Current Events Should BB send Shiryu and Katerina to WCI?

Discussion in 'General One Piece Discussion' started by Captain_BreLion, Feb 25, 2019.

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Send them or Too Risky?

  1. Send them

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  2. Too risky

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  1. Captain_BreLion


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    With Big Mom and a few of her stronger children in Wano, knowing how opportunistic BB is, AND knowing Oda wouldn’t show us these two for no reason.

    Do you think it would be smart of BB to send these two on a stealth mission for Poneglyph rubs? Or is it too risky with Katakuri, Cracker, Snack and Oven, amongst others, still home? (Seems they aren’t in Wano)

    I personally think he SHOULD send them, and maybe one more commander like Laffitte.

    Those 3 might also be responsible for capturing Robin and Franky (foreshadowed that they’d be sought after) but that’s for another time!
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  2. Ivan Zonder

    Ivan Zonder

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    - It should be more than Shiryuu and Catarina ... maybe 2-3 more Commanders , the most suited ones for infiltration mission are Laffitte , Augur , and Doc Q

    Laffitte is sneaky and Augur can snipe someone from afar ... Doc Q can give someone all of sudden-exploding apple

    Maybe the best time to do this would be after Wano Big Mom Pirates' defeat , though
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