Discussion Speed of Deku with 5% Full Cowl and with 100%

Discussion in 'My Hero Academia' started by KING EXPLOSION MURDER, Jun 18, 2018.

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    In the episode 10 of season 3 Deku said this


    Presume it is 7 meters and that Deku can reach that in one second , that means Deku with 5% can go 7 meters per second.

    But Deku said he can reach it in less than a second so i will offer multiple time frames.

    In 0.70 seconds he can travel 10 meters per second

    In 0.50 seconds he can travel 14 meters per second

    In 0.30 seconds he can travel 23 meters per second

    That is him with only 5%. With 100% you get these results

    1 second with 100% = 140 meters per second

    0.70 seconds with 100% = 200 meters per second

    0.50 seconds with 100% = 280 meters per second

    0.30 seconds with 100% = 460 meters per second

    Little something i wanted to do
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    All For One said to All Might (Who is much stronger then %100 Deku because of all the muscles, remember Deku got stronger with an adrenalin rush against Muscular) that he took 30 seconds for a little more than 5 kilometer.

    5100 meter in 30 secs=170 m/s.

    Remember that only when All Might used Texas Smash his fist was "only" about to break the sound barrier.
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