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    This is not by any means a Offical translation but Fan-translation. It is used to help foriegn (non-korean speaking or reading) fans of Tower Of God to understand the story a bit better.

    The original writer is SIU, the author of Tower of God. (All rights belong to SIU)

    To follow the original author (SIU)’s wishes, this doc will not include things from SIU’s hidden blog.


    Hello everyone, I am SIU.

    Long time since I have posted on blog.

    At last, chapter 1 of Tower of God has been uploaded on Naver.

    I didn’t feel anything special when I uploaded the prologue.

    But seeing chapter 1 up feels..

    Both exciting and scary. ^^;

    I hope that people will like this,

    But if it does not work out well, I will continue to do better until people do.

    Chapter 1 had been lots of trouble until finishing.

    Had to undergo 3 changes after finishing. ^^;

    Maybe it was because I felt like a pro all of sudden,

    But I wanted to present a better chapter 1.

    Hope I did not bother the people on Naver. Haha.

    About length, I wanted to do more.

    However it could be ruined with too much.

    So I cut it when I felt it would be enough.

    Next chapter is longer, actually. ^^;

    [Below is to people who read Tower of God before it became Webtoon and restarted.]

    I know some people would want me to go faster,

    But since I am redoing about every work, it would be hard to do.

    It would be a lot longer than before, though. ^^;

    And please do not spoil the story for people who have just begun to read this.

    Thanks for helping. ^^
    I redrew all scenes of Yuri because her hair style looked a bit weird.

    This chapter is long, isn't it?

    I was surprised too, after I finished work.

    It was about 140 cuts, go ahead and count it if you are curious. ^^;

    Next and the chapter after that would have to go about 70 cuts, though.

    Please know that the length are decided by story directing, not on my easiness. ^^:

    Yuri's hair looks more cool.

    Yuri and Baam is the two hardest character to draw in Tower of God, to be honest.

    Hair is what makes Yuri difficult.

    Baam is hard to draw and show his thinking.

    His setting is, after all, 'Boy who clings to Girl to point over normal'

    So when Baam shows up, I would have to throw normal story line up to the space.(...)

    And I have to retry drawing his cuts over and over.

    But that is his best part, too.

    Something that is lost from adults.

    Even though I have forgotten, I must been like when I fell in love first like most men do.

    (Of course what Baam feels of Rachel is somewhat different from love.)

    1F is like tutorial to the Tower, so it may be hard to understand and feel loose.

    But it has secrets hinting rest of story. Maybe you can find some. ^^
    Just as I expected.

    Headon haters populations rocketed.

    Strange being, Headon is.

    It is hard to know what is in it's mind. [I am using 'it' for Headon because SIU have not made clear if Guardians have gender at all.]

    Sometimes it is like angel, sometimes devil.

    That is why I like this character so much.

    Next chapter will be end of floor 1, with about 90 cuts, and floor 2 will begin the chapter after that.

    Something new will be added, hope you don't miss it.^^
    1F has ended.

    It was planned to end this floor quick, so I am happy with I managed to finish it.

    The reason Tower of God is longer then most Webtoons because of it's story directing, and it began only a few weeks ago.

    Fantasy that is so far from normal life, like Tower of God would need some firm beginning to understand story later.

    (It will be shorter from 2F, though I will lengthen it when I feel it is needed.)

    Personally I don't think length of work does not equal to quality of work.

    Each comic has it's own length.

    Next chapter will finally show up Rak and Koon.

    Sorry to those who already read Tower of God before, but 2F will undergo many changes. ^^
    Koon is here at last.

    Smart guy, he is.

    Every word and action of him must be watched carefully.

    Well.. to be frank he can be said as dark hearted one.(...) [Meaning he is greedy.]

    His family is great by the way, high class in Tower.

    2F story will be go slower then it was last time. [Meaning before Webtoon release.]

    Fast story was interesting but it ruined the total flow of story.

    I want the full picture rather then parts.

    [Some talk about Korean grammars he used wrong on purpose.]
    Rak appears.

    I love Rak.

    He is so fun and full of energy.

    When most of character in Tower of God hides their pain and past,

    Rak shows himself as it is openly.

    So I feel happy when drawing him.

    As I spoke, there will be differences made in 2F story.

    Yu Hang Sung will appear sooner, Crown game will be pushed a bit behind.

    I will try to give you best story I can come with, so be prepared. ^^
    This chapter has lots of battle scenes.

    Anak and Hatsu has top level in regulars around,

    So I wanted to give them good impact, but it was not easy.

    The basics are important. Practice makes perfect.

    What you have to notice.

    -What Anak wears is NOT Hanbok. [Korean traditional cloth]

    The design is based on it, but it is not exactly it because of many differences.

    Some hybrid of both Eastern and Western... but there is no deep meaning into that.

    All characters will NOT have an exact appearance of any pacticular countries' cloth.

    -The guy in loose cloth is actually an important character. [Leader Lessoo!]

    -Koon is named after the soccer player indeed, there are few more with such names.

    -Beginning of Season 1 is meant to be lighter then later on.

    -Tried drawing lines thicker for battle scenes.
    There was lots of change in story, wasn't it?

    From now on a complete new story that was not shown in Best Challenge will be drawn.

    In Best Challenge I went straight to Crown game in fear of story being loose.

    But I feel there will be more time to spare in Webtoon, so I am going to put things I cut out before.

    I will try my best. ^^;

    Many people want to see Crown game, that will be shown about 5~6 chapters form now on.

    Rules will go through some change, and the gameplay will change too.

    Those who already found foreshadowing I began to put in, you are genius.

    P.S. Black March was retrieved by Rak right before teleporting.
    I had some bad condition this week, so my finished work does not look good enough to me.

    I will have to pay more attention to art from now on.

    This chapter and the chapter before had them had some trouble getting finished because of personal matters.

    But I already made plans for chapters to be a bit long.

    And school begins next week, which will make me even busier... [Not sure university or private school. Probably graduate?]

    I often saw in author's comments in comic books wanting to use body copy, I feel that way too.

    This chapter, with all those disappointment, had lots of change.

    So I resent my work for last minute changes, two times. Sorry to Naver managers TT [Probably Webtoon editors?]

    But still it does not good enough.....

    Well, that can't be helped.

    This chapter is totally different from Best Challenge, it may feel a bit boring without battles.

    But if you read carefully, this will be most interesting chapter so far. ^^

    P.S. Lero-ro went through some image changes to fit his character better.
    Spent two days trying to fix school problem.

    Had some money problem that took a day.

    Then I had a motorcycle running into car. [Seems he was driving the car.]

    Had to go to policestation for the accident, and had to go to hospital.

    Already late for Friday deadline.

    So no food, no sleep, finishing it in Sunday.

    Such weeks can happen.

    I will be busy next week too, hope I have time for breathe.

    If those things have happened while I was amateur, I would simply gave up.

    But becoming pro changed me to somehow do it. ^^;;

    I like working with some spare time,

    So I dislike works done in hurry.

    This week's chapter, was did not met neither art quality and length I wanted...

    Hope it won't be too bad for reading.

    I had a thought, 'Well, this week is such week.' when motorcycle hit car.

    This must be why people believe in religions.

    Would like 'Deadline-ism' if it existed. ^^;;

    [Some stuff about 2nd Fan Cafe for ToG. Different form Official Cafe, and has been closed.]
    10 and 11 chapter is mixed up somewhat, so it will be hard to read.

    But it felt so unfinished after doing chapter 10...

    Perhaps I will ask for the chapters to be changed in order.

    Webtoon version will be more detailed, on personal emotions and situations focused, then Best Challenge versions.

    This episode is made for that.

    After this, next will be Crown Game.

    The story of Koon family is important.

    So it will be revealed little by little as story goes.

    Season 1 is mostly about 'innocent protagonist' in confusion at the new world,

    So there are some parts hard to understand and follow.

    I know it, but it is hard for newbie author like me.

    The experince is what matters in directing comic's story. ^^

    Now will be turn for game using brains.

    I would ask all of you to read carefully and slowly. ^^

    This week I worked somewhat overtime, so wrist and eyes hurt a bit.

    Gotta give my body some rest...

    Luckily next chapter won't be very long. Yay!


    As I said before, Yu Hang Sung's cloth are not Hanbok, it is something based on it.


    I am thankful of all comments, messages and mails.

    Thanks for backing and cheering me, and sorry for not being able to answer each of you.


    This chapter is twice as hilarious when you read carefully....
    This test is actually made for telling Koon's story. ^^;

    I felt it would be needed before Crown Game, so I put this in.

    Not really important, so it will be over by next chapter.

    Choosuk is next week, so I already did next week's work already. Uhaha.

    The rest is nor really resting.. Haha;;

    Koon is a character I am personally attached somewhat.

    Out of 3 main characters, perhaps he is most human.

    Acts cool and tough, but actually sways a lot and is sensitive.

    There has been lots of questions about Koon's blood line,

    As seen in this chapter, he is son of Koon familly, one of 10 Great Families.

    Agnis is his mothers' family name.

    This family has lots of sons, so not much political for them.

    But of course, the royal bloodline gives him a good power in both body and mind compared to others.

    Choosing Princess, and political fight between Great Families will be spoken in later floors.

    Since this floor is more about Regulars' tests..

    Tower of God is a story in which uses 'tests' and 'games' for the bigger storyline.

    Finally it is time for Crown Game.

    It will need lots of preparations, maybe resting a chapter will be needed.

    My wrist would need a checkup too.

    Well that is not a problem I can choose by myself, so it will be decided after my wrist is checked.

    Tower of God will be long run.

    So I am not going to hurry too much.

    Hope you readers can wait a week by week, until the end together.
    It is getting hot in Season 1 at last.

    Crown Game would need at least 10 chapters full of battle scenes.

    It makes my head hurt. Haha.

    Many seems to not recognize hair tied boy at 12 chapter's beginning was Koon.

    It is him, Koon Aguero Agnis.

    Between family members they refer as given names, outside family name.

    Yu Hang Sung's test was like rest before Crown Game.

    Time for getting familiar and attached to characters.. ^^

    I try to refrain saying 'This is answer' in comic.

    So I had lots of thinking about it.

    4 hours took for Yu Hang Sung's last line alone.

    Many people seem to think characters in comics are all reflecting author's voice,

    But most of times it is just thoughts of the character and has nothing much to do with author.

    (Of course in some cases authors talk through their characters, but in this cases you wil know right away due to the comic's background.)

    Choosuk had be rest for some days, that made harder to focus on my work.

    I will need to hold myself.

    Please stay tuned for next week's Crown Game.
    More battle scenes, more editing, more wrist pain.

    But I want to do well on this...

    Feels like I am studying human body drawing again.

    I hope someone would come and do model for me....

    Crown game does not need much posting to talk about. Haha.

    Please enjoy.

    PS. Some said this chapter is short... I hope you are joking.
    Crown Game's first half is coming to end.

    Main char team will come out now.

    I had some problem with Hatsu action scenes. Drawing battles are hard to do with weapons.

    It looked good when I did the the first draft in black/white, but coloring was hard. It came out good enough, though.

    Kind of disappointed no one seems to be talking about actions but all are interested in length of the manwha....


    Serena Rinnen's sword was changed from left to right hand. It seemed more natural.
    Laure should go back to sleep…
    Crown game is getting more interesting. Now it is about midway.

    Anak's identity will be revealed soon, too.

    By the way, there are many other Ignition weapons apart from 13 Month Series.

    Many Rankers use Ignition weapon as their main choice.

    And 13 Month Series are good, but not the best.

    Yuri herself uses better weapons than Black March.

    But the Series do have important meaning to them.


    Seems I am having bad condition these days...
    Former half was Anak team's turn, latter half Baam team's.

    This test seems to be least changed. After all, I made effort to carry it sam as possible since many people loved this in Best Challange. The only big difference will be the reason Anak wanting to have Black March is not told, but it stays same, just put off for later story. [Note: It is about the one to collect them all can have Zahard himself's child. Which doesn't seem to work well with Anak's revenge of killing Zahard...]


    Some stuff about Korean grammar.
    Crown Game will be over within 25 chapters.

    I am trying to have more effort into length cutting, but it is hard.

    And those who keeps on commenting 'Spoilers', there are many changes so most of them are not true anymore. Stop please.

    Also, I have been asked about my personal info and such.

    I hope those things won't come anymore, for I believe id of author must be protected.

    By the way, I got some mails in English.


    I don't know how you guys are reading, but thank you.

    [Note: He later writes he won't say anything about scans of ToG in other countries.]
    The chapter upload was late.

    After I woke up, I could see people gave few stars for that.

    And many meaningless spoilers in comment area.

    Well, not much use for afterword today.
    Personally I have many troubles. And bad condition.

    After brief posting, I will go silent for a week.

    -So many spoiler comments.

    Those are EMP, taking away the willpower of authors. And now mana is gone away.

    -Ananarasumara was little joke.

    Webtoon joke seemed like more fun and consistent.

    Newbie author like me haven't even got chance to talk with great senior authors such as Ha Ill Guan.

    I hope that day would come some though. I respect him a lot.

    [Note : He is talking about the 'spell' Koon used with Maderonbabna, his magic bag.]

    [Note : Ha Il Guan has been famous manwha author since 2006, when concept of paid Webtoons just began. Ananrasumara was his Webtoon about a magician living in abandoned amusement park, a poor girl living without parents, and a boy who is expected to always be top in class.]

    -I will be resting from many things except Webtoon.
    This chapter was for catching up to hints thrown so far.

    I was praising my self for no grammar mistake, but some people were kind enough to point out some. I should work harder on vocabulary.

    Hints were given away since beginning of 2F, but many seems to be surprised today

    I try to draw so story will be going after foreshadowings. Sudden surprise is not my type..

    Crown game will be over 2 chapter later with climax in next week.

    Then it is turn for behind story of characters and main story.


    Koon's speed boost is due to letting go people put inside Mandrobana.

    The weight does not change, so he has been carrying weight of more then three people with one hand all along.

    Is common trait of children from 10 Great Families.

    P.S. 2

    Koon's willingness to help Baam is mainly due to his past about 'woman', which will be revealed later on.
    My sleep pattern is getting messed up recently, due to waiting for Tower of God uploads.

    Crown game will be over next week.

    Now it is turn for story about Baam.

    Since this manwha is based on Shonen, it will have Baam's internal and external growth in spotlight. Baam will realize his powers and advance farther as he climb Tower.

    That is main attraction of Shonen. ^^

    But unlike Shonen, Baam does not push his 'justice' and 'friendship' into others.

    His powers are not used for something like that. (Like my other comics' main characters)

    So it will be safe to say Tower of God's story and philosophy stands somewhere between Shonen and Senien.

    P.S. Androssi and the girl who talked to Baam is different person;;
    Finally Crown Game is over.

    I had worries about directing this chapter, it feels some what cut off in middle.

    This was made to give tension and urgency, hope it worked.

    And next chapter looks harder to direct. Fixing it for fifth time now.

    Season 1 of Tower of God has many casts, and it goes many stories at once, so one wrong chapter makes whole story ruined.

    I won't choose won't be something like this for my next webtoon;;

    About Yuri.

    She is really social for a Zahard Princess.

    Wingtree is something like anti government, yet she has close relationship with its members.

    From next chapter on it will be latter part of Season 1.

    Looks like 70-80 chapters will be Season 1 in this pace.

    About setting release, I am still undecided about how to do it, Cafe or Blog. They will be uploaded after I get them in order.
    Some Tower of God settings are going unviewable for a while.

    Tweeter I have been avoiding for fear of me speaking nonsense. With my fans supporting it, sometimes it went a bit too far.

    Sometimes harsh criticism would work better. ^^;;

    Assistants will be nice. Maybe someone real good artists from Best Challenge… But I can't promise good pay…

    To talk about Best Chanllange.

    I actually did not aim to be an author.

    Just drew to tell what I wanted to tell.

    But as chapters went on I got attention and could not stop, then someday I became a real Webtoon author.

    To be honest, never learned how to draw comics well.

    Even though I became Webtoon author, the work have not changed much.

    It got paid, and gets much more attention, but that is it.

    People tend to envy others' position, only to learn why he/she could not get it after sitting on it.

    That is how I feel about being Webtoon author, sitting in gigantic chair my feet won't tough the floor when I sit.

    But now I became Webtoon author, I will do my best.

    To the authors who are in Best Challagnes, I am cheering you on!
    Today's points.

    -Yu Hang Sung is dark inside.

    -Tights (Wharyun) is most beautiful. (Among 2F regulars)

    -And main character blinded one eye of that girl.

    -Urek Mazino is a popular guy.

    -Rachel is here, but main character is sleeping.

    Soon Position pick will begin and last test of 2F will begin.

    The real fun part of Tower of God is about to come.
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    Short Ranting

    RANTING ABOUT TALKING ABOUT CAFE MEMBERS AND SUCH (he used to come cafe often in past years)
    Liverpool Vs Everton 2 : 2


    Oh, right, after post.

    My condition is not really good since Tower of God Webtoon release.

    I had some time after finishing this chapter.

    But I made regular list after popular demand, using up my free time…

    Worrying about forgetting some characters, names thought up in one second, overlapping names

    Many readers believe I have made perfect setting of Tower o fGod ready, but I am actually making them quite shallow than you think;; (But of course I am doing my best to not make mistakes.)

    Now tests per position will begin. Wouldn't it fun to guess who will succeed in which position?

    P.S. I wanna draw soccer manwha..
    Short rant

    First Manga I ever bought was Dragon Ball.

    My parents were against me buying manga, so I had to use complicated war plan to do that.

    I had bought without knowing anything about it.

    I kept it secret and read it like few hundred times.

    These days I can read comic books far more easily, but that feeling can't come. Pity.
    It is easy to see which chapters I had to work with bad condition.

    But no one is on good condition entire year, so I have to get the work done in any situation.

    And next week is new Lunar Year, so I would have less time since I have to visit my family.

    From now on it is about story of Androssi and Anak.

    Some characters will have their story like this, while position test are going on.

    Then Baam's story will begin leading to climax of season 1.

    I expect this to take like 50 chapters.
    On this chapter done with sacrifice of my New Lunar Year rest, we have Zahard Princes story.

    The Princesses are closely connected to entire story, so it would be good to get them early on.

    Real princesses will show up about when it is in Season 2 and later, but some scenes about them will be in ending part of 2F tests.

    Anak and Androssi..

    Anak is niece of Androssi but Anak is older.

    In Tower, age is meaningless number, actually.

    Years lived are considered less important than body's age and racial's trait.

    Power and position comes before age in most case.

    (Yuri, Koon, Androssi talk informally to most since they are from Great Families, while Anak speak in formal tone to most.)

    Sometimes learning to use Sinsoo stops body aging.

    Then this person will usually treated as child even after living long.

    So normally in Tower body and mind are considered to be on same age.[One's body age will determine mind age.]

    Of course some exceptions occur due to birthplaces and families.

    Anak and Androssi relation was planned to be shown later, putting test first, but I changed it for Zahard family setting coming up quick.

    The dialogue felt so screwed up as I wrote them.

    But screwed up is Zahard family.
    This chapter was not something that should be one chapter..

    But I drew it..

    This is apart from the tests, so I had to cut some part to stop it from taking over too much of length.

    It feels somewhat unfinished, but it is good enough hints for Zahard Princess story.

    I wasn't planning to draw sad, but it ended up since the Anak's past was so.

    Next chapter will have Baam back as main charater.
    I am not used to drawing fluffy.

    But this chapter was so fluff that hurt while drawing.

    Baam's concept is 'Crystal of Pureness' so I have trouble when he is showing up. Characters like, Koon and Leesoo, who are a bit more dark are easier to draw.

    Androssi is troublesome too.

    Her concept is 'Normal modern girl'

    Taking great care at her looks, stressed at weight, wanting to hear she is pretty while she is acting confident. A girl who is yet to mature fully.

    But I am man who already had two years army… So it is very hard.

    So this chapter was about two characters I fin hard to draw.

    I kind of let it go halfway.

    Guess this is part of learning as working.

    From next chapter it will be last team test of Postion, paced faster then now.
    Last of Position test, Hide and Seek.

    It will be simpler then Crown game, but the point will be different roles each positions are going out.

    Though the inexperienced regulars can't show much of how positions work.
    I have been wondering what I am in society.

    My manwha is not earning much money.

    But many people know it, and is interested enough to check my blog.

    But in reality I am just a man who loves drawing comic.

    A hungry author who will draw for pay, to be frank..


    This interest is not entirely due to my work.

    Most of it comes from I am working on big site Naver.

    So sometimes I feel uneasy with interest that seems to be too much for my work.

    Hopefully I will be able to grow when this attention won't feel too much.

    So.. in the end.

    Thanks you readers for all your love and attention.


    Many people are wondering about love lines in tower of God.

    To give a hint, love lines will be important and there will be many for Shonen.
    Fun facts for this game.

    In Tower, Light Bearer position is very important.

    One good Light Bearer is better then two decent Fisherman of the team.

    Of course if the Fisherman is Lv cheat like Yuri, that Fisherman take any position role.

    Each Light Bearers have different limit on how many Lighthouses they can control and the area they can be controlled.

    Inexperienced Koon like now can use only 1 Lighthouse, 2 if 1 is stationary.

    Team vs single is very hard for single to win regardless of experience, though.

    Hope you can see why battles are based on positions.

    By the way Gator passed early by winning the bonus game. He will show up at the final test.

    After some hard work, wrist is in pain. Would have to take better care of it.
    No blog post of Chapter 37.

    He had a post about having some family problem.
    This test has capturing the marker is very important, so pure firepower is not much important.

    Quant is Scout as his main position. So his abilities focused in hiding and escaping will prove much trouble.

    Scout is usually the person with most fit body.

    And in cases the enemy Light Bearer is more inexperienced, Scout has upper hand.

    And Spear Bearer would have serious trouble in close range against Scout.

    But if the good Light Bearer and Spear Bearer spots the Enemy Scout, the Scout is in danger.

    If they are Rankers, the combo can throw Spears dozens of Kilometers away.

    (Lighthouses have Spear targeting and angle fixing effect.)

    So Fisherman position is very balanced.

    Long distance they can use Reel, in short distance Needle.

    But this multi skill is very rare gift.

    Anak and Androssi are only two that can use Reel among tho regulars.

    Reel control depends lot on natural talent like Sinsoo control, so it would be very hard to be Fisherman position.
    My reason for not writing this after post is for drawing next chapter. Remember it.

    Joking, but it would be better if I talk after next chapter.
    The story of A team was result of my attempt to explain position battles and suspendium.

    So this might feel artificial.

    I thought some people would ask how Baam was using the food plate on midair when trying got give it to Androssi, but seems no one did, thinking 'comic logic'.

    I am planning A team as teaching, B team as real battle.

    Well B team will begin 2 weeks later, but next chapter have some surprise too, so stay tuned ^^
    Koon's hidden card was shown today.

    He really is dangerous guy. ^^;

    The background of him will be shown throughout the story.

    I am quite bad with good complex plans,

    So I had some trouble drawing this chapter.

    Maybe the next chapter would go simple

    Thanks to our main character appearing, it will be fun anyway. ^^;;

    Now with story's center moving over to Baam, main story is beginning.


    About Ranker whispering about What would be in Koon Eduan's storehouse.

    A-rank items are extremely rare in Tower.

    Rankers usually don't have any, High Rankers may have one or two.

    Black March is in Rank B~A. (The number rank within each class will be uploaded later.)

    Of course even in A-rank, Pocket will be less value then Black March.

    Blue Spear is Koon Eduan's throwing spear.

    11 of them are made, and it can be ignited, which is rare for throwing weapons.

    When ignited, instead of flying to the target, it destroys everything along in its way.

    It is yet to be confirmed since Eduan have not thrown it yet.

    When ignited it is B-Rank

    Vagnil is a spear used like bow. Ignitable. B-rank when ignited.

    Carrier is Inventory, Pocket, Casket all into one, allowing Fisherman to take on any position. Only 10 are made, 3 of them A-Rank, 7 B-Rank. It is quite ineffective in battle though, but still very interesting one. Adori Zahard uses one.
    It was a chapter to catch breath after A team test.

    I was unsure about putting this chapter or not,

    But without it, the pace looked too fast for good story.

    As I publish my work,

    I feel I am losing and both gaining thank to aiming for entertainment.

    Wish to give some thing better then lame jokes.

    Making a comic that is fun to read is real hard.
    Unlike A team, B team looks shaky from the beginning.

    It would be fun to compare their tests.

    To be honest, even though A team looks as if they executed their plan well, they are actually all lied to by Koon.

    So it is hard to say A team is better then B team, each trying to save himself/herself is doing.

    From next chapter, lots of fighting scene.

    So I have lengthened today's since it has more talk and emotions.

    And this chapter's plan was about 120.

    When I woke up, I wondered if yesterday's me was crazy.

    Split personality?

    Well, I did finish them by sacrificing my sleep.

    So maybe not.
    Baseball and soccer watching today, almost forgot to upload blog post.

    And sleeping.

    And drawing the comic.

    As I have said before,

    The hardest thing when drawing is

    Not working for hours.

    Not skipping sleep.

    Not reading bad comments.

    When my ideas lack out of what I should draw.

    Body is resting, head hurts, must draw.

    No idea, scene mangle….

    [Some rant about his baseball team, Hanwha keep losing.]

    Enough ranting

    So this chapter was how to survive by Androssi?
    Changing the story mood from warm and happy to betrayal and plots was hard.

    Smelling Carnival as I draw Tower of God. [Carnival was his 'main' story comic. Apparently Tower of God was sort of side project of it. I don't know the details, neither. Probably it was another TUS story.]

    Baam is the guy who is not participating actively.

    People who wish to climb even if they have to betray others. Androssi and Ho.

    Someone who wants to sacrifice himself, to make the team win , Hatsu.

    Unlike them, Baam is still undecided what he should do.

    But lets give some time to our main chacter nim.

    Hatsu is dying though.. ;-;

    Baam and Hatsu are quite similar, sometimes I think of them like package.

    But Hatsu must be squabbliing with Anak at all times.

    He would be thinking Lizards are better than people todays' chapter.
    Androssi knows that Baam knows Michell Light is Rachel.

    She found it out when Baam wrote Rachel on his friend list, when the people that can be written on it is only regulars on 2F. And that was one of reasons Baam went to get Androssi for his friend list. To show her he knows 'Rachel is Michell Light'

    What Androssi wanted to shout out was, saying 'Baam knows you are Rachel.'

    Because Baam is not saying it himself, fearing Rachel does not like him following her.

    Androsii, being straight forwarded person, feels it suffocating unable to tell.

    Hong Chunwha has been around since Tower of God prototype, black and white.

    Along with Baam,Yuri, Evan, Koon, Rak, Ho and Nare.

    (Rachel did not even got named in that version.)

    I still can remember drawing Chunwha trying to invite his weapon against a riddle monster but fail.

    Hong and Nare was sticking together even in that version.

    Having army trainings, hope I won't have to go hiatus.


    Oh, Anak was in that old version. She was full human back then.
    Thought 'Wow, Quant looking awesome.'

    He is actually on totally different level from regulars, but at the moment he is Sinsoo-less.

    The hardest part was Baam's dialogue.

    A guy with heart of newborn baby, wanting to be with the one he holds most dear. But she wants to climb Tower, a place where people hurt each other, something he can't understand.

    Could not think what that person would say.

    So even with story all written, it was hard to draw.

    And the end product feels incomplete, due to my lack of skills and work time. ^^;;

    If the test so far was chaos, it will be solving that chaos since next chapter.


    Ho and Rachel is over safety line, so Quant may act against them.
    So this chapter had Ho who shouts how unfair the world can be.

    Long time since Baam had real focus for the chapter.

    And I was thinking 'I gotta make him do something big' too ^^;;

    Some may feel happy at Baam showing off his potential,

    some would feel turned down by it.

    And I am drawning thinking 'Do feel turned down' to some degree.

    Scenes like this will occur some more.

    Former is for fun side of Shounen.

    Latter, more serious side, is to show Baam and Rachel's gap between potential and dreams.

    It is up to you readers to take on what side.
    Since I am busy I am going to make this short.

    Next chapter would catch up most of foreshadowing shown in this game, like why Androssi would try to fail the Fisherman.

    But some hints are for later on.

    Next chapter's battle would be best part of this game.

    So stay tuned. ^^
    After weeks and weeks of work, I can feel my condition getting worse by being tired.

    But I managed to get t5h 50th chapter.

    The reason Baam was climbing Tower, it changed from simply following Rachel, so I had put a lot on dialogue then battle scene.

    That was more important, so I feel it was done right.

    Even though some readers would feel it too slow. ^^;

    Next chapter would be end of this test.

    And the test after this would be last of this Season.

    Something I am personally excited that I can draw.

    Hope all of you can come together until end of Season 1.
    I got nosebleed while working for this chapter. For real.

    Not going to do this crazy never again. Haha.

    Thankfully from next chapter and on it will be shorter…

    I had lots of trouble yet ended up disliking it..

    This time I am going for both emotion and battle!

    Looks like I got KO.

    Would have more try times, but this was bad result.

    I am really self-refracting.

    But the quality of my aim is still far away..

    Well I gave my go, so no regretting.

    But the result was bad so I wish it got better.

    [Note: Can't understand if he is saying regretting or not here..]

    If Baam and Androssi pair went against Sinsoo-less Quant fighting real serious, it is of course Quant who wins.

    The victory was thanks to Androssi who made tricking with game rules.

    Quant seems to make rankers look bad.. so maybe I would draw ranker versus ranker.

    1st anniversary of Tower of God becoming webtoon.

    Can't think up anything special to do though.
    Not much write except return of Gator.

    The mood seems gloomy for recent chapters,

    So next few would be a bit brighter.

    Hope it would be enough to change mood.

    Of course, me being me, I can't write a hopeful bright story.

    Gator's mini form was shown early in Best Challenge, right after Crown game, but it was later on Webtoon.

    This is easier to draw for me. Hahah.

    Maybe he will get more sconces..

    ps Not 1st anniversary yet!
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    No blog post.
    SIU did some joke with Yu Hang Sung as mom, and Yuga (Ren) as rebellious child who ran away after hair being cut too short.

    Let your imagination flow free. It is above my skill to translate it. [​IMG]
    This chapter was explaining what happened in last test.

    I was wondering whether I should put it or not,

    For many people seem to skip wall of text, so it might not be worth it. So why not skip Koon's explanation?

    But thinking in opposite, those few who will read carefully would notice some things are lacking explanation.

    So I thought 'Well, either I do it, or I die trying!!'

    And had to rewrite it 4 times…

    When I think about it in other way,

    Perhaps it is my skill lacking to make those scenes.

    I had to self reflect once more, like after I drew Hide and Seek test.


    So much left to go.

    Wonder I can get a car.

    Or a bicycle, at least.
    A bit late this week, I was busy. ^^;;

    Many have been wanting Yu Hang Sung fighting against Ren.

    Please wait a bit more, a Ranker versus Ranker battle is soon to come up.

    I want to answer back all mails/letters/messages I check,

    That just takes too much time^^;

    But I am very glad for all your support.

    Thank you.

    Now story's focus will be moving from All of regulars to Baam and those near him.

    So it might take some time.

    And scale will grow a bit too.

    I am considering story explanation instead of a chapter.

    But I am thinking theory will be far more people who want a chapter.
    For some opinion on that the story feels unexplained a bit,

    I decided to put Yu Hang Sung and Lero-Ro talk for that after some consideration.

    So that is why long the dialogue is a bit long.

    There would be some who would have though'Oh I know it form blog.' though.

    There was a scene of Lero Ro and Yuri's flash back, but it got cut out since it looked out of place.

    I'll put it up if many want it, though. [Note, the pic where younger Yuri and dot less Ro meets is probably this one.]

    Next chapter will be long, so I may have to cut it half way.

    I want to do it in one go, because it is important chapter, though..
    This chapter was one of hardest to work.

    Not only it is long, but it also had dialogue.

    I seem to have worked intently unlike I usually do, since I managed to do it.

    Many people are talking about length of Tower of God.

    I myself believe 50~70 cuts are about ritgh for most Webtoons, putting content's uniqueness and such.

    But since Tower of God was aiming for book's from then Webtoon's,

    I am overdoing on Tower of God's length.

    So please do not post length comparison on other Webtoons.

    I was so sorry after hearing it form other author.

    Next chapter will be beginning of last test of this Floor.

    Both scale and hardness will be incomparable to test we had so far, which mostly went around Koon's plan.

    It will be full of battle scenes and Baam's story.

    And I am going to have some focus good quality, so scenes will be cut under 90. No certification though…

    30~40 chapter and it will be end of Season 1. ^^
    What I was planning for was a way to make people anticipate for next test.

    So I thought up with this idea.

    Lets show preparation without sound quickly and put fear with unknown yell at the very last scene.

    It was not easy.

    I and
    I was quite sick from yesterday, throwing up what ate and all that.

    Sleep made me feel easy, but still I can't sit down for long.

    With work being unable to do, next week is truly a crisis.

    The test looks hard, but actually it is simply protecting the Mangdol.
    Like I said last time, my condition is not well.

    Doctor told me I have some stomach gastritis and ulcer.

    Mad me scary.

    So I have to visit hospital regularly now.

    Along with my wrist that was hurting getting treated.

    To talk about captor, Leesoo is one of personal favorite.

    I like characters with wit.

    It is nice to have characters like this as author.

    Anak & Androssi is a pair I am personally going for(..)

    But they seem to not get along much. haha.

    The strongest fair [between regulars]

    is Andrsossi & Baam.

    Cheating level body power with Sinsoo control makes this best.

    If one only cares about personal skills, Androssi & Anak is best.

    But as you can see this duo is…

    Check how they fare next week!
    Not much of development, so I don;t have much to write about.

    This chapter mostly Princesses fighting against each other;;

    Main part of test is yet to begin..

    So perhaps from next chapter, plot will go faster.

    Perhaps somewhat different from what you people are expecting. haha.

    I did say I will control length of comic because of my body conditions, but 'maybe' next chapter would be a bit long.

    I keep thinking I should take care, but I am too greedy to draw shortly.

    I would have to from the next chapter and on;;
    Like some might have guessed, Bull was fake.

    While I was drawing Yuga, I kept getting hungry for some reason..

    I had been not eating well because I felt sick,

    So I began to have list of 'want to eat'

    Now with my stomach becoming better I want to check this list..

    And Choosuk is coming, so I will eat between holidays to fatten up a bit.
    This chapter was 64 cuts.

    Planned to be shortest chapter so far in Tower of God.

    I am a human being too.

    So I wanted rest ab it in Chosuk without drawing to much.

    And there are some real head to draw moments waiting in some chapters later.

    So I sent the finished chapter and began working on next chapter,

    But the short amount kept nagging on me.

    So I redid the first parts again.

    Sorry to Naver management people for making you work twice. (Sorry again.)

    Perhaps it is fun to compare the two versions if you can.


    It is very hard to finish a chapter with holidays between.

    So please do not say it is a 'nature' thing and abuse other authors who are taking short break.


    Took Audio Drama Cafe's address from Webtoon.

    It became totally different place since I have been last time.

    And they won't respond my messages…

    So I took it out.

    If anything becomes confirmed, I will tell.

    2011/9/19 SIU posted a line. 'What did I saw today? Was it soccer? Was it comedy?'
    Lizard in danger.

    + Main character who would be useful at clearing snow.

    Since next chapter would require lots of work, I took it a bit easy on this chapter.

    Seems I am getting more relaxed even while working.

    I guess it is true a job will be easier to do as one works on it.

    From next chapter, the point will be back on the test.

    The point will be dived into 3 parts, so it would be complex.

    I am still working on how to clean them.

    Can't confirm I will succeed, though;;

    Baam and Rachel's honey moon…

    Well… It is peaceful. Yet;;

    [some ranting about Jo Yong Phil, a legendary singer]
    Sometimes I go and check Best Challenge comics.

    Perhaps it is because that is where I have come from.

    While going through it, I see some enough to be interested in, some even looking better then me.

    So I become ashamed of being called as professional.

    I am in position where so many wants..

    My feelings being quite complex..
    On line summary.

    Goblins bad, Parkewl bad too.
    Who is the person showing up at the last scene.

    Not even me, the author, can guess because it is so mysterious!
    The person has come.

    Very slow walker, it seems.

    Many are questioning who Ren is, division of Ren is infamous even among Zahard family.

    [I am unfamiliar with both Korean and American army terms, so there might be some mistranslation.]

    It is because most of the enemies they execute is 'people who were once a member of Zahard family'

    So they are shunned by most of Zahard family.

    It is a little similar to something between military police and military officials. Though this is not 100% correct.

    The RED has a completely different order and class systems.

    The only being they serve is 'Zahard' himself only.

    But that does not mean they are 'royal'.

    Most of them are in the division because they are thirsty for battle and kills, instead of royalty, so it differs a lot by each person's reasons.

    They are all same, however, when it comes to awe before 'Power of Zahard'

    The most royal among Zahard family is

    'Royal Guards (Swiss guards?)' and 'Royal Bodyguards (Black Shirts?)'

    [Really unsure how to translate those. I am just following machine translation]

    They are true elites of Zahard family.

    Some of are so royal that makes them almost lunatic..

    [Not sure if he means some from guards stated above or completely separate group.]

    They will be explained along with other parts or Zahard Family, when the time is right.


    There are a separate 'Military Police' apart from RED in Zahard Army
    The most important part of Test have been revealed, but it seems nothing important was shown.

    But I liked going back to drawing Regulars.

    Personally I like Regulars more then Yuri's gang.

    I swore a lot as I drew the animals living in the area, though.
    I was last today because I had something else to do. ^^;;

    The first test and last test's story was decided as soon as I planned 1st season.

    Tests in middle are important too,

    But I would like to ask to read while thinking about the story that connects between first and last test.

    Yuri's body stat is high even among Rankers.

    Ha family is like that naturally, and Guardians contract made them strongest family in Body Power skills in Tower.

    Since that blood runs thick in Yuri

    One snap can go like K9 [Korea's Self Propelled Howizer. I don't even know what it means..]
    Yu Hang Sung is a typical 'Chairman'

    What I mean is..

    Instead of fighting and conquering what he wants,

    He fights by letting others fight between themselves, gainingg in the process.

    It is similar to Koon.

    But if Koon is a person grown by 'His birth and background'

    Yu Hang Sung is someone who grew to get past disadvantages of bad background.

    Back story of Yu Hang Sung will be told very~~~ Long after. So please check it out very~~~ long after.

    Yu Hang Suns is important character in whole story of Tower of God.

    Even though not appearing often, he is close to important main stuff.

    Now it is time for our forgotten main character to return.

    It will be quite impactful for Baam, so please anticipate it.
    Hwa Ryun's beauty is foreshadowing.

    Now it really is time for Baam to show up.

    From next chapter and on it will be beginning of Baam becoming main character.

    What was Baam so far?


    Hm.. Nothing much to write.

    Dots were hard to draw?

    Well now it is coming end to Season 1.

    I thought I would feel happy after finishing it,

    But now I am being torn.

    This is hard..

    My mind is getting complex feeling, yet I am holding on to pen and keep drawing.

    It feels stupid… It also feels surprising..

    Rachel's miraculous standing up.

    Many suspected Rachel would be more then she seems by her name alone.

    That is really great foretelling.

    After finishing this week's work, I wondered whether take rest for a week or not.

    Then I decided to.

    Not because I felt sick or was tired.

    (Next chapter is almost done, by the way.)

    I wanted many people as possible to see this chapter before posting next one.

    Taking a risk at sounding like a arrogant person. ^^;

    I would say I want readers to read my comic 'throughout and carefully'

    Personally I didn't want to take a break before finishing Season 1.

    So I didn't feel much good at resting. Pity.

    Epilogue would take about 4 chapters.

    It will be mostly about this test and Rachel's backstory.

    See you 2 weeks later.

    Thank you. ^^
    They could be distracting from enjoying story.

    Only the comic itself should be enough. ^^

    But still, that doesn't stop few of the predictions being so accurate to point of being scary;;

    About the Tower of God audio drama, the Cafe that used to make them has been changed totally, so I can't do much about them.

    Sorry being unable to help.

    [Note : An voice actors' Cafe have been making Tower of God Fandubbed audio drama, but the people of that Cafe has changed and that plan was dropped. And SIU has asked them to be taken down sometime after, due to some copyright issues and such.]
    This chapter would be better when you compare it to Chapter 1 as you read.

    You may notice something like Rachel's eyes in Chapter 1…

    If Baam is a 'typical heroic person'

    Rachel would be 'typical normal person'

    In Season 1 Baam thinks he is following behind Rachel,

    But in reality she does not get far and gets caught up by him.

    And becomes put behind.

    I think most people are like this.

    So I wanted to make somewhat awkward situation where people would be angry at Rachel yet feel more related to Rachel then Baam.

    But it is true my skills are not enough to make such emotional scene.

    It was hard.

    Flashback continues until next week.

    Thank you.
    Writing after post for work I did 2 weeks ago feels strange..

    Well I am glad this year passed well.

    After reading prologue chapters(Headon's floor) many have asked why does this comic look 'So Shounen'

    ..What about Shounen.

    Is there something wrong about this comic being Shonen?


    Baam being 'Shounen main character' in Headon's floor is intended to some degree.

    Because Rachel is someone who cannot be so…

    I wanted to put them in contraction by showing Rachel watching Baam in Epilogue.

    Hm.. I am not sure whether I really succeeded or not.

    Intentions only can't make a work, that is true.

    Directing is very important. And I lack it very much..

    I am still learning.

    If Baam is 'Typical Main Character'

    Rachel would be 'Anti Main Character'

    Perhaps this comic will be Shounen yet not Shounen thanks to Rachel.

    Rachel and Baam's relation is more complex then what is shown.

    That will be told as story goes on.
    Am I dreming?
    Last chapter and conclusion of Season 1

    I finally finished it.. Or is it already.

    First thanks to me for doing so well. Haha.

    Of course thanks to everyone who has been reading so far.

    Full afterwords will be posted with Season 2 trailer as chapter, so I won't write long here.

    I am not sure about how long I will take break.

    Had lots to worry while drawing, and felt difference between what readers want and I want to draw.

    I had to find and come to a compromise and move forward.

    So I will have to decide carefully.

    Thank you.^^
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