comprehended through books was keenly felt by Nero. The glare that the man shot from who-knows-where was more lethal still. The moment when he wanted to kill is the moment when the death sentence is pronounced – Nero did not know that until now.

    "Hey, wait a minute you two!"At that time, from far Rei was running towards the Dabit and Nero, unexpected termination of the event.

    As Nero was watching, he removed his hand from his sword hilt, for the time being, looking at the woman was coming running towards them.

    "Hey, you two haven't forgotten your promise to me, have you?!"

    "I'm well aware if that. But first, I have a score to settle with this guy." Rei stared at Nero silently with a wise expression, His tone too became aloof,

    "Hey, wait a minute! What if you two end up killing each other?! Who would go with me then?!" Rei almost screamed at two fighters while taking a deep sigh. Its eyes seemed to give the impression that there was a globe rotating in that small space within its eyes.

    Nero would sigh and moan without warning during Rei words, or even scratch his black hair, Rei was also frustrated by how she had been ignored by Nero.

    Actually, she knew that though Nero had the personality of a delinquent, he was an upright young boy on the inside.

    "Will decide this by tossing this coin, if it's heads, You fight each other. But if it's tails, you forget about the fight and you both come with me. Are we clear on this?! "This line Rei said with a serious expression, It seemed Rei was done speaking.

    "Gimme that." Nero took the coin from Rei hand threw it in the sky for a toss. They realized that coin was not coming down. She saw how frustrated Nero looked as the tossed coin didn't come down

    "Don't you think you tossed it a bit too far?"

    Nero knew it was pointless to argue back at her, but still, Nero felt himself frowning., "Oh, shut up."

    Rei merely replied flatly, "I mean, it's taking forever to come down!" she finished as she looked at the sky, and Coin directly hit her forehead as cried in pain "Ouch!!"

    Nero looked at her forehead, in order to see the result of the tossing. But before he could see, heard a yelling sound coming from afar "Arrest them!!"

    They were governer main task force that was coming running towards Nero, Dabit and Rei, as they were screaming left and right. "Crap! We gotta run!"

    Rei took the coin in her hand, as she saw the coin outcome, she gasped and smiled. She's definitely the sort that would go to all lengths in order to get things done.

    She went into deep thought while being thanked her current fate.
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    Nero was ready to battle with the cyborg samurai once more. Even though the fatigue from today´s adventure had gotten the best of bost of them, the man wasn´t gonna decline.
    The truth was, Dabit had never met an opponent like this guy, so relentless, his style was something he´d never seen before, the samurai had finally found a rival worhty of his time, and challenging him was more meant as an honor, an aknowledgement of his skill rather than an offence. But the message was clearly coded.

    "Ohh" An expression used in ancient japan as an affirmative response, mostly used by warriors.

    As Nero readied up to continue the duel, Dabit flexed his legs and began his dash at the Blue Jacket man----but was immediately stoped:
    "Who the?"
    The woman from the restaurant came to the same place, decided to stop the fight. The cyborg samurai stopped his attack on the blue jacket man before anything happened, he was confused by the woman.

    (Right, the samurai that smells like sunflowers) The truth was that in the heat of the battle, Iron Dabit had completely forgotten that he promised to help the woman.
    His natural impulse was to finish the fight, yet as a samurai, he was a man of his word, but still cursed at not being able to battle his newfound rival.

    Nero was more expressive at showing his frustration to the girl:
    Dabit nodded, he wanted to continue the duel, and that was all he could think of at this moment,

    For a mere second, Dabit stepped forward, continuing his attack, but one step was all he could take as he was once again interrupted:
    The woman was against such course of action, so she proposed fate deciding what would happen next:
    "Sigh, fine do what you must"

    Dabit agreed to the proposal, he could allways fight Nero after helping the girl. So he would let the girl do her thing

    But Nero was a little more agressive about it
    Nero took the coin from the girls hand, and sent it flying into the air.

    The night was very dark, and even with his cyborg eyes, Dabit lost sight of the coin, it was lost in the distance. Ten seconds passed in silence untill the girl commented
    The girl was right, that coin should be reaching the stratosphere by now. Dabit wondered if the coin was gonna drop any time soon.

    But Nero didn´t liked her being a smartass, so he shut her
    Ten more seconds passed, and with a whistling sound, the coin dropped at full speed. It came fast as meteorite, and fell flat on the girls forehead. She reacted in pain.
    The cyborg samurai went to look at the coin flip result, but another movement interrupted the scene.
    The Governor´s soldiers had been looking for them non stop all over the samurai village, untill they found them by the riverside. They yelled as they came running into Dabit, Nero and Rei.

    "Crap, we gotta run!!" Even thou Nero and Dabit had opposite personalities, they both reacted the same way to the sight of more soldiers. And they both said the same thing.

    The cyborg and the vagabond started running, and before tagging along the woman grabbed the coin from her forehead and she yelled as she began her dash
    -Rei: "It´s tails!!"

    Surprised by the luck of the woman, Dabit grinned, realizing this was a turn of fate. It hadn´t been a coincidence that he entered that exact Takoyaki restaurant that led to this outcome, and the cyborg was actually happy in his heart that this was just the beggining of a new Journey, a journey that would make him and his companions grow in ways they wouldn´t yet realize.

    And with that, our 3 adventurers ran into the horizon, loosing track of the soldiers, but most importantly heading into an unknown Journey to find the Sunflower Samurai. Whatever new adventures await for them, only time will tell.

    The End
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