[FIN] Traditional Mafia Game Season Finale - Wrath of the Weebs

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    Hosts - @novaselinenever & @Baba
    Type -
    Theme - Manga Mashup

    Players -

    1. @Dragomir (V1) --- [Orihime Inoue] --- Killed N1
    2. @MUUGEN --- [Orochimaru] --- Lynched D7
    3. @Zemmi (V1) --- [Shin-Ah] --- Lynched D1
    4. @Cinera --- [Shura Kirigakure] --- Killed D3
    5. @Larsi --- [Tsunayoshi Sawada] ---- Lynched D3
    6. @Beky --- [Guts] --- Killed N6
    7. @Ryu Kishi --- [Yoshikage Kira] ---- Killed N4
    8. @Troyofyort --- [Mirio Togata] ---- Won D9
    9. @Dazai --- [Yumeko Jabami] --- Killed N1
    10. @NeoRetro --- [Rak Wraithraiser] --- Killed N4
    11. @Monkey D.Luffy --- [Robin] --- Killed D6
    12. @TYPO --- [Sebastian] --- Suicide D1
    13. @Gyusa Akahi --- [Conan Edogawa] --- Killed N2
    14. @Zemmi (V2) --- [Gintoki Sakata] --- Won D9
    15. @MistyCat --- [Ippo Makunouchi ] --- Won D9
    16. @Shion (V1) --- [Gohan] --- Killed D4
    17. @Nessos --- [Archduke Lewis] --- Killed D6
    18. @Dragomir (V2) --- [Aizen] --- Lynched D4
    19. @MadieV --- [Jin Mori] --- Killed D3
    20. @Smileyman --- [Komatsu] --- Won D9
    21. @Steampunk Sabo --- [Kan Ki] --- Lynched D3
    22. @Shion (V2) --- [Gengar] --- Lynched D9
    23. @Shottie --- [Madara Uchiha] --- Lynched D6
    24. @Mojito --- [Nanbu] --- Killed N4
    25. @oddoddfruit --- [Yukihira Soma] --- Won D9
    26. @Lindltaylor --- [Raizel] --- Killed N6
    27. @Ok990 --- [Richie] --- Won D9
    28. @Cypher --- [Doflamingo] --- Killed D5
    29. @ToBeThriller --- [???] --- Killed N2
    30. @Sallucion --- [Luffy] --- Killed D8
    31. @Krogothwolf --- [Crocodile] --- Lynched D2
    32. @novaselinenever --- [Big News Morgan] --- Won D9
    33. @shade0180 --- [Sakazuki] --- Lynched D8

    Write-ups -

    Prologue/D1 Start
    D1 lynch scene/N1 start
    N1 write-up/D2 start
    D2 lynch scene/N2 start
    N2 write-up/D3 start
    D3 lynch scene/N3 start
    N3 write-up/D4 start
    D4 lynch scene/N4 start
    N4 write-up/D5 start
    D5 lynch scene/N5 start
    N5 write-up/D6 start
    D6 lynch scene/N6 start
    N6 write-up/D7 start
    D7 lynch scene/N7 start
    N7 write-up/D8 start
    D8 lynch scene/N8 start
    N8 write-up/D9 start
    D9 lynch scene/Game End

    Game Style -
    • Traditional Setup - This game will prominently feature an uninformed majority against an informed minority.​
    • Semi-Closed Setup - The list of characters potentially present in the game is public. However, no other information about the setup of this game will be revealed in the game thread until the game has ended.​
    • Closed Communication - Once this game has started, players will not be allowed to discuss it outside of the game thread or during Night phases, except as specifically dictated in individual Role PMs.​
    • Open Claiming - This game will feature restrictions on neither role claiming nor character claiming, except as specifically dictated in individual Role PMs. That being said, we really advise against it. There may be mechanics present in the game, punishing claiming.​
    • Day start - This game will begin with a Day phase. Day 1 will exceptionally last 48 hours. To give everyone a chance to participate, kill-shots will not be accepted during the first 24hours.​
    • Plurality Lynch - The player with the most votes at the end of the Day phase will get lynched. No-lynch is an option.​
    • Quasi-Dusk - In this game, each Day phase will officially end as soon as the 24 hours deadline is reached. A Dusk phase will not be officially recognized, and players may continue discussing in the game thread until the next Night phase begins, however day actions and voting sent after the Day phase has ended but before the next Night phase has begun will be ignored.​
    • Phase length - Each phase will last 24 hours, with the exception of D1. If all actions are sent in at night, the night phase may end early. If need be I can extend the night phase. (Note - A cycle consists of one day and one night)​

    Rules -
    • Do not, under any circumstances, reveal any information to any player regarding this game if you are no longer alive.​
    • Do not quote Private Messages from us; paraphrase. And no, replacing second-person pronouns with first-person pronouns does not count as paraphrasing.​
    • Do not edit your posts; double post if necessary. We reserve the right to modkill any player that edits a post.​
    • Vote towards a lynch by typing Vote lynch <name>, where <name> is the name of the player you are voting for. To change your vote, type Unvote and then Vote lynch <newname>, where <newname> is the name of the player you are changing your vote to. We will ignore attempts to change one's vote if one has not first unvoted, as specified here. We appreciate tagging of votes and unvotes, but it is not required for the vote to count. Failure to vote results in a self-vote.​
    • You must post at least 5 times per day phase. Failure to comply will result in a warning and a mod-block at the first offence. A second failure will result in a forced substitution or mod-kill. Note that posts made for the sole purpose of meeting this requirement will not be considered.​
    • If you believe that we have made a mistake, please address the issue with us via Private Message. Save any comments or complaints regarding either our behavior as hosts or the overall balance/setup of the game for after the game.

    Gameplay -
    • There are two level of protections present in this game - Regular and Super. Regular protection will stop regular kills, while Super protection will stop regular kills and super kills, as well as downgrade the nature of a hostile attack (ex: Rolecrush becomes a Roleblock).
    • There are two level of kills present in this game - Regular and Super. Regular kills can be stopped by roleblocking the killer or protecting the victim. They consume one life from roles with multiple lives. Superkills bypass regular defenses, roleblocks and bonus lives. They are also not completely affected by the restrictions on locations.
    • Most of the actions will receive write-ups. However, some will not. Attempted kills will always appear in the write-up, regardless of reason.
    • Abilities with limited use are expended upon activation. For example, a one shot can not be used a second time even if the ability failed.
    • Actions are processed at the end of the night, with priority given to certain abilities. During the day, actions are processed immediately using a time-stamp.
    • Every role possesses at least one active ability per cycle. There is no limit on active abilities performed per role per phase, unless specified in your role PM. However, an ability (limited and unlimited use) can only be used once per cycle, unless specified otherwise.

    - DO NOT POST -
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    World of Weebs

    Welcome to the land of dreams, where weebs from across the cosmos come to battle it out!

    Is your dream to become the No. 1 Hero in the world? Or to the be the Hogake? Maybe you hope to be the next Pirate King that rules over the seas? Or maybe your desire is utter dominance, to be the strongest fighter in the entire universe?

    You can be anything you want in the World of Weebs, come and bully your fellow weeaboos, or kill off entire planets, the possibilities are endless... Hero or Villain, we welcome you all here!

    How do the maps work?1 - You will choose which location you'd like to start the game. You must make the choice before the game starts, otherwise, your location will be randomized.

    2 - You can move only once per day and reach that location for the next cycle and stay there the whole cycle, by sending the action in your role PM. You will spend the night in the location you were last in.

    For e.g: Sending move to Konohagakure D1 will let you spend the next cycle(D2-N2) in that location.
    Sending move to Konohagakure D2 will let you spend the next cycle(D3-N3) in that location.

    3 - All your actions will only affect the players in your location unless stated otherwise in your role PM. As such, actions targeting players that are not in your location will fail.

    4 - Each night an event will be held in one of the locations and each event gives a glorious prize to the winner. The rewards will be publicized at the start of each day. You can only participate in an event if you are physically present in that location.

    Location 1. Konohagakure[DESTROYED]


    Konohagakure is the village of the Hokage in the Land of Fire where young boys and girls learn to be the mightiest of Shinobi and Kunoichi. While there you must grab a bowl of Ramen from Teuchi's shop! From good food to strong fighters, to the most incredible jutsus you've ever seen, you can find them all in the Leaf Village.

    Location 2. Dressrosa


    Dressrosa is one of the Twenty Kingdoms that were responsible for founding the World Government. It is located in the New World. The country is well-known for its flower fields, its cuisine, its passionate women, and its battle colosseum.

    Location 3. U.A High School[DESTROYED]


    "Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!"

    U.A. High School is an academy where students learn and train to become heroes.U.A. is the #1 ranked high school for heroics and is considered as the top Hero Academy in Japan.

    Location 4. The Lookout[DESTROYED]


    The Lookout is an ancient platform that is in geostationary orbit in the skies of Earth. It is located in the Heavenly Realm and is connected to the Divine Sage Realm where the Sacred Water is located. It is also where the Hyperbolic Time Chamber resides.

    - DO NOT POST -
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    Glossary of Actions

    Day 1 -

    The Butler, the Lion and the Hero
    The Weaver Girl and the Snake
    The Web of Spies

    The Way to a Man's Heart
    The Journey to Number.1 Hero is a harsh one
    The Heavenly Demon, and the Dual Kind
    The Snake and the Blue Dragon
    The Red Dog's Tactics
    The Spear, and the Sword
    The Holy Grail
    The Dragon, and the Hero
    The Desert King
    The Hunter
    The Killer Queen
    The Hero, and Madara Uchiha's prophecy
    The Chessmaster
    The Deal with the Devil
    The Schemer Transcends
    The Reckoning

    Day 2 -

    The Great Ape, and the Dog
    The Shady ones
    The Heroes make their move
    The Hunger Games
    The Mantra
    The World's Greatest Detective
    The Road to Megalonia
    The Noble
    The Musician
    The Sandstorm of Regret

    Day 3 -

    The Scum Strike Back
    The Appetite Demon
    The Ascended Saiyan and the Rest
    The Hunt
    The Swordsman and the Cook
    The Color of Conquerors
    The Mage, the Detective and the Demon Fox
    The Messenger
    The Red Dog
    The Heartbreaker
    The Saiyans, and the fallen Exorcist
    The LeMillion
    The Dying Flames

    Day 4 -

    The Master Plan
    The Flamingo, and the Poacher
    The Berserker, and the Turtle
    The God of the Tower
    The Young Master, and the Puppets
    The Broken Ones
    The Coach, the Chef and the Alligator
    The Knocked Down
    The Quick Response
    The Ones That Got Away
    The Second Coming
    The Clash of Titans
    The Shadow
    The Final Melody

    The Lone Cat, and the Monkey
    The Ultimate Demise
    The Cuck from the Grave

    Day 5 -

    The Alligators last resolve, and the Immortal Cat
    The Training Begins
    The Juiced Up
    The Response
    The Golden Transponder
    The Return
    The Naval Assault
    The Captain-Commander
    The Red Dog's Rampage

    Day 6 -

    The New Captain
    The Hunter's Last Resolve
    The Big Bad Dog, and the Little Red Riding Hood
    The Bait
    The Great Eruption
    The Lion's Pride

    Day 7 -

    Sneaky Snake, and The Red Dog
    The Power-Up
    The Fruit of Training
    The Final Rest

    Day 8 -

    The Resistance
    The Brother Slayer
    The Fall of the Mad Dog

    Day 9 -

    The Decisive Battle
    The Wrath of the Weebs

    The Role List

    Shin Ah - @Zemmi

    You are Shin-Ah!

    [Activated Passive - Seiryuu] -
    You are the reincarnation of the Blue Dragon, and possess parts of the Dragon's abilities. Your powers are in your eyes, and you wear a mask to contain them since they drain you. You must take off your mask in order to use them, and you can't do so two cycles in a row.

    [Active - Piercing Eyes] - You can target a player and look into their heart. You will learn their role. [2-shots]

    [Active - Eagle Eye] -
    You have the ability to see long distance very clearly. When this is activated, you will find out the location of every player.

    [Active - Paralysis] - When looking at someone in the eyes, you can paralyze them. They will be role-blocked for a full phase. [2-shots]

    [Active - Hypnosis] -
    Instead of paralyzing your target, you can create illusions and trap them in. Their next two actions will be redirected to a target of your choice. [4-shots]

    [Active - Dragon Eyes] -
    You are able to stop the heart of a player upon looking in their eyes, super-killing them. [1-shot]

    Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
    Sebastian - @TYPO

    "Yes, my lord. I devote my entire being to you. Until the day... that lies become truth."

    You are Sebastian Michaelis!

    [Passive - Faustian Contract] - You are summoned at the start of the game. You will form a contract with a player in the game. You will serve them until fulfilling the terms of the contract, after which you will devour their soul, killing them.

    [Passive - Seal] - After forming a contract, you will place a seal on the player. You will know at all time their location, as well as who visited them.

    [Passive - Butler] - While under contract, you are obligated to serve the player and keep them alive. If they die while under contract, you will commit suicide.

    [Passive - Black Butler] - You can not spend more than 1 phase without a contract. If by the end of the first phase you do not have a contract, you will challenge a player to game of R/P/S during every phase. If you win, they will be forced to form a contract with you. If you spend 3 full phases without a contract, you will die.

    [Passive - Immortality] - As a Demon, you are immortal. It is only fair that you are immune to kills.

    [Active - Dark Energy] - You can cast an energy field around your Master, destroying all actions targeting them. The energy field will last for one full phase and has a 1 phase cool-down.

    [Active - Demon Sense] - You are able to find humans based on smell. As such, you can scan your location and locate every player present. [3-shots]

    [Active - Illusions] -
    You can cast an illusion on a target of your choice and trap them. They will be role-blocked for a full phase. You will be informed if your illusion fail. [3-shots]

    [Active - Demonic Bloodlust] -
    You can target a player and kill them. Since you're a sadistic fellow, you want to take your time and enjoy it. They will be role-blocked and will die at the end of the following phase. [3-shots]

    [Active - Master Plan] -
    Following the activation of this ability, you may submit the name of a player and their flavor. If you are right, you will be able to form a contract with them. [1-shot]

    [Contract] - You are a hit-man. Each contract contains the name of a player. You will have to hunt them down, and kill them.

    Wincon - Form and complete 2 contracts.
    Orihime - @Dragomir

    You are Orihime Inoue!

    [Passive - Spiritual Awareness] -
    You can detect spiritual energy. You will sense 1 action targeting you per cycle, and learn the name of the player. Due to your own strong spiritual energy, your actions are not limited by location constraints.

    [Active - Santen Kesshun] - Once per cycle, you can place a shield in front of a player. This will repel all negative actions targeting them, excluding super-kills.

    [Active - Koten Zanshun] - Once per cycle, you can target a player and grant them the power to summon Tsubaki. Their actions will ignore the locations constraints. This last a full cycle.

    [Active - Sōten Kisshun] - When activated, this ability allows you to negate the effect of a previous write-up, excluding super-kills. [2-shots]

    [Active - Shiten Kōshun] -
    You can revive a dead player with this ability. However, due to the fragility of your Shun Shun Rika's physical container, this ability will cause the loss of your other active abilities. [1-shot]

    Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
    Yumeko Jabami - @Dazai

    You are Yumeko Jabami!

    [Passive - Compulsive Gambler] -
    You are a professional gambler, and never back-down from any challenge. Each cycle, you must challenge at least one player of your choice in a game of R/P/S.

    [Passive - Low Stamina] - You can not perform more than 2 challenges per phase.

    [Passive - High Risk] - You will automatically allow your opponent a challenge rematch if they wish so.

    [Active - The Art of the Deal] - With this ability you can challenge a player and if you win you will gain one of their abilities as a 1-shot. If you lose, you will not be able to use this action the following phase. [4-shots]

    [Active - Concentration] - You can challenge a player and if you win, you will learn their role. If you lose, you will be role-blocked [2-shots]

    [Active - Bingo] - You can challenge a player and if you win, you will steal their vote. If you lose, they will gain your vote.

    [Active - Russian Roulette] - You can challenge a player and if you win, you will gain the option to kill-them. If you lose, they will kill you. [2-shots]

    If you lose three challenges in a row, you will unlock this ability.

    [Active - The House Always Wins] - You can rig one of your challenges. You will learn one of the two options your opponent didn't play, before playing your option. [1-shot]

    Primary Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
    Secondary Wincon - You must win at least 4 challenges.
    Crocodile - @Krogothwolf

    "Weakness is a sin."

    You are Crocodile!

    [Passive - Suna Suna No Mi: Logia Type] - As a Logia, you have control over your element and you're able to reform your body. This intangibility allows to become immune to role-blocks at night and redirects during the day.

    [Active - Baroque Works] - This is your own criminal organization that you run from the shadows. You have a web of spies and informants that feeds you the latest informations. Each cycle, you can deploy them and investigate a player. You will learn their role.

    [Active - Sables Pesado] - You can gather a swirling mass of extremely dense sand, and hurl it at 5 players. They will be forced to move to your location. [2-shot]

    [Active - Desert Encierro] - You can grab a player with your right hand, and drain the moisture out of their body. You will role-crush them for two cycles or until they get healed. [2-shot]

    [Active - Desert Grande Espada] - You create a rising sand blade at a very high velocity, slicing your target. You will kill your target. You can only use this ability past D2. [1-shot]

    [Active - Ground Death] - You place your hand on the ground and dry it alongside everything and anything on top of it. You will be able to role-block every player in your current location for a phase. [1-shot]

    [Active - Sables] - You can summon a massive tornado stand and let it loose rampaging its surroundings. When this is activated every player will be engulfed in a sand storm. Chaos would ensue and each player would have to vote in private. Stating your vote target, or even hinting at it would be forbidden. If a player breaks the rule, they will be role-blcoked and you will learn their role, as well as current location. This ability affects all locations. [1-shot]

    [Active - Hook, baby!] - You're a true pirate and as such possess a Hook. Underneath it however resides a poisonous Hook that you can use to poison a player, role-crush them for a cycle. [1-shot]
    Conan Edogawa - @Gyusa Akahi

    "There is always only one truth!"

    You are Conan Edogawa!

    [Passive - APTX 4869] - Since being poisoned and having taken the appearance of a child, you do not possess your old reputation. Most people treat you as a child, and as such your opinions are often neglected. You do not have any voting power.

    [Passive - Black Organization] - Your goal is to hunt down this organization and have them arrested for their crimes. As such, you must be very careful with your investigations and not alert them. You may not reveal your complete lists of suspect for crimes in the thread.

    [Passive - Photographic memory] - If you were to die, your work will not be in vain. You are able to leave behind all your findings.

    [Active - Kaitou Kid Radar] - You are able to sense criminals. You can scan your location and learn how many anti-town members are present there. [1-shot]

    [Active - Detective Skills] - Your fastidious attention to detail allows you to notice minor inconsistencies in crime scenes. You can investigate a write-up and discover if it is real or not. [3-shots]

    [Active - Criminal Psychology] - You have a keen understanding for criminal psychology. As such, you are able to investigate a murder scene and discover clues that most will miss. By investigating a kill, you will get the name of 5 suspects. [2-shots]

    Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
    Jin Mori - @MadieV
    You are Jin Mori!

    [Passive - Fur of the Monkey King] - You can create a clone of yourself through your magical hair. This allows you to survive 1 lynch.

    [Activated Passive - Bo Up] -
    When this is activated, your actions will affect all locations. This last one full cycle. [2-shots]

    [Active - Dragon Catcher] -
    You can target a player and role-block them from performing actions for a full phase.. [3-shots]

    [Active- Kinto-Un] - Call upon your divine giant mystical cloud during odd cycles to disperse the fog from all the maps making everyone's location public.

    [Active - Enlightenment] - This technique allows your to read the muscles and other factors of your targets body. You will learn who they targeted the same phase. This ability can be used once per cycle.

    Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
    Shura Kirigakure - @Cinera

    "Devour the Seven Princesses, slay the Serpent.”

    You are Shura Kirigakure!

    [Passive - Meister] -
    You are a powerful Upper Class Exorcist who possess a Meister, or equivalent knowledge, in 4 of the 5 main categories. Each cycle, you may attune with 2 categories and use their abilities. You may not use one category three cycles in a row.

    Knight[Active - Gara Gara] - You can throw your snake on a player of your choice. This will negate half their abilities for 2 cycles. [2-shots]

    [Active - Snake Lance] - You will slash your sword through the air causing massive destructions. It will destroy the next incoming action. [2-shots]
    Doctor[Active - Unconventional Doctor] - You can heal a player, removing negative effects afflicting them, as well as protect them against kills for that phase. However, you will role-block them.
    Tamer[Active - Sealing] - You are very talented in sealing arts. You are able to seal 5 players in an alternate dimension. They will be role-blocked and participate in a game at night that you can observe. They will vote amongst themselves on who to kill, and the player with the highest votes will be killed. You will have the option to spare them. [1-shot]

    [Active - Naga] -
    You can order your serpent to track any player of your choice. You will discover who they visit. [4-shots]
    Aria[Active - Rokuji Myouou] - After reciting this verse, you can target a player and steal their vote.

    [Active - Fire Enhancement] - By reciting this verse, you will enhance fire and summon Ucchusma. You will redirect the first anti-town action targeting you onto the player performing it. [2-shots]
    Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
    Kan Ki - @Steampunk Sabo

    "Young yet endowed with talent. It's said that if he were only born one generation earlier, he would have been counted amongst Qin's Six Generals."

    You are Kan Ki!

    [Passive - Prodigy Strategist] - Your usage of unorthodox tactics makes you a terrifying opponent. Your opponents can not anticipate your next move. As such, you are immune to blocks.

    [Passive - Leader of bandits] - Before your prestigious military career, you were a terrifying mountain bandits. You investigate as Guilty.

    [Conditional Active - The Beheader] - You find great pleasure in beheading innocents. If an innocent player gets mislynched, with you voting for them, you will personally take care of the lynch. You will behead them, and as a keepsake, take one of their abilities. [3-shots]

    [Active - Bridge of corpses] - You are renowned for your relentless cruelty and your unorthodox tactics! Live up to your name, as each night you dig up the body of a fallen one to perform the following actions:

    1) If the dead body is of an anti-town player, send it to your target, making them run off from the location you're in fearing for their life and making them targetable irrespective of locations.

    2) If the dead body is of Town member, you can send it to a player scaring them to their roots making them unable to change their location on the next cycle.

    [Active - So naive! So trash!] - They think they can turn the tides against General Kanki? So naive! When activated you are able to negate all redirects from non-town players in the game for a cycle. [2-shot]

    Primary Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
    Secondary Wincon -
    Behead two innocent players.
    Tsunayoshi Sawada - @Larsi

    You are Tsunayoshi Sawada!

    [Activated Passive - Zero Point Breakthrough] - This ability absorb all the negative abilities targeting you, excluding super-kills. You will then be able to use them as your own. This will last one cycle. [1-shot]

    [Active - Dying Will Mode] -
    At night, you can target the 2nd player leading the votes of the previous day. You will shoot them with a Reborn's Dying Will Bullet, killing them and revealing their role to you. They will be brought back to life at the start of the day and won't be informed. [1-shot]

    [Active - Ultimate Dying Will Mode] - You can target a dead player and force them into this mode. You will learn the name of all the players that targeted them before their death. This ability can not be used before D3. [3-shots]

    Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
    Gohan - @Shion

    “There's people I care about! And this time around,
    I’m not gonna just stand by and let them all get hurt!”

    You are Son Gohan!

    [Kid Gohan]
    You are still a kid during the first cycle of the game. You're also a coward.

    [Passive - Ōzaru] - During the first cycle, if somebody targets you with an action, you will transform into your Ōzaru form and attack anyone who visits you. This transformation last for 1 phase.

    [Teen Gohan]
    Still a coward but you have grown. You will last two cycles into this version of yourself.

    [Active - Masenko] - You can target an incoming action and destroy it. [3-shots]
    [Active - Kamehameha] -
    You can target a player and destroy one of their abilities. [2-shots]

    Super Saiyan 2As a teen, you can transform into this form. You will awaken your dormant power and become exponentially stronger. Your [Kamehameha] becomes a [Super Kamehameha], and you gain other abilities. You also become immune to kills. This form lasts one cycle, and can only be used once.

    [Passive - Rage Mode] - Your actions affect an additional location.
    [Active - Super Kamehameha] - You can target a player, and destroy half of their abilities. They will also be role-crushed for 1 cycle. [1-shot]
    [Active - Father Son Kamehameha] -
    You can target a player and super-kill them. [1-shot]

    [Adult Gohan]
    This is your last version. You are fully grown and can not revert back to a previous one.

    [Active - Great Saiyaman] - Once per cycle, you can invest a player and discover their alignment. You will receive Innocent or Guilty.

    Super Saiyan 2As an adult, you can still access this form however you have become rusty. You will only last one phase into this form. It has a one phase cool-down timer.

    [Conditional Active - Super Great Saiyaman] - Your investigations will bypass immunity. You will also learn all the abilities of your target. [1-shot]
    [Active - Super Masenko] - You can target a player and redirect their following action into a player of your choice.
    Ultimate GohanAfter entering SSJ2 as an adult twice, you will unlock this form. It lasts for one cycle, and can only be used once since you have to study for your doctorate.

    [Passive - Mightiest Warrior] - You are immune to all actions.
    [Passive - Potential Unleashed] - Your actions will affect all locations.
    [Active - Mystic] - You can target a second player and lynch them.
    Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
    Aizen - @Dragomir

    “Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment.”

    You are Sōsuke Aizen!

    [Passive - Sōsuke Aizen] - Your name alone strikes fear into the heart of your enemies. You are a legend amongst men. As such, it is only fair that you are immune to regular kills, as well as appear Innocent.

    [Passive - Ōken] - You have a key to the dimensions where The Soul King - [@Baba] resides. As such, your actions will not be affected by the locations constraints.

    [Passive - Rogue Spirit] - You are informed that [Kyōka Suigetsu] is working at maximum capacity due to the presence of [Big News Morgan - @novaselinenever] in the game. If he were to die, the spirit of the sword would be cast out and the ability would cease to function.

    [Activated Passive - Since When Were You Under The Impression That I Hadn't Been Using It] - You're able to place your opponents under absolute hypnosis and completely trick them using your [Kyōka Suigetsu]. This will allow you to absorb all actions against you, and gain them as one-shots. It lasts one full cycle but can not be used two cycles in a row. [2-shots]

    [Active - Kyōka Suigetsu] - When using your sword to the maximum of its abilities, you are able to create fake write-ups through illusions. This ability works twice per cycle.

    [Active - Just according to Keikaku] - Everything that happens is according to your plan. These idiots think that their actions have any meaning. They don't! You control everything. You know everything. You haved planned everything. As such, when this activated you will negate all actions targeting you, excluding super-kills, and learn the role of the players performing them, since this was your plan all along! [1-shot]

    [Active - Put your glasses on] - Your famous glasses. When you put them on, you disguise yourself and appear as a kind compassionate man (which you are!). You will fool lie-detectors. This last 1 cycle. [1-shot]

    Kidō MasterYou possess immense proficiency in using spells. You are able to use a variety of high level ones, without even using the incantations.

    [Active - Bakudō] - Using this spell, you can freeze your target. They will be role-blocked for a full phase.
    [Active - Hadō] - This is an offensive spell that allows to deal damage to your target. You will destroy one of their abilities. If you use it twice on the same player, you will kill them. [3-shots]
    [Active - Kaidō] -
    Using this spell, you can target a player, protecting them from hostile actions to them for a phase. [4-shots]
    [Active - Masterful Reiatsu Control] - Your mere presence is monstrously overwhelming. You could negate all abilities with this, if you wanted. But you want to have fun! By releasing your Reiryako, you will negate all protective abilities for a cycle. [1-shot]

    HōgyokuThis is small orb that allows you to gain immense power when fusing with it. It can be used in different ways, and each form will grant you abilities with some stronger than others.

    [First Fusion]
    You embed the Hōgyoku into the center of your chest. This form will last for 1 cycle, and can be entered freely.

    [Passive] - Your vote counts as two.
    [Active] - You can have fun and target two players redirecting their actions onto each other. [2-shots]

    [Second Fusion]

    This is your second Fusion form, the Chrysalis stage. It is ugly but it does the job. This last one full cycle, but you can not access it two cycles in a row.

    [Passive] - Your Reiatsu can not be sensed by these scrubs. As such, you are immune to role-blocks, as well as to spies investigations.
    [Active] - You can target two players and change their locations. Actions targeting one will be redirected towards the other and vice-versa. [3-shots]

    While in any of the following fusions, you will not be able to use your other abilities .

    [Third Fusion]

    After completing your [Chrysalis] stage, you can access this form. You may only access it twice during the game, and it will last a full cycle each time. You may not use two cycles in a row. [2-shots]

    [Passive] - If a player targets you with an ability, you will destroy that ability as well as any 1-shot they may have.
    [Conditional Active] - Factional Kills performed by you when in this form will be upgraded to super-kills.
    [Active] - You can target 2 people and role-crush them for a full cycle. You will gain their vote as well. [1-shot]

    [Fourth Fusion]

    This is one of your most powerful forms. However, it can only be accessed if two conditions are met. It will be available to enter only after you have survived a regular kill, and completed the [Third Fusion]. If by D4, you haven't been targeted by a kill, the condition will be voided. It will last for 1 cycle. [1-shot]

    [Passive] - You become immune to super-kills. Of course.
    [Passive] - Your presence is so strong that the players in your location will not be able to change locations whilst you're in this form.
    [Passive] - You can sense the hearts of the people around you. As such, you will discover the identity of the players trapped in your location.
    [Active] - You can role-block every player in your location. This will last for a full phase. [1-shot]
    [Active] - You can super-kill a player of your choice, obliterating them. Their role will be janitored.

    [Final Fusion]

    After being successfully killed, the Hōgyoku will force another transformation upon you, because it recognize your greatness and does not want you to lose to scrubs. You will gain access to this form and stay alive for a full cycle. After which, you will be dead for real.

    [Passive] -
    You are immune to all negative actions. You will also redirect all kills targeting you.
    [Active] - You can super-kill a player of your choice.
    Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Mafia

    Even though you are somewhat allied with Madara Uchiha, you still feel like you aren't in control. You aren't alone at the top. The pantheon of broken characters. You will not accept to share your victory, or stand on the same ground as anybody. As such, you have to eliminate Madara Uchiha and unify the Mafia under one and only one ruler. You have until the end of D5.

    Secondary Wincon - Eliminate Madara Uchiha


    Charlotte Katakuri - One Piece
    Aizen - Bleach
    Isley - Claymore
    Kan Ki - Kingdom
    Juvia - Fairy Tail
    Orihime - Bleach
    Yumeko Jabami - Kakegurui
    Akashi Seijuro - Kuroko no Basuke
    Shunsui Kyoraku - Bleach
    Orochimaru - Naruto
    Bakugo - Boku no Hero Academia
    Thorfinn - Vinland Sage
    Joe - Megalo Box
    Yukihira Soma - Shokugeki no Soma
    Skull Night - Berserk
    Archduke Lewis - The Promised Neverland
    Nanbu - Megalo Box
    Keita Aono - Betterman
    Sawada Tsuyanoshi - Reborn
    Toyohisa Shimazu - Drifters
    Jin Mori - The God of High School
    Emiya - Fate/Stay Night
    Akainu - One Piece
    Adolf Hitler - Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku
    Son Goku - Dragon Ball
    Luffy - One Piece
    C.C. - Code Geass
    Madara - Naruto
    Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail
    Robin - One Piece
    Shin-Ah - Akatsuki no Yona
    Suzuya Juuzou - Tokyo Ghoul
    Gaimon - One Piece
    Richie - One Piece
    Yoshikage Kira - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    Squealer - Shin Sekai Yori
    Raizel - Noblesse
    Norman - The Promised Neverland
    Komatsu - Toriko
    Yoshimori Sumimura - Kekkaishi
    Sabo - One Piece
    Rak Wraithraiser - Tower of God
    Gintoki Sakate - Gintama
    Mina Ashido - Boku no Hero Academia
    Hak - Akatsuki no Yona
    Sebastian - Kuroshitsuji
    Lucifer - Devilman
    Mirio Togata - Boku no Hero Academia
    Guts - Berserk
    L - Death Note
    Spike - Cowboy Bebop
    Gohan - Dragon Ball
    Shanks - One Piece
    Conan - Detective Conan
    Shura Kirigakure - Ao no Exorcist
    Rin Okumura - Ao no Exorcist
    Sir Crocodile - One Piece
    Emiya Kiritsugu - Type Moon
    Genrar - Pokemon
    Ditto - Pokemon
    Amuro Ray - Gundam
    Ippo Makunochi - Hajime no Ippo
    Doflamingo - One Piece
    Big News Morgan - One Piece
    Omegamon - Digimon
    Alphamon Ouryuken - Digimon

    - DO NOT POST -
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  4. Baba


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    "Welcome Player."

    "Are you ready to begin your journey into the World of the Weebs? It's been a long time coming, I'm sure you've felt it in your world. The surging of energy and the slight shift in the ether signaling the grand conquest to determine the greatest of the greats."

    With the announcement broadcasting across the lands several heroes, villains and other from many different worlds looked up towards the sky, some looking with condescension as they expected an easy win, while others were more nervous or fearful of what they'd have to do to innocents in the pursuit of victory. As they began walking through different areas and regions of this unique and wonderful world the sky darkened as spiked beams filled the air, quickly they descended downwards impaling one of the players. "Wrawwwwrrrrrr" a mournful roar echoed.

    The announcer spoke up yet again, his powerful voice spreading to every corner of this sadistic planet.

    "You all may be powerful in your own right, but do not forget where it is you are, and who it is I am. Consider this your first and final warning, you will follow the rules of conquest, you will fight, and you may end up winning. Anything else you should purge from your mind else you'll end up like this poor fool."

    With that, the bells rang triumphantly signaling what would be the very first day in a long series of challenges. Nobody knew the full scope of this world, or what awaited them, but overthinking would do no favors. The wonderful prize they're fighting for is not something you can just pass up, the choice is clear, and the battle is afoot. May the best weeb win, or at the very least... try your hardest to survive. Mwahaha.


    Event 1: Chunin Exam

    Welcome to Konohagakure! This will be your first exam and your first step towards achieving your dream of becoming THE GREATEST HOKAGE-PIRATE KING-HERO-FIGHTER-COOK-HUNTER! Fight with your fellow Shinobis, show off your skills and earn rewards!


    How to participate in the event:
    Select to be at Konohagakure for the upcoming cycle by submitting your location before the end of the day phase.


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  5. novaselinenever

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    The Butler, the Lion and the Hero

    [Faustian Contract] has been activated, summoning Sebastian.

    He is looking for a player, to form a contract with. He will serve you, protecting you and fulfilling your wishes. He left his contacts informations with the hosts. Hit him up!

    [Roar of a Pet Lion] has been activated. Richie is looking for a new Master. Think about adopting a pet Lion!

    @ToBeThriller (Bakugo) has a message for everyone.

    It is Day 1 now. You have 48 hours to decide on the lynch.

    Important - In the first 24 hours of Day 1, no kill actions will be accepted.

    Game Start!

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  6. Dragomir

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    Earth Scroll looks great.
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  7. Monkey D.Luffy

    Monkey D.Luffy

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    can anyone adopt him or only specific people can?
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  8. Flower


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    My second Trad game. Good luck everyone!
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  9. Larsi


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    Invest inno.
  10. Zemmi

    Zemmi 1 in a million <3 Wanted

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    It appears anyone can but I think I will pass. I'm sure with a role like that there are some things that come along with entering into that deal.
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  11. Troyofyort


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    So bloodbath for the earth scrolls. so Thriller, you looking to vet some people or do you want protection? lol
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 28, 2018, Original Post Date: Jul 28, 2018 ---
    inb4 lovers
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  12. Larsi


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    Lovers with a lion? Beastiality
  13. Monkey D.Luffy

    Monkey D.Luffy

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    how will we win the event and how to move from another location to konoha?
  14. Troyofyort


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    Mohji on blast

    also inno fam
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  15. NeoRetro


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    Hey guys, good luck to everyone and loads of fun!! I adore the effort put into this, so please lets do our best to make the efforts of our hosts worthwhile!!

    I invest innocent!
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  16. Troyofyort


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    My boi, you best not be scum this game :feelscryingman:
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  17. Dragomir

    Dragomir Wanted! Wanted

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    Vote lynch NeoRetro
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  18. Beky

    Beky Pinky <3 Wanted Cracker Katakuri

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    I wanted Bakugou :feelscryingman:
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  19. Troyofyort


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    Lol Fuckin hell m8
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  20. Larsi


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    >posts twice
    >no inno claim
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