The Flames Of Justice Shall Live On!

Discussion in 'The Stronghold Of Justice' started by Monkey D. Garp, Jan 3, 2014.

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    We've had a long and tough battle, it hasn't been easy... it never is easy. For us men of justice, who always have to make decisions between right and wrong in a split second, for us men of justice who always put our lives secondary and protect and serve those that need our cloak of protection... we make many sacrifices and we will continue to... we will not let the rebel and pirate scum tarnish the white uniform of justice we wear, we shall not let them tarnish the justice that people believe in... and we shall NOT LET THEM EXTINGUISH THE FLAMES OF JUSTICE!!!

    Not in this lifetime, not in the next... never shall we back down from the duty we have been entrusted with. Never shall we back down from those who call for help, never shall we turn our backs on injustice and those who promote it. We can do this Marines, we have struck fear into the heart of Pirates and Revolutionaries, they know that we do not give up easily, they know that we will see this to the end and they know we are in it to win it!

    Go, MY MARINES! I know you will make me proud, go ahead and lead this era!

    @Brandon, @Captain Obvious, @chopper666, @Don Jon, @Darth Vader, @Exzessiva, @Iter_Impius, @Javiermark, @Kizaru Sting, @Krasse, @MDN, @Meredy McGarden, @Red, @Ruffeh, @Rupivens, @Saiken, @Satomi, @simovich, @Takt, @Tashigi, @Vihyungrang
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