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    Still wondering about the mysterious encounter with this mysterious man, Daiki was still just laying there.


    But Daiki did not feel despair anymore, the coffee set was still there and so he was thinking of learning the art of brewing the most bitter but beloved beverage in the world. It would remind him of the way his Master would set up his practice rounds, each step thought trough.
    Finally Daiki had some time for himself, he was separated but a bit happy.

    Daiki: Haha, this FUCKING Purge idea of mine is going really well I suppose, I lost Schneider, I might have lost Rheiner, I’m separated...
    I should have just done this shit alone, by MYSELF.. I am very done with all of these people, but one of my biggest fears is.. urgh... what if I cannot defeat everyone in the North Blue by myself? As A CP agent I always thought of myself as one of the strongest beings on the Grandline. Maybe, or maybe not..
    I feel like fighting Lucci that bastard again.. HAHA!!
    We have had too many fun times..

    I miss my friends, I miss Master, and I miss mother..

    I dont know where to start, I do not know what to do, but maybe that is not the question. Maybe spreading dark justice the way I am supposed to, maybe.. Protecting what I have chosen to Protect.. HAHA!!
    Yes, With this POWER that was granted me, I might be able to defeat all opposing sides, all Opposing characters. take out corruption in its ugliest form and transcend it to something beautiful.. The people here have forgotten God anyway, without god what is there to set them straight, Strength is value, strength is morale, and strength is justice!! The godless Lion will kill the gazelle without feelings of guilt, without appreciated or the ideals of gratitude, that is true nature, TRUE NATURE does not know god, and so I will become True Nature, and perform my deeds according to my own set of rights..

    HAHA.... This is the way, the Purge, the PURGE will end the misery I was put in, serving justice to myself and the people in all MEANS possible.


    Now @Captain Abram Where the fuck are you GUYS?!?!

    @Steampunk Sabo @Captain Abram
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    After speaking with Jiyuu, Reorx rushed down the streets. Heading to the last spot he had saw the boss before. " Hope the boss is okay... Maybe I shouldn't have left them there... But it's not like I know how to use this body or what weapons it has on it... I am pretty much useless right now..." reorx thought to himself as he turned here and zagged there. As he made it closer to the place he heard a cry out.
    Reorx (shouting): I'm coming boss!!!!

    Now that he knew he was in close proximity to Daiki he sped up to run a bit faster. As he turned the corner his eyes almost popped out as he saw the boss laying there completely split in half! "Oh no I was too late..." reorx thought to himself...

    Reorx: Boss.... How are you still alive?.... And why don't you have any blood....? Don't worry Ill carry you back to the ship!!! You can be a cyborg now! hahahaha or maybe we can just snap you back together or something... Idk...

    Reorx then bends over and picks up the two pieces of Daiki and starts heading back towards the ship.

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    With chiha on his back, jiyuu began walking back through Spider Miles and back to where he remembered seeing daiki. He decided to cover up his face and chiha's to avoid distractions and avoid people seeing them as he just wanted to regroup with the other two and leave this island.

    jiyuu whispered in a hush tone to himself
    this town might be incurable...i thought my words would do something but i see now i must show my purpose through actions, even though i said what i said about curing this town no one moved an inch, no one believed it, hell maybe the problem is that i probably didnt believe it as well, i was just mad, panicked...i said what i said to act tough when really.....Jiyuu clenched his fists and bit his bottom lip as he continued walking. but really we're in this mess once again because of me dammit. i need to get stronger, i need more powerful actions then maybe then my words will get through...two islands now and not one person has been cured, we've felt with the diseases but a wound doesn't heal, a the effects of a sickness doesnt go away until you treat it and i haven't down it yet...Jiyuu stopped and looked up at the clouds sigh...when does my journey truly start.

    Just then he noticed the large man claiming to be reorx walking towards them with daiki in his hands. And even though he was still split in pieces, it appeared daiki was indeed alive. Jiyuu put up his hand to signal it was them

    good, he's alive thats a relief...alright now let's leave.

    Jiyuu turned straight around without saying anything to them directly and made his way back to the ship
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    Reorx and Jiyuu finally got to Daiki, he was relieved seeing his comrades. And he thought to himself..
    Damn I really missed you guys. Maybe I was too harsh with my subordinates

    As Reorx was holding Daiki he was a bit embarrassed, but he noticed that law has done something to switch his personalities.
    Reorx, Law has made you Human, as much as I hate that asshole, you look much better now than before,... HAHAHA!! And you aren’t even a cyborg anymore!! When it comes to me, I believe you can simply put me back together. Trafalgar D. Law is almost a God, he is one of the worst generation, he has the ability to manipulate everything in his ´room´however he want, YES, he is a GOD in his Room...

    The entire Team was back on the Ship, when Rheiner was still there, seeing Daiki cut into a piece...
    Rheiner: BOSS!!!... BOSSS!!!! He is Dead... Deaa... D.. AHAAAAAAAAAAAA IURGH..
    Daiki looked up at Rheiner..
    Daiki: Shut UP!!! Obviously I am fine!! this is just Laws Ability.. Im just glad you bastard are safe.
    You annoyed me out there Rheiner, you need to get much much stronger.
    Now put me back together!!

    Rheiner pulled Daikis lower body and attached them back to his upper body..
    Daiki was finally able of getting up again..
    Daiki: Thank... THANK GOD!!
    Alright men, we are heading back to G-8 now, to hand in our trophies, MUHAHAHA!! I will need to recruit a new person, Rheiner make sure to inform our spies here on this Island, we need to keep an information network in the North Blue.. HAHA this will be ours!!!!

    Rheiner: YES SIR!!
    And so Rheiner quickly walked to the village to recruit some spies by lending them a few berries, these poor people would do anything for money after all,.
    Since this was done now, the CP9 team lead by Daiki was ready to set sail for a new Island. But first they will have to go back to Admiral Mikazuki and the G-8 Base!

    @Steampunk Sabo @Captain Abram
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    Rob Lucci

    It had been a few days since the battle between the Cipher Pol and the two different Pirates crews. One they had defeated, the other had defeated them. The citizens of Spider Miles could hardly believe their luck. For what felt like years they had lived under the tyrannical rule of Mikazuki and his band of corsairs. For the first time since the pirates had shown up and claimed this wretched town as their own, laughter could be heard. Children played in the streets. People mingled, spoke cheerily as they met each others on the streets. Reconstruction was already on its way. Rubble was being cleared off the streets, while those buildings affected by the battles and vandalism that had occurred were being demolished, new ones being planned in the meantime. The night before they had held a funeral for the brave dog that had been seen fighting alongside the agents of the World Government, helping liberating the town. It had been left behind in the chaos that had ensued once the second pirate, Trafalgar Law had arrived, then simply bled out on the ground. Taking pity on and feeling grateful for the courageous canine, they had held service for it as they would any fallen member of their community.

    Down by the harbor a group of men were in the process of restoring a ship, as all their previous ships had been demolished by the Big Helmet Pirates as a means to seal them on the island, unable to call for help. One of the workers stood up, wiping sweat from his brow, pleased with their process. In a few days they should be able to set sail, and then be able to trade with outsiders once more. Maybe in a few years their small island would thrive, and they wouldn't have to live in a heap of trash. His name was Robert, a former factory worker here on the island since he was a child. Now a barrel-chested man of 7 feet tall, he towered over most of his fellow workers. His gaze drifted out to sea, taking in the vibrant blue landscape reflecting the sunshine, the sun riding low on the sky. Just as his gaze was about to pass over the sun, a dark shape seemed to emerge from within it, blocking part of the glow. His arms dropped as a ship sailed into view, larger than any he had seen before. However, before he could start worrying about who this might be a smile spread across his face.

    The emblem of the World Government fluttered across all the sails on the grand ship. Robert could feel the relief wash over him, taking a moment before reacting to the view. Look! He exclaimed, pointing a finger at the incoming vessel. His fellow workers raised confused faces, looking in the direction he pointed. Maybe they've come to assist the rebuilding? Robert suggested, though why they would send a warship of this size for such a task was beyond him. The other men remained quiet, seemingly unsure what to do. Seeing as he was the senior among the group, having at least 10 years on the second oldest, he realized the task of greeting the new arrivals fell to him. Putting away his tools, he dusted himself off with his hands, taking a deep breath. Calming himself somewhat, he started walking across rocks, trash and leaping across gaps, making his way towards the main dock on the island, seeing as that was where the ship was headed. Behind him the other workers followed, seemingly struggling to follow him in spite of their youth. Perhaps they were shaken from this sudden arrival. Robert kept his mouth shut, not knowing what to say, as he was as clueless as the rest of them.

    By the time they stepped onto the docks, the ship had almost reached land. Unsure what to do, Robert stopped half way down the dock, the others workers coming to a halt behind him. As the ship swung in, laying its side against the wooden pier, Robert felt smaller than he ever had before in his life. He stood frozen, his eyes feeling as big as saucers as he marveled at the monster that settled ever so gently against the dock. His eyes fell upon the many soldiers he could see even from his point of view far below the deck. How many soldiers did this ship carry? And why?

    He had no time to ponder however, as a gangplank fell to the wooden floor in front of him, settling neatly. Immediately atop the ship, in the other end of the massive plank a large figure emerged, wasting no time as confident steps carried him down the plank within seconds. Even in that short time, Robert took in as many details as he could. His large white coat that he carried much like a cloak rippled in the wind, revealing his crimson suit and a single sword strapped to his side. A simple marine hat sat atop long, dark curls, the same color as his curling mustache. As the man reached the ground, Robert came to realize that the other man was much taller than even himself. His serious demeanor was made even more stark by several cross shaped scars adorning his face, and one of his eyes being white, no pupil visible. This was clearly a veteran of many a battle, and that was exactly why Robert felt no ease from his presence. Why? The question nagged at him.

    Yet he couldn't help but notice what followed the marine. Before the rush of soldiers, a single man walked off the gangplank, carrying himself with much more grace than anyone else he had ever seen. Much like that of a cat. He was clad in all black, both suit and hat. His hair which was tied in a ponytail and arced goatee were also the color of the night. Roosting atop his shoulder strangely enough was a white pigeon, wearing its own little tie. The man seemed to be transfixed by something off in the distance, and following his gaze Robert realized he was looking at was the work he and the others had just been working on. Looking back at the man, he was now smiling, yet the cruel nature of the gesture did anything but calm Robert.

    Are you in charge here? The words snapped Robert back to the present, his body tensing up and reflexively his arm shot to his forehead, performing a salute at the first man, now standing before him who had spoken the words. Behind him he heard motion as the other workers probably mimicked his movements. I am Vice Admiral Doberman of Marine Headquarters. I was sent here to help defend against an incoming attack. We are sorry we were unable rescue you from the previous pirates, we were unaware, but we now have words that another pirate crew has set their eyes on your... Doberman looked around, taking int the view. He was clearly not impressed. city, now that it is free for the taking.

    Robert felt like his feet were about to buckle beneath him. Would the nightmare never end? But wait, the marines were here to defend them, it was all going to turn out alright in the end. He raised his gaze to meet that of the stoic warrior. He heard his voice shake as he spoke his response. Thank you for coming to our aid! What can we do to help? Doberman considered Robert's words, but only waiting a few seconds before giving his response. Around them soldiers were spilling out on the dock, soon filling the entire pier. Do you have a large building where all the citizens can hide safely while we fend off the attackers?

    Robert didn't have to think long. He knew the perfect place. The old factory on the hill. He turned around and pointed at the structure, barely visible behind a heap of trash. The vice admiral followed the finger with his eyes, nodding solemnly, speaking his approval. That will do. I need you to gather all the citizens there as fast as possible. Leave your belongings behind. There is no time to waste, they could be here any moment. My men will help speed up the process. Robert swallowed at the thought, but only nodded, before turning around and facing the other workers, speaking directly to them, fear apparent on their faces. I need you guys to gather up people quickly and lead them to the factory. They looked unsure, but meekly followed Robert's orders. As they ran off, followed each by a troop of soldiers, he was about to follow them, when a large, callused hand fell on his shoulder, holding him back.

    On second thought, you can help me barricade the factory so it will be harder for enemies to penetrate. I trust you know the building well. Robert only nodded at Doberman's words. Of course he did. He knew every opening to that place. Motioning for the marines to follow him, he set off towards the safe refuge.

    A few minutes later they came to a halt before the building, even bigger than the warship the marines had arrived in. The wood it was built by was old, yet sturdy. It would take a lot to break down this structure. He pointed at the main opening. It'll probably be easiest to close that entrance off in the end, meanwhile we can block off other entrances. Robert started to move towards the entrance, when the same hand held him back once again.
    The quickest way would be to barricade them from the outside, using the scrap laying around the building, would it not?

    Robert considered the words by the vice admiral, before speaking his response. But wouldn't it be easier to tear it down from the outside? Doberman chuckled. That is true, but all we need it to do is be a hindrance. If we give them enough time to remove a barricade, we have already lost regardless. Robert had no objections to this. And so, they started making their way across the factory, the old worker pointing out flaws in the structure, then the marine soldiers quickly followed up by covering it up with heavy debris. It would be no easy task to remove this, even from the outside. By the time they reached all the way around, the citizens were already almost done being directed inside the building. Where before there had been joy and cheerful looks on their faces however, now there was fear and uncertainty. Children were no longer laughing, they were crying. Next to the procession stood the man from before at the docks, assessing the citizens with cold eyes. To his surprise he saw two large blocks were stood in the doorway, blocking almost all of it, only allowing for two people at a time to enter or leave the structure. How they had gotten there he did not know, but he saw the hindrance it would be for anyone trying to pass through, and could do nothing but approve.

    Alright men, take up positions around the factory. Shoot anyone on sight! The vice admiral turned to Robert. I think it's time you got to safety as well. You have done good. There was a hint of sadness in Doberman's demeanor, but it quickly faded. Robert simply nodded, walking in after the last person. Behind him, he felt a shock travel through him as the massive doors shut behind him. A shudder traveled through his body, but he forced himself to put on a smile, even though the dark of the room made it impossible to see people's faces. He started walking through the crowd, trying to calm them, assuring them that the marines would protect them.

    Time passed, maybe half and hour, with no sound from outside other than objects being moved around. Perhaps they were adding to the barricades? He couldn't tell, because all the windows were far too high up for him to reach. As he stood the tallest, Robert was the first one to feel the smoke. He coughed, his eyes running. He felt the temperature rising rapidly. Fire! He tried to call out, but the screams started quickly. Robert started to panic, just like the rest of the people inside. What could he do? He had helped block off all the exits, all too well. There was no escape. Around him smoke started to fill up more and more, the temperature ever increasing, along with it screams, coughing and crying. He turned around towards where they had come from. The big doors surely must open. He was about to approach it when the massive doors swung open. In the light of the opening he saw a single figure. He recognized the well tailored suit, but the hat was missing. Robert thought it was weird, but didn't pay the thought more heed, only glad to be free, even though the oxygen let in fed the flames inside, the room now well lit up. Time was running out. He saw a woman run for the entrance, while the strange man stepped forward. She had almost made it to the entrance when he caught up to her, and just like that she fell to the floor, not moving. The man continued his stride, index finger extended and bloody.

    You have my apologies. Your demise is unfortunate, but necessary. You may blame my colleague, blabbering about Cipher Pol 9. Our agency must remain secret, and with your knowledge, that will be impossible. There was no emotion, neither on the man's face, nor in his voice. Robert somehow made himself think back, realizing that their saviors had spoken of Cipher Pol 9, even though such a thing supposedly didn't exist. Even so, it made no sense. Would they kill them all over such a small thing? Robert heard himself call out, crying for mercy. We promise not to tell anyone about your organization, just please let us live.

    There was no shift in the man's demeanor. A boy ran for the exit, not even ten years old, but he too fell to the ground from a swift strike of the agent. The agent of death spoke.
    I cannot risk that. Your life means nothing to that of the secrets of the world. The screams had been quiet, yet now they started up again, the crowd dispersing, running in any direction. Robert couldn't believe it. They meant nothing? Fear gave way to rage, and the old man realized he was moving forward, fist clenched and flying towards the face of the man who blocked their escape. The agent regarded him calmly up until the last second, when his attack should have connected with his foe's face. Instead he hit nothing but air. He felt something sharp puncture his chest, only to look down and see the man's finger buried in his chest. Robert quickly felt the warmth draining from his body. He then realized he was on the ground, looking at the legs of the assassin before him. Other bodies fell atop his own, yet he could do nothing but fade. The last thing he saw before passing on was the blood spreading on the ground around him. Then nothing.

    Rob Lucci exited the building just as the roof collapsed behind him, the last few stragglers crushed by the debris. A marine approached him with a handkerchief, which the agent grabbed, wiping blood off his hands. He regarded the area outside. A few of the citizens had actually broken out through openings in the wall, but they lay dying in pools of their own blood, shot by the marines that waited for them outside. Doberman approached the agent. I will see to that all is taken care of from here. You can go relax on the ship in the meanwhile.

    Lucci regarded the other man. I will wait here. I must see through the mess my colleague created. There was still screams coming from inside, and he saw not all the marines were accepting what had been done here, but it was not their place to question it. As Doberman turned to walk away, Lucci spoke one last time. It's such a cruel world. Just after being freed from one band of buccaneers, another sweeps in and massacres them all and steals their valuables. He could see even a man like Doberman didn't like this, but Lucci only grinned. It was for the better of the world.
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