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    This is not by any means a Offical translation but Fan-translation. It is used to help foriegn (non-korean speaking or reading) fans of Tower Of God to understand the story a bit better.

    The original writer is SIU, the author of Tower of God. (All rights belong to SIU)

    To follow the original author (SIU)’s wishes, this doc will not include things from SIU’s hidden blog.


    Courtesy of TheCompany


    This thread is here from Season 2 (Or Chapter 57) and onwards

    Season 2 - Gongbang Arc (Tournament)
    The game starts.
    The games until now had been for climbing the tower,
    or hard battles for survival.
    The Gongbang tournament will be a more casual one.
    The catch is, it is a survival game.
    The concept is of a game you can play with your friends?
    Of course, you can die if you make mistakes...
    Whenever I make up a new game, I think to myself that it isn’t something enjoyable.
    But trying new things is what is fun.
    People's reactions to change are scary, but at the same time, I want to see them.
    It was hard to get some data for the gun..
    If someone has a good replica gun, please contact me.
    Hatsu is carrying Laure.
    He is so long, so he needs to be carried upside down.
    He seems to come up with special ways of Shinsoo control without all the blood flowing to his head or something, even I can’t know for sure.
    Please look forward to next week's chapter, when the game begins.
    And have a good week^^
    Thank you~
    It's April Fools, so I was about to say that I was taking a break.
    However, I was afraid that no one would believe me then when I actually go on breaks later,
    so I couldn't do it.
    Well… As I work, I think of Part 1 a lot of these days.
    If you think about it in terms of storyline,
    Part 2 has a lot of battle manhwa elements portraying Viole as an uber character,
    So it isn’t difficult to get good ratings, and not very difficult to create the plot either.
    But I remember grueling over writing the plot for Part 1, and every day was like hell (...)
    But that hell has returned.
    Koon and Leesoo have returned hand-in-hand.
    I feel like I'm back in Part 1, haha.
    It's difficult, but I guess I could say the nervousness is good for me...
    I kind of feel that if I finish this arc successfully, I'll truly know what kind of manhwa I am meant to draw.
    Thinking that it'll be a good experience even if I fail slightly,
    I continue to draw.
    The story hasn't progressed much, so it'll be fine if you read it patiently. Haha.
    The weather's getting nicer, so have a nice weekend, and please look forward to next week.
    Thank you~

    Right now, Anak is equipped with Spear Bearer equipment.
    As for the spear she's holding, most E-Rank Regulars would find it difficult to hold, even with two hands.
    A word of consolation to those of you who
    expected a battle in this chapter.
    Personally, I believe Tower of God is a work that goes
    Story>Game>Battle in order of importance.
    Well, that doesn't mean I plan to be lacking in any of those,
    of course ^^;
    In terms of story, the earlier parts of the Workshop Battle
    is completely different from the later parts,
    so I think I'll move on once I'm done refining the
    relationships between the characters in the beginning.
    It seems that the main story will begin to develop once this game is over.
    I'm looking forward to the material, so I hope it turns out to be fun.
    One of the strongest enemies will make an appearance, too. Haha.
    I think I'll be taking a one-week break once this game is over.
    I think there's no choice because my wrist is in fairly bad shape,
    so even at this very moment I'm drawing with much difficulty...
    Once I've decided, I'll let you know then.
    Then please look forward to the next chapter,
    and have a nice week~
    Endorsi isn’t from one of the 10 Great Families by birth.
    But some of the Princesses who are, can be more powerful than Rankers, even when they are mere Regulars climbing the tower,
    thanks to having 10 Great Family + Zahard powers.
    A famous example would be Ha Yuri Zahard.
    (the Ha Family is famous for having physically strong bodies.)
    But Rankers tend to be stronger overall due to
    Experience + Contracts + Sinso0 fortification.
    The contracts, which form the largest difference between a Ranker and a Regular,
    will be explained later.
    Just know that Endorsi is exceptionally more powerful than other Regulars at the moment.
    I’m trying to advance the story in various ways, and it’s taking quite a lot of time.
    I’ll give it my best despite that.
    In this game, the gun is something that breaks the balance with its one shot.
    But nothing more than that.
    Looks like Hatsu has brought a rose knife.
    (tCNotes: That's a running gag on the Korean Internet;
    these rose-patterned kitchen knives are said to be able to cut metal pipes)
    Hatsu has hardened his swords to the limit by reinforcing them with shinsoo,
    so contrary to what he said, a few things have changed. Haha.
    Ran vs. Anak is the 'messy match' amongs E-Rank Regulars.
    Although Ran is slightly older, the difference is not too great.
    Ran and Koon are from the same family,
    so they refer to each other by given name;
    it seems Ran just calls Koon AA.
    Although Koon is a little older than Ran,
    the difference is not noticeably great, either.
    The blog has been quiet these days,
    but I'm planning for an update in the setting section.
    It's not going to be related to this arc;
    I think I'll be adding info for FUG, and specifically the profiles of Slayers.
    Then have a nice week,
    I heard it's exam season for students,
    and I hope you prepare well.
    See you next week.
    Thank you ^^
    The prodigal Viole has returned.
    I considered dragging Anak and Ran's fight on longer...
    (It's fundamental for such a fight to take up two or more
    chapters in most sonyun manhwa.)
    However, as expected, I decided
    to stay loyal to the game rather than to the battle.
    On top of that, I kinda feel like keep forgetting
    the true style of my manhwa...
    The technique Ran used in this chapter
    can only be used in small and somewhat enclosed
    space due to its range and specificity. Of course, if
    used by a Ranker with excellent shinsoo management
    capabilties, it can summon natural disasters
    like hurricanes ^^;; That would require a Contract with the Guardian,
    so it seems Ran still has a long way to go haha.
    This chapter was somewhat short, but it will be
    like this for the next few weeks. After that, I'll be on break~
    I'll be returning when I've improved my condition a bit.
    Although I've been recommended to get a wrist surgery,
    it seems I'll need a few more examinations before
    I get the full details ^^; I have a lot of things I need to do
    during the break, as well... But as expected, I want to finish
    this arc without any long breaks in between.
    Also, for those af you who're students,
    I hope you get great results on your exams,
    and I wish you a good week.
    Thank you ^^
    The events of this chapter were actually supposed to be included in the last chapter,
    but I wasn’t confident in my ability to handle all that work,
    so I divided it into two.
    Thanks to that, the plot progression seems to have slowed down.
    If this was the past me, I would have been
    determined to pull an all-nighter to finish it huhuh.
    Although you guys probably feel the same way,
    I get frustrated when my body doesn’t listen to me while I’m drawing.
    I’ve realized the importance of taking care of my body these days.
    I think I’ve gotten better recently after regularly visiting the hospital,
    I hope I can return to good shape soon ^^.
    Today was Children’s Day, and I hope you guys enjoyed it.
    It’s on Sunday, so I actually feel it may have lost its meaning keke.
    I hope you had a nice day.
    I’m planning to change the neighbour-exclusive
    materials on the blog to public view very soon.
    As for the slayer candidates profile,
    I’ll organize and post them over the break.
    Then, please enjoy this week, too.
    Please look forward to next week.
    Thank you ^^.
    This game (arc) has about 2 chapters left.
    Viole is fighting well alone against many opponents.
    Story-wise, it's inevitable, but the plot has been quite frustrating^^;;
    So I reduced the psychological presentation and emphasized the action side.
    When drawing scenes like this, the artist works with feelings similar to those of readers,
    so the drawing is actually more difficult haha.
    The length may seem shorter because there're so many battle scenes,
    but the length is actually not that short.
    The technique Reina, used by Verdi in this chapter,
    comes with a myriad of limits.
    Viole only fell to it because Leesoo's team went all-in on this plan.
    Also, this item has no effect on regulars above a certain level,
    and has no effect on Rankers at all.
    (As I mentioned before, Items have level requirements.)
    Now there's a bit of this game left,
    and the plot progression is about to move on as well,
    so please look forward to it, and see you next week!
    I don't know if you’ve noticed, but
    the progression of this game was focused on the meeting
    of Part 1 and Part 2 characters, as well as their relationships.
    On top of that, most of the important plot events are concentrated
    in the second half of this arc ^^; starting next chapter,
    the mood will shift significantly, as I've already told you.
    What I am focusing on the most as I draw the Workshop Battle
    is the utilizing of many characters. I have to express
    each character's charms as much as possible, instead of just as extra
    characters that are just there to make the protagonist look good,
    or cliché characters that die at the hands of the boss character.
    I want to draw them to be individual characters, each with their
    own history. That's why the next goal is to make the readers
    think "Fun" and "Get into character" no matter what
    character is the main character.
    Now, most of the relationships between characters have
    been established, and the real fun begins next chapter,
    but unfortunately, I have been forced to take a 2-week break.
    Although it's difficult for me to exactly say what’s with my
    wrist, more than anything it's to the point of greatly affecting
    my work, so I had no choice but to make this decision.
    Please understand TT TT.
    Although I will sadly be taking a 2-week break, I will keep
    you updated, and I will organize and post materials
    that I couldn't post before, so please don’t be disappointed.
    I will appreciated it if you wait a little
    longer for the next chapter.
    Thank You!
    I also thank Naver Webtoons,
    who advised me to take 2-week break.
    I always feel this way after a break, but
    2 weeks sure go by fast.
    Time flies like when you’re on vacation.
    First of all, after getting my wrist checked up in detail,
    it seems that it will be difficult to avoid a surgery,
    so I think I may have to take a long-term break after this arc.
    I hope I'll be able to complete this arc without overdoing it. ^^
    Now all that's left to do is to organize the stories introduced
    since the beginning of Part 2 and present them to you
    in an enjoyable way, but that's not easy to do haha.
    Drawing manhwa is hard.
    The setting for this chapter was the cool atmosphere of a
    swimming pool, but because it revolved so much around
    Androssi, it kinda felt like an Androssi swimsuit special...
    This was actually the first time I drew a bikini.
    It's hard.
    Guys are easier.
    The host duo introduced in the beginning is indeed a Daft Punk
    parody. Of course, everything besides the concept is original.
    They released a new album and they kinda fit, so I put them in.
    They look really evil.
    I'm working very hard on the information regarding Slayers,
    but I have more work than expected, so it's being delayed.
    I'll reveal them as soon as I finish typing them up.
    Well then, it's getting hotter and hotter, so beware of heatstroke,
    and see you again next week.
    Thank you~
    So Rak and Koon finally meet.
    Although it's not a huge shift in terms of storyline, it is
    indeed a chapter with important changes in the emotions,
    so I allowed it some length. Then again, I'm not sure if
    I distributed it across the chapter well, haha.
    It's very difficult to draw slides with only talking.
    Difficult to draw on the entertainment side, too.
    Because I tend to fit the story of Tower of God to the
    frame of a sonyun manhwa, I sometimes
    worry when I draw parts like this, and think things like
    "I do want to draw it, but will it be okay?" as well. However,
    I actually haven't decided on one genre to draw according
    to, so I plan to try everything I want to try the
    way I want. Who cares.
    There's a limit on Neighbour Reveals as well
    II II
    P.S - 1
    Although I revealed information about FUG Slayers,
    I still left it only revealed to Neighbours. Although there's
    a lot of talk about Neighbour Reveals, what I worry about
    the most is that readers who don't want to see it may see it
    when I reveal it to the public. Because the information on
    Neighbours are spoilers to some degree, I think that if readers
    came to the blog and accidentally read such information,
    it might not be the most pleasant thing.
    For this reason, I've left it only revealed to Neighbour request,
    but because I only recently learned that Naver blogs have a limit
    on the number of Neighbours you can have,
    I'm in a difficult situation now.
    So I'm not stopping people from taking the information on
    Neighbours so that people who want to see the information will be
    able to search it up (although it's difficult to completely allow it
    due to copyright matters, I'm not stopping you.)
    On top of that, the reason, in spite of all this, that I brought
    up the idea of making the post public is because I've become
    too stressed about this matter. Each day, I received several pages
    of hate mails and notes, and bad opinions about the problem
    started to arise all over the place.
    (Someone even said that I only accept requests from people I was close with)
    Of course, it's also my fault that things ended up this way, TT
    so I'm not saying that I'm being falsely accused.
    In conclusion, I do not want this info to become public.
    This is not because I don’t want to show you the information,
    but rather to only reveal it to those who want to see it.
    I don't want all of my readers to read my manhwa thinking 'based
    on the information given on the blog'
    As expected, the best way would be to run a separate blog for this
    background information, but I really don't have that time π π
    I think it'd be best to receive someone's help. I'll try to solve it as soon
    as possible, so until then, I'll appreciate it if you found the information
    by just using the wiki or searching it up.

    P.S -2
    It seems the mobile version was uploaded in an uncorrected state;;
    The PC version is correct.
    I'll send a message for it to be fixed tomorrow.
    I've decided to put it on a separate background section of the fancafe.
    For now, I've decided that rather than revealing it
    publically, it'd be best to put it into a separate section
    because that would be clean and less burdensome for me,
    so I've discussed it with the cafe staff and decided to put it in the cafe.
    From now on, you can check the revealed information
    at the fan cafe.
    To the cafe staff who are helping me out in this busy time,
    I give my thanks ^^
    One could say that Emile's story starts now.
    I lengthened the beginning to focus on the games and battles later.
    It might feel a bit long for those who wanted to see the tournament.
    It looked really bad when I tried to put in the middle ^^;
    But from next week onwards, I will take more time to draw the battles.
    Ro made a short appearance,
    I tried to make Ro the one opening the door for Androssi at first,
    but that made it look a bit too rushed and confusing, so I canceled that for later.
    So Emile would look more important ^^;
    The truth about Emile will be shown at later parts,
    But I will focus on the Regular's relationships at the moment.
    Please wait for next week,
    And have a good week!
    I heard that it's been 3 years since I released my first chapter.
    I'm not the type to place much importance on things like this. ^^;
    Regardless, to think that I've been releasing a webtoon on a
    big internet portal like Naver for 3 years,
    it does make me very proud of myself haha.
    Both the betting game and the battle is based on the team tournament,
    so the individual matches will end a little quickly.
    I think the tournament itself will also be a little different from normal tournaments.
    ^ ^
    The weather is hot these days,
    and with exams on top of that, you must be quite stressed.
    I hope you enjoy the webtoons and get a boost in spirits.
    Thanks for congratulating me on my 3rd anniversary.
    See you next week.~~
    Hello, I'm a rapid-growth artist
    Ah... Yes...
    I accidentally drew Wangnan without the Plug again.
    It was definitely in the original copy;;;;
    I keep messing it up. I'll fix it.
    Although Prince is a rapid-growth character,
    the other characters develop so fast that he unfortunately doesn't seem to be one...
    I actually don't want to make him very strong.
    Strong and cool characters are good, but
    I also like human characters who break easily,
    so I want to draw both kinds in an appealing way.
    This chapter was a little long,
    and after my hand got bad, my colouring has changed significantly.
    The lines are more prominent and colouring is easier,
    so I think for the time being, I'll probably keep drawing like this.
    As for the names of the Regulars, besides a few characters,
    I honestly make them up without meaning.
    I don't think you need to put much thought into them haha.
    Next chapter, the Mad Dog will make an appearance
    and the approximate direction of the tournament will become apparent.
    I hope you enjoy it ^^
    Thank you~!
    Everyone seems to be here for Baam.
    He is popular in many ways.
    The problem is, most of them are trying to kill him.
    Perhaps the Gongbang tournament will be the first time Viole fights for real.
    So far, he fought enemies who were either too strong or too weak, sometimes because of game rules.
    (Something about how it is hard for him to write battles as being the main part of the story.)
    So far the story is somewhat peaceful(?)
    Next week, the popular protagonist will be shown briefly.
    Thanks for the 3rd anniversary fanarts^^
    I will post them when I have some time.
    I had to leave, but now I'm finally back to writing
    this afterword. I actually met the deadline on Thursday,
    so I'm writing the afterword three days after finishing...
    this feeling is a bit strange.

    I wish there were an app like Emile.
    Of course, you might end up getting
    kidnapped by bad people, haha.

    For Viole's block, I thought about
    it a lot. What should be the theme?
    That sort of thing...

    Personally, I don't think Viole is that gentle.
    He is kind, but umm... Rather than a sense of justice,
    it's more like he acts according to what he himself
    thinks and believes. That's one side of him. It was
    planned to be like that from the beginning.

    Now, the goal of finding Rachel has become diluted,
    so that side of him couldn't be expressed as well,
    but I think he was able to show it in this chapter.
    In terms of expression, I was going to include more
    violent scenes, but that way the story would have dragged on
    too much, so I made it a bit sudden. ^^;

    Starting next chapter, the flow of the story
    will change. Please look forward to it,
    and have a nice week^^
    Thank you~!
    - S.I.U.
    This chapter explained the Life-is-a Bang rule.
    I've been working hard these days so this chapter is more
    of a break, and doesn't have much content in it.
    A bonus of 3,000,000 is a great oportunity,
    but if you think about it the other way round, if 4 or more
    Gamblers fail after going all in, you can advance to the next
    game even if you have a simple point left.
    If you consider the fact that the chances of winning the bet
    are not very high, it may actually be better to not bet all in haha.
    Well, probability is a very untrustworthy thing ^^
    The plot from this point onwards will head in a very unpredictable direction~
    Ths chapter also serves as the midpoint of the Workshop Battle.
    Slowly, the battles between characters, the organization of relationships,
    the story of Emile, and other things will unravel, so I hope you will enjoy it.
    Thank you. ^^
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    Continued ...
    If you spike your hair up, you get stronger.
    Not sure why, but everyone says that.
    Although in Ran's case, it's electricity flowing through
    his body that made it stand up haha.
    This Ran vs Anak will be a little different
    from the fights between Regulars so far. They were different from the other at birth;;
    It's difficult to draw as well.
    Let's take it easy, guys...
    After this battle, the individual matches will be wrapped up,
    and hidden stories will unravel one by one.
    Then, please look forward to it,
    and I hope to see you next week.
    Thank you~!
    They say kids grow up as they fight.
    But if they fight like that...
    The reason why Ran smiled when Anak used shinsoo is that
    physical reinforcement becomes drastically weaker the moment you form a baang.
    Performing both physical reinforcement and
    baang management is harder than you think. ^^;
    I actually sent in an edited version that included an
    explanation about that, but it wasn't changed.
    I'm not sure if it was omitted in between or if it was just my mistake.
    I didn't include an explanation at first because
    I thought that'd kill the speed of the fighting scene.
    I think I need to think about it a little more before I decide
    whether it needs to be fixed or not haha
    Although Anak does have a higher baang count than Ran,
    you could say that Ran has the upper hand in terms of efficiency.
    By the same logic, it cannot be said that Anak is
    a better Wave Controller than the Rauloi (Laure) of Part 1 ^^
    (Out of all Regulars seen so far, Laure
    has the best shinsoo management abilities)
    Soon, the individual matches will end
    and a new story will begin to unfold.
    Then, please look forward to next week. ^^
    It's really hot, so please stay healthy.
    Thank you!
    I slept through the upload since I was too tired.

    I had made up my mind about this week's ending from the start.
    But I was not so sure about the middle part,
    so I was worried about the length and plot.
    In the end, I decided to go with a fast-paced movie-like action in one chapter~
    So this chapter came out.
    I kind of feel unfinished with this,
    but Ran VS Anak will continue,
    so please wait for later ^^

    About Emile, many people seem to be confused.
    so I will clear up a few things up.
    Emile is not a 'Truth-telling machine.'
    It is a 'Machine that answers by learning from others.'
    So until someone teaches Emile 'This tournament's prize is Viole’,
    it is impossible to get that answer from Emile.
    So that explains why no one was able to ask Emile and find that out.
    As shown before,
    Emile acts differently to each person,
    so she might give different answers depending on who it is.
    If Beta taught his phone to only answer 'This tournament's prize is Viole'
    Emile can work that way.
    It can be done with other infos, too.
    Summed up
    Emile is not a truth-teller
    Nor does she give info equally to all.
    It can be tinkered with. ^^
    About Emile, this will be done with next week,
    so the next blog post will have more talk about it.

    I now feel like the main story is starting.
    I hope it will be as entertaining as you all are expecting.
    Thank you~!
    Hatsu and Ro came back after not being shown for a long time.

    Hatsu’s battle scenes are hard to draw, and I had trouble capturing the emotion, which is done more easily with A.A. and Ran.

    It might feel disconnected to last week's story, but it was done for the sake of understanding the bigger story. And I chose a faster story to a direct story. Next week, you'll know why I did it like this.

    The party part might begin next week.

    After party, the Gongbang arc will be half-finished.

    Thanks for reading, and see you next week~
    The party has begun.
    I was not planning on formal clothes, just plain clothes, since it is a deck party,
    but public opinion seemed to be party=suit and dresses.
    Since this wouldn’t change things much, I decided to do it that way.
    And it was easier to draw, too.
    This chapter is...
    Think of it as a stepping stone for the next chapters.
    It will be time for setting up the story before the tournaments.
    Also, the complex relations between the teams will become clearer in the VS modes.
    For example, the forgotten Mad Dog VS Viole.
    Hopefully it will be interesting.
    Please stay healthy until next week~
    Thank you~
    Gator and Viole met.
    It has been really long since they last met. ^^
    From next week, the story will become focused.
    This episode (He means Gongbang Arc) is very focused in the latter half. ^^:
    Even though more than half of it is finished, there is still a lot to enjoy.
    The growth-type tournament rule should be close to,
    hm... Tournament + Classic RPG + AOS(Like LOL and DoTA) + Pokemon.
    Games famous these days add to classics, I'd say.
    Gather teammates and items to defeat enemies. ^^
    That kind of game is ready.
    Items like Bongbong and Blood Tamara will be dark horses during the tournament,
    it will be fun to guess who got what. ^^
    Thank you, and see you next week.
    Manwha is hard.
    I felt it while drawing this chapter.
    Manwha is always hard.
    What I thought, what I wanted to draw, even if I draw those,
    They won't come out 100%,
    So it is hard to draw it every week.
    Now, I realize that my Manwha seems to get trapped into frames like 'Shounen' or Famous',
    so I become careful of things outside of those.
    It is hard to control the length of chapters centered on emotions like this one, too.
    Even though I am not going for that^^::
    It sure is hard.
    To capture humans feeling even more...
    I hope I will progress more.
    What I’ve written is rather confusing.
    I hope you are all satisfied with the weeks' waiting^^
    Next week, the tournament will begin.
    I would be glad if you enjoy it.^^
    Then have a good Choosuk (Korean Thanks givings day)
    And let’s meet next week a bit fatter ^^
    Thank you^^
    The team tournament has begun.
    This chapter is for explanations and preparations.
    Next week, we will address the stories of FUG and Mad Dog’s teams.
    This tournament rule is more active(?) than for normal tournaments.
    What I worry about while making theses kinds of rules,
    is that many readers seem to dislike them,
    and say 'We don't care about the rules, just show us some fighting.'
    But I believe Tower of God is a Webtoon that is based on tactics based on rules rather than simple fights.
    Even if these rules might be 'difficult', I want to keep my Webtoon's nature.
    I find chapters with rule settings the most difficult.
    I do try to explain them as simply as possible, and they might be fun when you re-read this Webtoon.
    Even if they are long, please read them.
    This chapter is not really good since I had Choosuk..
    Even though I worked hard. ^^;;
    Even though Choosuk is over, everyone please cheer up!
    Thank you. ^^
    I’m late, sorry.
    The last week was the hardest week for me, as an author, and also as a human.
    It was the week with the most hospital visits too.
    To be honest, my condition at the moment is not good for work.
    But it does not feel right to take a long break during the Gongbang Tournament.
    Even if I go a bit fast,
    I have decided to only go on break after finishing this episode. (Gongbang Tournament arc, I guess)
    The Tournament's last and most important/main story will be shown soon,
    and the teams are mangled right now, after 2 chapters.
    They will become more fixed and a clearer storyline will be show.,
    The story and games will both be interesting,
    so I hope you’ll all enjoy it.
    Like I said on Webtoon, I will be going to the Frankfurt Book Festival.
    Going on hiatus again makes me worried for my work and health too.
    But since I am going to a place with so many authors, I will do my best.
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    and the two separate matches have become one.
    To be honest, I don't like Koon with his mask on,
    so I really want to get it off him soon.
    I think he'll return to his former self in a few chapters.
    The point prices of the characters are assigned rather simply.
    They don't necessarily represent their skills in battle or their strategic management.
    In fact, there are some that I just decide on whim to some degree. keke
    The Mad Dog is playing an important role but is not making many appearances.
    Um... well... you'll learn more about him soon haha
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    I originally intended to take more time to plan it out,
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    The story had some changes as well ^^;.
    Many people may have had a hard time understanding the story, and for that I feel sorry.
    I think many stories with an original world-building share this problem,
    so I think I'll need to study harder for it.
    Next chapter, I plan to go more safely and slowly,
    and cover some stories that this chapter didn't cover.
    As a note, if you read season 2 chapter 43 along with this chapter,
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    A lot of battle scenes were originally planned for the start of this chapter but...
    I eventually replaced it with Vespa-Chan’s explanation…
    I have regrets because I feel that as I reduce the length of chapters and
    only include what is necessary,
    many of you may not get the fun parts that you wanted to see.
    You could call them parts that would be okay to include in a
    long-running Mahnwa like this…
    Well, honestly Boondawan is not that important of a character.
    Of course, his earlier battle scene was indeed foreshadowing Haha.
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    I wish it were possible for me to read my comic as a reader rather than as the author for a least one day. The work in the eyes of the author seems to be a mystery and much needs to be improved.
    Koon finally removed his hair dye.
    There are probably people who felt that Koon is easier draw with a mask, but that’s completely untrue. It was hard. Hehe
    The stories about the workshop and Emile are still left besides the tournament, so please be sure to look forward to those.
    I also hope you look forward to our protagonist, an expert in being lonely.
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    The Guardian has the rights to organism compression,
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    a creature who is too big can control its own size.
    ~It works somehow like that.
    The weather's cold, so please stay healthy,
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    I just got back, and I'm writing this afterword late at night.
    I couldn't work on this chapter very much due to military reserve training. However, I had completed quite a bit of work prior to leaving, so I tried my best to keep the length of the chapter to the usual.
    Looks like Rak was the star of this chapter ^^. Rak is a character that is very convenient to utilize. He doesn't use his head or hide feelings inside, so I don't need to think too much about his character when I'm planning. Of course, he's difficult to draw when he gets big. Hehe
    Personally, I enjoy giving life to characters through personalities and auras, so I try to find roles and styles to match the individuals’ personalities.
    Of course, this is especially true for our protagonist. Even though he did not make an appearance in this chapter, it’ll be soon. Haha.
    Then, please enjoy this week as well, and I’d be grateful if you enjoy next week's chapter as well.
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    To be honest, this chapter is more like a bridge to the next chapter, so although it may look like there's a lot of content, there isn't much. Haha
    Rather than using a "VS" plot structure, I've decided to progress the story with an emphasis on the summoning rule of the game. At the same time, I pondered how I could show off Beta's power. It's not easy, Haha.
    Tower of God is a story in which the main character must endure, gets caught up in fights, and wins or loses on a board set up by absolute beings. So in parts like these, I carefully try my best to not lose the balance.
    Now, the hidden parts of the story are starting to get revealed, and it seems that the view on the story will return to its main point. Now that we've come this far, I'll put even more effort into drawing it, Keke.
    Also, there will be additional explanations on Koon's judgment of Wangnan later, but rather than objectively commenting on his abilities, Koon is commenting on his character and potential. You could say it's a kind of leadership different from what Koon has...
    Then, please look forward to next week as well, and see you next week.
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    Though it seems a few already had a hunch. ^^; Actually the Yuto character exists separately. I wonder if she'll appear later.
    Due to my illness, my afterword is always a bit late.
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    I always thought I was quite healthy.
    I feel that a lack of good rest or exercise during my serialization has resulted in this.
    I also wonder if I was too greedy, Hehe.
    In the next serialization, I will look after my health too.
    The Blue Titan in this chapter also had an appearance in the One Shot - One Opportunity game as well.
    Though it's a smaller version, you might find it entertaining to look it up.
    I think we’re approaching the climax of the story.
    Though, there are several issues to deal with, but please enjoy the story.
    Thank You.
    Due to the content of the last chapter and the next chapter, it feels like this chapter became a little half-half.
    I thought a lot about how I should split it up, but it seemed that there wasn’t a particular solution, so eventually, it sort of ended up being halfway in length.
    It's not like I can just forcefully increase the length either ^^.
    When you keep drawing a manhwa like this, things like this happen once in a while.
    Because I consider shifts in Viole's mind and emotions to be important, I want to continue to deal with growth on the psychological side.
    Starting next chapter, there will be many battle scenes, and the plot progression will be relatively speedy. So I hope you’ll look forward to this.
    Thank you ^^.
    Christmas week has suddenly returned.
    I'm spending this Christmas with my work, as expected… it'd be nice if I could spend Christmas with people, huhuhu...
    This chapter has very fast story progression, so I put a lot of thought into it. I hope it came out well.
    In the case of webtoons that one reads through scrolling, many readers may miss parts if there's too much content in one chapter, so I kindly request that you read parts thoroughly cut by cut, like a book.
    As for patrols, the fact that there are many patrols doesn’t mean that they are stronger than high-leveled patrols. Of course, they are difficult to face in some ways, but depending on the terrain and conditions, they can appear in this fashion as well.
    Then, please look forward to the next chapter as well, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
    Thank you.
    It's the last afterword of 2013.
    Though there were many regrets and mistakes,
    being serialized alone on Naver Webtoon for a whole year
    made it a worthwhile and thankful year.
    I came to learn that I had so much more to improve on,
    and when I didn't know, things I couldn’t see,
    pondering about the realities of webtoon, comics
    Things I need to do from now on....
    Perhaps things in life are learned through painful mistakes.
    To talk a bit about this chapter,
    Laure is a regular who has great ability when it comes to
    'knowing and controlling' Shinsoo.
    Though of course, because he's sleeping all the time...
    he doesn't make too many appearances.
    To compare to Viole....
    Through his unmatched talent,
    Viole uses strong skills and methods to plow through the enemies, whereas
    Laure is seasoned veteran who will
    manipulate shinsoo as the situation calls for.
    In terms of positions, saying that Viole is a fisherman
    and Laure is a traditional wave controller would be fitting.
    Then, in hopes that you enjoyed this year's serialization,
    I hope you end 2013 well.
    I pray that everyone will have a happy new year.
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    Well, I'll end my amateur artist rants here hehe and I shall call this chapter a... 5-minutes chapter. Although 1 minute would have been enough to read it, the final scenes were decided right before the deadline. There are times when I don't specify important parts during planning and leave it to later, thus times I left it to the deadline haha...
    To be honest, there are many parts I regret even after posting it, and I feel like I could have done better at any other time. Well, what can I do. I have to draw believing that it is the best I can do at the moment.
    Next chapter will continue with some battle scenes. It seems that those of you who found the rules confusing will be able to read a Tower of God that smells strongly of a sonyum (Shounen) manhwa.
    Then, please look forward to next week, and may many of you be blessed in 2014!
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    I'm so late. Sorry for those of you who waited T-T .
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    The battle scene in this chapter became much shorter than originally planned. The final match still remains, and because Beta was not a plot device that I intended to drag on for long, I wanted to show as much as I could in one chapter, but I personally am not proficient at drawing action scenes and when my wrist starts acting up, I can barely work, so the chapter was too short and there were some areas in which I lacked freedom.
    Well, those are all excuses and I'm lacking very much. I'll try my best to fix these things as I progress. ^^
    The Hwajeop Gongpasool (Butterfly Flower Pierce Shatter Technique) has a quite beautiful meaning when you translate it. At first, I was thinking of giving it a visual effect of butterfly wings, but I thought that was too beautiful haha, so I changed its appearance.
    Next week, the long tournament will finally end. There have been many tiring and tough times, but thanks to those of you cheering me on and reading my work, I feel encouraged. I'll put my all into the work.
    Thank you ^^
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    I was late again TT TT
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    To be honest, there were many complications this chapter.
    Occasionally, during work, there comes along a chapter that makes me ask,
    What did I draw in this chapter again?" and this chapter was like that (...)
    For the relationship between Beta and Viole,
    I was actually more into Beta's emotions.^^;;
    Strangely, I have the tendency to get into the character of the
    antagonist rather than of the main character...
    This really messes with me during planning;
    The main character must win,
    but the antagonist has a point!" is what I hear;;;
    In truth, Viole is right.
    There's nothing Beta can get out of hurting Viole,
    and even though Viole appears soft, he is, unexpectedly,
    quite the stubborn character, haha
    so I think his words would have been quite painful to Beta.
    It feels like winter is also nearing its end.
    Also, the Workshop Battle will also conclude this part,
    and begin a new part.
    Some of you seem to have been misled by Reflejo's words at the end,
    but the overall story of Tower of God has quite a way to go.
    Please stay healthy for this week,
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    It was only a one-week break!!
    It’s been a while since Urek’s backside as well as Androssi have made an appearance.
    Many people say that I only draw favorite characters pretty, but
    that’s not true. hehe
    It’s just that during important moments or for entry scenes, I try a bit more.
    It has nothing to do with what characters are more comfortable to draw.
    Because of my wrist problems, I haven’t been able to put in as many details.
    I wonder if that was the source of such complaints...^^;;
    There have been many asking about my wrist status.
    Perhaps delaying the surgery; it’s not that I’m drawing afier recovering,
    as it’s at the point where recovery without surgery isn’t possible.;;
    I also wish it were possible for it to suddenly heal magically. kuku
    More than anything, because of my wrist,
    I worry about things being cut out from chapters.
    Then, I hope you enjoy the next chapter as well,
    and thank you for cheering me on.
    Thank you very much~!
    Looks strong.
    This is the afterward for chapter 99.
    I was able to write it in time today, haha.
    Actually, many of you have been telling me to take a break to recharge,
    and it's something I myself have thought, and continue to think, much about.
    A while ago, I also considered a hiatus for similar reasons.
    However, the Workshop Battle is coming to an end,
    so I'm not planning to take any long breaks.
    You could say that the battle scenes are the highlights of this chapter forward.
    I actually wanted to dig deeper into Sophia's relationship with the kids,
    but since readers seemed to focus less on that topic,
    I decided to be less greedy, haha.
    If you were to ask me to pick a weapon from the Workshop Battle,
    I think I'd pick Bonbon and the White Heavenly Mirror.
    Bonbon looks like it'd be very convenient,
    and the White Heavenly Mirror... is for later, haha.
    Many of you asked me about who the heroine is,
    but there's still a long way to go, haha.
    It's Rak for now...
    Well then, have fun watching the Winter Olympics,
    and I hope to see you next week.
    Thank you^^
    Part 2 has reached chapter 100.
    Thank you.

    I never thought I would be able to keep drawing Tower of God for this long,
    but all of a sudden, I find myself having drawn it for over three years.
    I think having drawn consistently for this long alone is enough to be proud of, haha.
    To be honest, I worry a lot about the length of chapters these days.
    Mm, I think it’s a problem that appears as a manwha goes long-term.
    It’s difficult.
    I’m receiving a lot of questions about Reflejo’s identity,
    but there’s a big difference between the abilities of an E-Rank and a B-Rank.
    As there is a top 5 in E-Rank, there are also strong individuals in D and C ranks,
    and a B-Rank is a Regular who has surpassed such individuals.
    More will be revealed about Reflejo’s abilities next chapter,
    so please wait one more week ^^.
    The Mad Dog’s Blood Tamara
    is indeed a fairly overpowered item,
    but I think it’s best to see it as an item that goes well with him.
    Bonbon’s transportation ability is only limited by distance and weight,
    and is quite flexible overall.
    The problem is that depending on the enemy Lighthouse’s capabilities,
    the destination could be predicted or sealed,
    but such Lighthouses are not common among E-Ranks.
    Also, if the Lighthouse is destroyed before that… ^^
    Then, please enjoy this week as well,
    and see you next week.
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    This chapter was split into two parts,
    with different content in each.
    I suppose that could have made it difficult to understand.
    To be honest, when I was drawing Cassano's part,
    I found it difficult because he wasn't someone the protagonist had to save or defeat,
    but instead entered and left this story arc with completely different thoughts and goals...
    He was a different character compared to the realm of sonyim (shounen) manhwa.
    It's a plot device needed for later, but I still wish it were more natural...
    Or perhaps I should have been more extreme... I have these regrets.
    Emile's power will reappear with an important role later on.
    There are about 3~4 chapters remaining in the Workshop Battle.
    There's not much left, so I'll try my best, haha.
    The winner of the final match,
    and the fate of the Rankers observing them will both be decided soon.
    Then, please look forward to it,
    and thank you for reading this week^^
    ps/ Congratulations to those of you who have started a new school year.
    I also paid a visit to school today, and freshmen were everywhere, keke.
    The age difference has become so great that it's even awkward to buy them lunch, keke.
    For the first time in a while, I write the Afterwords on the day the chapter is released.
    These days, the story is progressing at a somewhat slow tempo,
    but it's hard to suddenly shift gears,
    so I decided to just keep that speed until this arc ends.
    And I also had some health issues.
    This is almost over, so I don't think it'll matter too much;;
    I said a while ago that I'd want the White Heavenly Mirror and Bonbon,
    and I think this chapter would've helped you see why, haha.
    The WHM was designed to be given to Koon from the start.
    The other two abilities will be revealed later on,
    so I hope you stay interested in those, as well.
    I believe some of you may think that the travel range of Bonbon is too wide,
    but due to the increasing Shinsoo pressure on higher floors, this range will be reduced accordingly.
    On top of that, it can not be used effectively if there is a good Light Bearer or Wave Controller on the enemy's side.
    (Ron Mei's Lighthouse was already broken here.)
    I have a medical checkup this week,
    so I'm not sure if there'll be a chapter next week.
    If there's a break, I'll let everyone know ahead of time...
    On last week's afterword, I congratulated you on starting school, showed up at my old school to meet freshmen and got an amazing response from everyone.
    Sorry, I think I've been away from school for too long, keke.
    Then, please enjoy the upcoming week.
    I hope it's a good one.
    Thank you~!
    I apologize for inevitably taking a break.
    It was recommended by the doctor, and the week was set aside more for rest than for treatment,
    and to be honest, my heart felt extremely heavy while I wasn't working.
    The reason the hiatus alert got up there later than expected
    was because I still hadn't decided whether to draw a chapter or not by then.
    I apologize once again.
    I think there are about 3 chapters left for the Workshop Battle.

    Part 2 won't completely end here, though,
    since there are quite a few Arcs left after the Workshop Battle. ^^
    To tell you about the Thorn, I want to say that
    its full function has not been utilized yet,
    and its versatility depends greatly on the user.
    I’m honestly not a fan of main characters with deus ex machina roles,
    and there is almost no chance for such events to occur in the Tower of God universe,
    so I plan to leave the Thorn as a 'growing weapon' as well.
    Of course its power will explode when it needs to explode. ^^
    It is undeniable that the Thorn does possess fairly overpowered capabilities.
    The fight between Mad Dog and Androssi has not quite ended.
    The current goal is to rescue and escape (& date),
    so in terms of the story, battle scenes such as intense clashes feel slightly awkward.
    Of course showing such a side is the virtue of a sonyun (shounen) manhwa haha.
    I think it's a difficult issue in many ways.

    Then, please look forward to next week,
    and I hope you enjoy much of your day in the spring weather.
    Thank you. ^^
    You were surprised by the suddenly-blooming cherry blossoms, right?
    I was too, haha.
    The weather suddenly got better, so going outside would be ideal.
    As the characters of Part 2 meet those of Part 1,
    there's a little confusion over Viole (Baam)'s name and what to call him,
    but I will try to sort that out afterwards.
    If not, then... whatever...
    I personally tend to think that if the character Ho from Part 1
    had more power and had grown,
    he could have become a character like Reflejo.
    From here on, rather than focusing on personal grudge or envy,
    I plan to frequently deal with the relationships between those with power and authority,
    so I guess... Reflejo is a sort of last boss in this department ('2)... haha.
    With regards to the Princesses of Zahard,
    a Princess who is a direct descendent of one of the 10 House Heads
    is especially influential and powerful.
    As you can probably tell with Androssi at the moment,
    being a Princess of Zahard is an incredible position,
    and if a Princess is from one of the 10 Families,
    she will become the central power of that Family in the future,
    so this is even more incredible.
    You could say that among Princesses, Androssi is on a fairly warm and human (?) level.
    As for Princesses from the 10 Families, they have clear hierarchical relationships
    and don't even treat Regulars as human beings if they're not from the 10 Families.
    Of course, they're also just that rare, and there is only one single Princess
    who is a direct lineal descendant of one of the 10 House Heads.
    Even if we count just the number of Princesses from one of the 10 Families,
    there are about 3 of them.
    Much information about the Princesses will be revealed next arc,
    so I will say the rest then.
    Then, please enjoy this new warm weather to your heart's content,
    and have a nice week.
    Thank you. ^^
    This is the afterword for Chapter 106.
    It's been a while since I had a sweet scene in this manhwa.
    I don't know how it was, but anyway... haha.

    This chapter was around 90 cuts long,
    and that would not have been considered very long a while back,
    but it was harder than expected. I'm concerned about my wrist and all.
    I was greedy, and I wanted to increase the length a bit.

    As I go on with the story,
    sometimes the content may seem to conflict with
    the details on settings that have been written already.
    For example, the Workshop actually has a security system
    that is difficult for outsiders to infiltrate.
    This time, there was a spy (?) in the Workshop, which made that possible.
    Usually, even a Ranker like Hachuling would not find it so easy to hack.

    The word 'teacher' in the chapter refers to the higher-ups of the Workshop.
    I guess you could say that the Hosts are their students.
    Normally, at least one great teacher is commissioned to the Workshop Battle.
    The teacher didn't get tricked or anything; it's more like they didn't come on purpose.

    As for the fight between Ro and the enemy Ranker,
    this is a lower Floor, so the shinsoo resistance is small,
    and the fight is much freer than it would be on a higher Floor.

    To comment further on Reflejo,
    I'll say that unlike the villains of the past,
    Reflejo is a case where his personal grudge has led to
    an obsession with an ideology.
    Although what Reflejo did was harmful to Viole,
    from Reflejo's perspective, it was a good deed for the Tower,
    so that is why he was able to do such things.
    You might say that it was an act for the greater good,
    but it may also be ironic that it started with his personal grudge.
    I think parts like these will need more thought and care as I go on,
    since FUG is a bunch that will continue to be important, and all ^^:

    Anyway, thank you for reading this chapter,
    and hope you enjoy this week.
    As for my plans after the Workshop, I will let you know
    as soon as I decide.
    Although there is the hiatus,
    I think there might also be some interesting news for you soon.

    Thank you!
    - S.I.U.
    I was planning to post the afterword a little earlier,
    but I couldn't because the Internet suddenly stopped working. TT TT
    So the Workshop Battle is finally over.
    It's an arc that I could tell a lot about,
    but in terms of story, the important bit is coming up,
    so I'll have the discussion after I wrap up the remaining materials.
    I was actually going to leave the full reunion of Baam and friends
    to the arc after the Workshop Battle arc.
    For a couple of reasons, I ended up compressing that into this arc,
    and a few problems arose due to that.
    In conclusion, the pace of the story has sped up,
    and there are pros and cons to that. ^^;;
    The line "Welcome, everyone!" near the end of the chapter
    was one that I was seriously unsure about including.
    No, I really wanted to take it out.
    It's too generic and felt out of place,
    but I couldn't think of anything else that I could put in there.
    On top of that, it's hard to forget a line that you've shoved in there once,
    so it's easy to think that it's the right one;;
    The part where you see Rak, Koon and Baam sleeping side by side
    is one that was decided on from the moment that
    I decided that they should meet at the Workshop Battle.
    This includes the Suspendiship and the background,
    but the result did change over time.
    Unlike the Floor of the Test, the Workshop Battle had quite a normal ending,
    so there were parts where I actually had to be more careful.
    However, I strangely wanted to end the Workshop Battle that way. Not sure why. ^^;;
    Next arc, we will be returning to the main plotline.
    Now that one of the 10 House Heads has finally shown his face,
    I think we will gradually climb to the higher Floors, and include the appearances of
    D-Rank Regulars and important figures, little by little.
    Of course, we will have to tell the story of the true Prince of Zahard, haha.
    Then, please enjoy this week as well,
    and I hope to meet you next week.
    Thank you
    As I posted a manhwa during a time when the entire nation is praying,
    I felt that I had to be careful.
    Although brief, I once walked the path of an educator,
    and I can't ignore it, because many young students are reading my manhwa,
    and that's really painful to bear.
    This chapter included, the epilogue chapters will literally be wrapping up the story.
    These include the direction proposed for the upcoming stories,
    and team compositions.
    Of course, new enemies will appear one by one,
    but I feel that from now on, new characters will not appear all at once,
    unlike the Workshop Battle.
    Additions are additions, but several characters will tend to be left behind.
    from now on, other members of the 10 Families or
    Princesses of Zahard, who have not been expanded on extensively,
    will make appearances,
    now that we're getting to higher Floors and all. ^^;
    Next chapter will be about Ha Jinsung and Karaka,
    and a date (?) may be possible, haha.
    I think the plot will head in that direction.
    A rather important story is waiting,
    so I hope you enjoy it.
    Please stay healthy this week,
    and see you next week~~
    The weather's a bit chilly these days.
    I bought a few T-shirts because they said the summer weather was coming.
    What is this...

    This chapter was a bit long.
    I worked extra hard, but I'm still disappointed in a few things... haha...
    I wanted to put more work into the direction and... um...

    To be honest, the date is not the main thing in this chapter.
    Instead I wanted to portray Baam, who came into the
    Tower alone and without proper human relationships,
    taking another step on his path to establishing these relationships.
    In that process, Androssi was not supposed to lose her characteristic charms,
    so it was difficult and I had to be careful.
    More importantly, I was pressured to fit it all into one chapter ^^;;

    Baam is a popular character in many ways,
    so it looks like he'll be popular in the next arc, regardless of who he meets.
    This will be hard for Androssi.
    Of course, Baam is popular in the 'bad way' too.
    This will be hard for Koon.
    On top of that, Rachel is gradually surfacing...

    Once every while, there are some readers who ask about my health.
    After completing this Epilogue, I will take a break.
    I don't think the hiatus will be longer than expected,
    but the possibility of a long-term break is also there.
    I will let you know for sure next week.

    When the break begins, I plan to put up gossip-like posts
    on the blog again.
    If there are things the readers want,
    then I would appreciate it if you’d let me know. ^^

    Then, please enjoy this week as well,
    and it's chilly, so watch out for the cold.
    Thank you ^^~
    - S.I.U.
    Finally, the long long Workshop Battle and Epilogue are over.
    I had actually planned to continue for a bit longer,
    but due to several circumstances including my wrist’s condition,
    I decided to cut it short slightly sooner.
    That’s why the cuts got all elaborate and the content and
    chapter lengths increased at the end. ^^,
    The stories that were not finished in this Epilogue will probably
    be included in the beginning of the next arc as a recollection.
    Of course, I’ll have to get started on the work to know the exact details.

    This Afterword is a bit long, so I’ve numbered the points.

    1.The E-Rank Workshop Battle is over, but another Workshop Battle could be included in the story. Once the characters have climbed up quite a bit and the relationships between them have been established, it might appear about one more time, with special items on the line. ^^

    2.The reason Quant and Hwa Ryun gave different explanations of the Hell Express will be explained in the next arc. It is not a miscalculation, but rather different ways of saying almost the same thing.

    3. For an easy telling of the story, the rate at which the current Regulars are climbing the Tower is slightly higher than in the original setting. In terms of storyline, I must consider the events after their Regulars days, so I would appreciated it if you kept this in mind as you continue reading. I can’t completely break the setting either, so there could be a long timeskip in the later parts of the story.

    4. In this Workshop Battle and its Epilogue, the Part 2 characters have less screen time than usual, but the Part 2 characters (like Yeon and Prince) will continue to stay with Baam in the next arc, so I don’t think there’ll be anything to worry about from here. I think we’ll be seeing frequent bickering within the team. However, it looks like it’ll be difficult to see much of Goseng and Horyang from here on.

    5. The next arc, as many of you are expecting, will be the Hell Express arc. The games will take place both inside and outside the express train, and although the scale is smaller than the Workshop Battle, the travel distance and map is long, and I think it’ll be faster and have more action and game-like qualities. One very powerful enemy will also appear. I’m also considering a match between the Mad Dog and Viole later on.

    6. I’ve also prepared a Zahard Princess arc. However, I think it might run a little later than expected.

    7. The reason Beta said Cassano could be stronger than Viole is because Viole still has room for growth. Cassano has an almost-complete power. You can check the power of the complete Cassano next time…

    8. Starting next Monday, I will begin to post gossip. They say that it’s not possible for me to chat in the café. I’ll find a different way, haha.

    If I remember anything later, I’ll add it ^^
    Regarding my wrist condition, a major hospital
    recommended that I recover without surgery, so I decided to do that.
    I’ve heard that it can get better if I equip an orthosis for a while.
    Of course, it’s a matter that can only be decided after some rest,
    but I think that other than being slightly uncomfortable, it turned out great.
    Thanks to that, the hiatus has been greatly shortened.

    During the running of the series, I’ve declined all paid offers
    such a subcontracts and advertisements due to my wrist.
    I’ve held on, thinking that I should take responsibility for this arc no matter what,
    and although it was tough, I personally felt prouder than ever.
    I got seriously depressed around the middle,
    but it’s all good and I’m very happy now that it’s over.
    Indeed, we must keep our bodies strong.

    After I get healthy, I shall return with more fun story,
    as a complete artist who works hard and makes money.

    It’ll be a long time, but I’d appreciate it if you thought
    of it as investment for a better work,
    and wait for me.​

    Thank you. ^^​

    Ps. if you’re wondering about something please leave a comment.
    I’ll pick a few and answer them during the Hiatus.​

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