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SCALING THE RED LINE: The One Piece Full Length Theory Thread

Discussion in 'The Theory Archive' started by beck, Jun 27, 2014.

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  1. beck


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    - Any similar theories that may have inspired me from creating these are free to claim the originality of some parts of these theories. All credits are due to them.


    - Any opinions, feedback, violent reactions and arguments are welcome, but please be sure to understand and read my whole theory. I would also apologize for the sheer length of this thread.

    - I am comfortable laying these theories out by means of story telling and narration. I hope I made this thread easy enough to read and understand.

    ***beck 26 - 04/19/2014***

    SCALING THE RED LINE: The Full Length One Piece Theory Thread

    To dream ... the impossible dream
    To fight ... the unbeatable foe
    To bear ... with unbearable sorrow
    To run ... where the brave dare not go
    To right ... the unrightable wrong
    To love ... pure and chaste from afar
    To try ... when your arms are too weary
    To reach ... the unreachable star

    This is my quest, to follow that star
    No matter how hopeless, no matter how far
    To fight for the right, without question or pause To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause

    And I know if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest,
    That my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm,
    when I'm laid to my rest
    And the world will be better for this:
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
    Still strove, with his last ounce of courage,
    To reach the unreachable star.

    The One Piece Full Length Theory Thread: by ramenboy

    How the Strawhat Pirates will reach Raftel and the role of the Roger Pirates.
    The Guides of Monkey D. Luffy
    A connecting theory about Luffy's aids to help him reach Raftel and fulfill the Will of D.
    The Voice of All Things
    The theory about the famed and mysterious ability that only Roger and Luffy had.
    The Blowhole Adventure
    The Whales and their symbolism in One Piece

    THE WILL, THE FLOW OF TIME AND THE DREAM: Joy Boy, Roger and Luffy V2
    The theory about the events that transpired in the Void Century, the passed will from Joyboy, Roger and Luffy.
    The Ancient Weapons and One Piece
    A supporting theory for the Void Century theory.
    Beyond Void Century: The Origin of Ancient Kingdom and the Moon People
    The theory about how One Piece world came to exist and the series of events that led up to the Void Century.

    Who will complete the Strawhat Pirates and what would be their impact in the series.
    The Odachi Code
    The Goroawase combination that will reveal the complete roster of Devil Fruit users of the Strawhat Pirates.

    The Key Events after the Dressrosa Arc that culminates at the Final War at Marijoies at the end of the series.
    The Final Battle: Strawhat Pirates vs Blackbeard Pirates
    The detailing of the Final Battle between the Strawhat Pirates against the Blackbeard Pirates.


    Strawhat Pirates Threads

    The True Face of Roronoa Zoro
    The explanation of Zoro's mysterious abilities and his origins before he even met Kuina.
    The Secret of Zoro's Eye and Unleashing the Devil Within

    The final abilities of Zoro and how he would unlock it.
    The Death of Roronoa Zoro and Wado Ichimonji's Hidden Spirit
    The impending death of Zoro at the end of the series and him being saved by the Wado Ichimonji.
    Roronoa Zoro: Three Legendary Samurais
    A short theory about Zoro and the three famous samurais he represents.
    Cat Burglar Nami: An Angel in Disguise
    The theory about Nami's true lineage and her origins before she was saved by Bellemere.
    The Return to Cocoyashi Village and Another Fishman Invasion?
    The theory about Nami's goal at the of the series and her relationship with the Fishmen race.
    Sorcery of Cat Burglar Nami: Weather Rod
    A theory about Nami's final weapon and abilities.
    Captain Ussop and the Norland Connection
    Ussop's surprising lineage and even more surprising revelation!

    Ussop the Brave and Atlas
    The final abilities and weapons of Ussop and his new found pet.
    Ussop Pirate Crew, Reformed! Return to Syrup Village
    The end of series scenario for Ussop and his relationship with the Ussop Pirate Crew and Kaya.
    The Boy Who Told the Truth
    A collection of Ussop's lies and future predictions.
    Black Leg Sanji and His Disgusting Lineage
    The unwanted blood Sanji never expected to have and his origins before he met Red Leg Zeff.

    Black Leg Sanji's Burning Passion:
    The final abilities of Sanji and his super spicy skills.
    Black Leg Sanji after the Final War
    The events for Sanji after the whole thing is over, a reunion with Zeff.
    Tony Tony Chopper's Rumble
    Chopper's ultimate skills and abilities before the Final War.
    Nico Robin and Tony Tony Chopper's Number Chapters
    The seemingly unnoticed chapter titles and it's connection the Strawhat Pirates' recruitment status.
    Nico Robin and Bartholomew Kuma's Connection
    The theory about Kuma the Tyrant being Nico Robin's missing father.
    Franky's Family
    The father of Cyborg Franky and his origin.
    Cyborg Franky's SUUUPER Transformation
    The final abilities and weapons of Franky before the Final War.
    Soul King Brook and Izanami of Yomi-no-Kuni
    The final abilities and weapon of Brook before the Final War.
    Brook Got a Bone to Pick with Longarm Tribe Yohohohoho!
    Brook's bad blood with the Longarm Tribe and his ultimate rival.
    Jinbe and Sanji Connection
    A simple thread comparing and contrasting Jinbe and Sanji, 2 of the Strawhat Pirates' Monster 5.
    Jinbe's Dream and his Ultimate Rival
    A theory about Jinbe's origin even before meeting Fisher Tiger and his final opponent.

    Tashigi and Kuina, Connected by Blades
    The theory about the relationship of Tashigi and Kuina and Tashigi's backstory.
    The Winter is Coming: Tashigi the Yuki-Hime
    A theory about Tashigi's future ability.
    The Strawhat Pirate from Elbaf
    The Strawhat Pirate's recruit from Elbaf, his abilities and his backstory.
    Smoker's Past: Different Side of the Same Coin
    The weird contrast of Luffy and Smoker and the theory about Smoker's backstory.
    Smoker and Zoro Connection
    A simple thread comparing and contrasting Smoker and Zoro, 2 of the Strawhat Pirates' Monster 5.

    The Meaning of Smoker's Jitte
    A short theory about the meaning of Smoker's weapon and the symbolism of it on his role throughout the series.
    Smoker, Aokiji and Dragon, Revolutionaries
    The connecting theory to Smoker's backstory and his hidden relationship with Aokiji and Dragon.
    The Developed Dreams of the Strawhat Pirates
    Aside from their original dreams, a theory that details the Strawhat Pirates' future goals at tailend of the series.

    Arc Predictions Threads
    Zou Mini-Arc: Luffy's Memoirs, Kinemon's Objective and a New Accidental Companion
    A prediction for the upcoming Zou Arc and the key events that would happen in it.
    The Wano-Kuni Arc: Japangasm and Major Developments
    A prediction for the upcoming Wano-Kuni Arc and the key events that would happen in it.

    The Rommel Kingdom Arc: A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    A prediction for the possible Rommel Kingdom Arc and the key events that would happen in it.
    The Elbaf Arc: Jack in the Beanstalk meets Norse Mythology
    A prediction for the upcoming Elbaf Arc and the key events that would happen in it.
    Strawhat Pirates' Space Odyssey
    A prediction for the possible Moon Travel Arc and the key events that would happen in it.
    The Emerald City and Doroffy's Yellow Brick Road
    The explanation of where and when the mysterious "Emerald City" is going to appear and the connection of the One Piece series and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    Supernova Threads
    The Fate of the 11 Supernovas, Cavendish and Bartolomeo
    A short description of the roles the 11 Supernovas will play in the series, along with new age pirates Bartolomeo and Cavendish.
    Trafalgar Law and the Donquixote Brothers (50% Accuracy)
    A theory about Law's backstory and his relationship to the Donquixote name.
    X-Drake and Vice-Admiral Tsuru
    A theory about the past of X-Drake and his relationship to Vice-Admiral Tsuru.
    X-Drake, the 4th Musketeer of Yonkou Kaido
    X-Drake's motives and role in the upcoming Kaido Saga.
    Scratchmen Apoo and the Blackbeard Pirates
    Scratchmen Apoo's role in the series and his connection to the Blackbeard Pirates.
    Basil Hawkins and the Return to Marijoies
    The theory on what Basil Hawkins' future role in the series would be.
    Jewelrey Bonney, the Oldest Daughter of Charlotte Linlin
    A theory about Jewelrey Bonney being the oldest sister of Big Mam and her younger sister.
    Capone and Crocodile's Mafia: The Return to the Revolutionaries and The Return of Golden Lion
    A theory about the exploits of Capone, Crocodile and Shiki and their future roles in the series.

    The Mad Monk Urouge: Karmic Fate
    The role of Mad Monk Urouge in the series and a little theory about his past.
    The Kamaitachi of Rommel: Hakuba
    The theory about Cavendish's role in the series and his future exploits.
    Cavendish and Bartolomeo: Partners-in-Crime
    The compare and contrast on Barto and Cavendish, and how their roles would always intertwine.
    Bartolomeo Dias, the Man Beyond the Fanboy
    A short theory about Bartolomeo's hidden past and his future role in the series.

    Shichibukai Threads

    Dracule Mihawk: Past and Future
    A theory about Mihawk's past, his relationship with Shanks and his future role in the series.
    The Past of Crocodile
    The theory about Crocodile's past, his scars and his connection to Revolutionaries.
    Bartholomew Kuma's Sacrifice
    The reason behind Bartholomew Kuma's decision to be a guinea pig for World Government.
    Donquixote Doflamingo: Tsuchigumo
    The theory behind Doflamingo's hidden eye and its terrifying power.
    Doflamingo, Kaido, The Black Market and the Brokers
    Doflamingo the Joker and the Black Market system, as well as the big bosses and the market's real mastermind in the background.

    The Tenryuubito Allegiance Club
    The special inner club of Tenryuubitos who defected from the Holy Kingdom of Marijoies.
    The Seventh Shichibukai: The Hard-Drinking Bodyguard
    The theory about the Seventh Shichibukai who is a swordsman, and his future roles in the series.

    Yonkou Threads

    Whitebeard Pirates' Whereabouts after the War of the Best
    The Whitebeard Pirates' future role in the series and their current status.
    Whitebeard's Former First Division Commander
    A theory about Whitebeard original First Mate before Marco the Phoenix.
    Big Mam and her Sweet, Sweet Recipes
    A theory about Big Mom's abilities and powers and what she is.
    The Murder of Big Mom
    The theory about Big Mam's demise against another Yonkou, Blackbeard.
    Kaido: The World's Strongest Thing
    A theory about the real identity of Kaido and his terrifying ability and army.
    Kaido of Hundred Beast, Jack killed the King
    The theory about Kaido's end by the hands of Blackbeard and his pirate crew.

    The Red Hair Pirates
    A theory about the Red Hair Pirates, their abilities, powers and role in the series.
    Lucky Roo and his Ability
    Trafalgar Law, the Whitebeard of New Age
    A theory about Trafalgar Law on his future role as a Yonkou, his possible powers and his parallelisms to Whitebeard.
    Eustass "Captain" Kidd and his Heavy Metal Crew
    Eustass "Captain" Kidd's ascension to Yonkou, his crew and his bitter rivalry against Luffy.

    Blackbeard Pirates Threads
    Blackbeard and the Number Three

    A theory about Blackbeard's backstory and his eerie connection to the number 3.
    Marshall D. Teach and the Devil Fruit Hunt

    A detailing of Blackbeard Pirates' Devil Fruit hunt and their victims.
    Blackbeard's Devil Fruit Awakening: The Man Who Could Destroy the World
    The theory about Blackbeard's final abilities at the Final War.
    Blackbeard and Vista's Masterplan
    The theory about Blackbeard's connection to Vista, his real right hand man and their deceitful affiliation to the Whitebeard Pirates.
    The Drunk Fishman: Vasco Shot
    Theory about Vasco Shot's abilities and future roles in the series.
    Shiryuu of the Rain and his Thirst for Blood
    The theory about Shiryuu's origins, role in the series and his powerful weapon and abilities.
    Avalo Pizarro: The Corrupt King
    A theory about Avalo Pizarro's origin, future roles and abilities.
    Crescent Moon Hunter: Catarina Devon
    A theory about Catarina Devon's abilities and future roles, and little something about her real identity.
    Deadeye: Supersonic Van Augur
    The theory on Van Augur's abilities, rivalry with Ussop and origin.
    Doc Q and Stronger's Sick, Sick Abilities
    A thread about Doc Q, and theories about his future roles and abilities, as well as his horse, Stronger.
    Muihahahaha Jesus Burgess' Champion Abilities
    A detailing of Jesus Burgess' abilities and powers.
    Watch Out for Lafitte
    The mysterious policeman with a surprising lineage, and his future abilities.
    San Juan Wolf and Wadatsumi
    The real identity of San Juan Wolf, his role in the series and his connection to Wadatsumi.
    Blackbeard Pirates and the Underworld Allies
    The familiar underworld partners of the Blackbeard Pirates and their roles in the series.
    Former Admiral Aokiji's Special Mission and Demise
    Aokiji's intentions and future role after the timeskip and his relationship with the Blackbeard Pirates and other 2 groups.

    The Blackbeard Pirates' Devil Hunting Dagger
    The theory about the mysterious dagger the Blackbeard Pirates are using in their Devil Fruit hunting.

    The Marines and World Government Threads

    The History of Marine Admirals
    The chronological history and deduction of the former Marine Admirals from Gol D. Roger era to present, along with few predictions.

    Admiral Akainu's Grudge
    Where does Akainu's hatred for pirates and his extreme justice came from? A little bit of his possible backstory and his bitter rival.
    Admiral Fujitora's Desire: Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo
    This theory explains the reason behind Fujitora's desire to abolish the Shichibukai and his rivalry with the current unknown 7th Shichibukai.
    Admiral Ryukogyu, The Gunslinger
    Theory about the identity, personality and ability of the mysterious new Admiral, Ryukogyu.
    Admiral Daibuta: the 4th Admiral
    The theory about the future Admiral who would be added to the 3 current Admiral Kizaru, Fujitora and Ryukogyu.

    The Admiral that Never Existed: Kokuryu
    Who is this former Admiral who was blacklisted from the Marine records?
    CP Aigis Zero: The Strongest Intelligence Agency of the Gorosei
    A theory about the mysterious and the top intelligence agency of the World Government.
    Helmeppo and Axe-Hand Morgan
    The theory about how the bitter rivalry between father and son, Morgan and Helmeppo would end up.
    Vice-Admiral Tsuru's Dirty Laundry
    Theory about Tsuru's backstory and her ability.
    The Earth-Shattering Abilities of Commander-in-Chief Kong
    Theory for abilities of Commander-in-Chief Kong.
    The Gorosei of Void Century
    Theory of the real identities of the Gorosei and their possible abilities.
    The Five Faces of Dictatorship
    Theory on the inspirations for the characters of Gorosei and their connection to the Strawhat Pirates.

    Revolutionary Army Threads

    Revolution Now. Monkey D. Dragon's Revolution
    The real identity and history of Monkey D. Dragon's assembling the Revolutionary Army.
    Koshiro and Vegapunk, The Right and Left Hand Men of Dragon
    The theory about the "real" and original partners of Dragon, Koshiro and Vegapunk.
    Doctor Vegapunk: The Brain of the Revolutionary Army
    An in-depth look at Doctor Vegapunk, the mysterious scientist of the World Government.
    The Recipe of Rebellion: The Five Players
    Who would play important roles in the movement of the Revolutionaries and the trigger of the Final War.
    The Death of Fire-Fist Sabo and Mera-Mera no Mi's Real Owner
    The theory about Sabo's future death and Mera-Mera no Mi ending up to the third and final guy of the series.

    Special Character Threads
    The Return of a God. Enel at the Final War
    The theory about the future role of Enel and some of his backstory.
    Buggy, Caribou and Ussop: Don't Laugh at Them
    What important roles would Buggy, Caribou and Ussop would play in the future?
    Princess Mancherry and Her Devil Fruit Ability (00% Accuracy)
    The theory about Princess Mansherry's ability and why Dressrosa needs it as much as Doflamingo?
    The Kin'emon Situation: Wano, Kano, Gecko Moriah, Kaido and Whitebeard
    An explanation for the reason of Kinemon and Momonosuke going to Zou and the crisis at Wano-Kuni.

    Devil Fruit Tree and the Heavenly Demon
    The theory about Doflamingo and his knowledge about the location of where one could find the Devil Fruits.

    Vander Decken IX and his Ancestor's Longing for Poseidon
    The theory about Vander Decken, his lineage and their connection to the Royal Family of Fishman Island and his future role.

    The Donquixote Family Cover Story
    What would happen to the Donquixote Family after they fled from Dressrosa?

    Haki and Void Century Mini-Threads

    Gol D. Roger: The Man Who Paved the Way
    The theory about Gol D. Roger's inherited will, some of his backstory and why he can't fulfill the will of D.
    The Haki of Conquering King
    An in-depth theory about the abilities of Conquering King's Haki and the people who possesses it.
    The Riot of Blood: The Eternal Struggle Between the Blood of "D" and Celestial Dragons
    The theory about the neverending feud between the "D" people and the Celestial Dragons, and the people who possessed these lineages.
    The Mystery of Hero Water and Tamatebako: the Devil Fruits, the Ancient Weapons and One Piece
    The theory explaining the existence of the "forbidden" things in key islands of the series and their connection to One Piece and Ancient Weapons.

    One Piece Mysteries Threads
    The Mystery of Bridge City, Tequila Wolf
    The theory of why the Tequila Wolf Bridge exists, its purpose and who started it.
    The Monsters at Florian Triangle
    Who are the large shadows watching over the Strawhat Pirates departing from Thriller Bark?
    The 6 Moons of the One Piece World
    The importance, origin and meaning of the moons in One Piece world and what role would they play in the future.
    The Aqua Laguna Phenomenon
    The theory behind the origin and cause of Aqua Laguna and its role in the series.
    The Mysterious Egg in Orojackson
    What is that polka-dot egg in Orojackson that Roger Pirates seem to guard on their ship?
    Gedatsu's Underground Tunnel
    What does the underground tunnel Gedatsu did have something to do with the story?
    The Seven Seas of the One Piece World
    What are the seven seas of the One Piece world and their importance to the series.
    The Division of Red Line and the 4 Seas
    What's the history between the 4 seas and their roles in the series.

    Power and Abilities Threads
    The Cursed Swords
    The theory about the cursed swords and their effects and some things about its history.
    Gear Fourth and the Last 2 Gears (00%)
    A theory about Luffy's future gears and his ultimate power-up.

    Awakening the Devil Second Timeskip
    The theory about the Awakening of the Devil Fruits, who would get it and it's effects.
    The Five Devil Fruits of Flight
    What are the five devil fruits that grants the power of flight that Pell was talking about?

    Miscellaneous Threads
    A Journey to the West and the Strawhat's Entire Crew Meaning

    A short theory about the Strawhat Pirates' possible reference to the famous novel and to the Chinese Zodiac animals.
    The Meaning of Bink's Sake
    What's the history behind this catchy song of Dead Bones Brook?
    Next Level! The Difference Between Shichibukai and Yonkous and the Monster 5
    An explanation of why the crew would need the monster 5 at the last half of the New World.
    One Piece and the Hidden Patterns
    A theory about the patterns that had been scattered throughout the series.
    One Piece and its Inspirations
    The major inspirations for the series that includes 2 video games, 1 movie and 2 literary works.
    One Piece Summarized in its Logo
    The symbolism and importance of One Piece's Logo.

    The Complete One Piece Timeline and Events Review.
    Under Construction!!!

    Theories not part of the "Scaling the Red Line" series, which means, these theories don't connect to my main theory project.
    The Picnic with Zombies Interpretation
    A theory about the Chapter 784 color spread.

    Weekly short term predictions for the new chapters of One Piece, starting Chapter 790
    Chapter 790 (10% Accuracy)
    Chapter 791 (05% Accuracy)
    Chapter 792 (00% Accuracy)
    Chapter 793 (05% Accuracy)
    Chapter 794 (00% Accuracy)
    Chapter 795

    Chapter 796
    Here you can see the theories I scratched. LOL.
    The Key Events after the Dressrosa Arc that culminates at the Final War at Marijoies at the end of the series.
    THE WILL, THE FLOW OF TIME AND THE DREAM: Joy Boy, Roger and Luffy
    The theory about the events that transpired in the Void Century, the passed will from Joyboy, Roger and Luffy.
    CP Aigis Zero
    A theory about the Cipher Pol Aigis that was introduced in Dressrosa Arc.
    Admiral Ryukogyu, Green Bull
    Who is this mysterious Admiral who got recruited during the Global Military Draft?
    The 7th Shichibukai, Vander Decken IX
    The theory about the crazy cursed pirate of Fishmen Island.
    Trafalgar Law and the Donquixote Brothers (First Draft)
    A draft about Trafalgar Law and Donquixote Brothers.

    A 2nd scenario about the series of events after Dressrosa Arc.

    BIG, BIG CREDIT TO @Boris Anime and @KingRecon.

    Big credit and thanks to @Sammy and @Divvens for all the help organizing this Full-Length Thread Project.

    Enjoy reading Oro Jackson! :cool:

    If you guys have time, please check out my YouTube Channel, and don't forget to subscribe! :)

    thank you everyone! have a nice day :)
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  2. Celestial D. Dragon

    Celestial D. Dragon

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    Seems pretty awesome so far, it's well thought out, although I've only read the first page of the theory as of now, but when I get a chance later, I'm gonna read the whole thing. You've piqued my interest :yaaa:
  3. Sammy


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    Amazing effort @beck26, I am really impressed with the amount of detail and commitment towards this series of theories, but I have merged the 14 threads into one for now since it looks a bit chaotic with the amount of threads. If you want a specific thread (post) to be separate or excluded, or if you want anything else in regards to managing your series of red line theories, please report any post in the thread, or the specific post you want to moderated, and tell us what you want and staff will help you in doing so.

    Edit by @Divvens - Sorted out further as requested!
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  4. Maverick


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    One Piece is just one big conspiracy?!?


    Absolutely shocked and impressed. @beck26
  5. Burn


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    oh my oh my you should give me cookies for reading all those lengthy pages. Though there are things which makes my eyebrow high, you still gain my deep respect . I'ts a fun to read your theories .

    I'm definite I gonna read your next theories.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 27, 2014, Original Post Date: Jun 27, 2014 ---
    That exact definition !ahehehehe
  6. beck


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    Thank you very much. :)

    I have something in mind when I originally conceived of this theories, I'll drop you a message. thanks man! :)

    Thanks! :)

    LOL. im sorry, i can't condense all my ideas into a short thread, i really apologize for the length, but i do hope you liked it :)
  7. hussien2011


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    Awesome work and great effort
  8. beck


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    thanks a lot bro, it took a long time for me to get this far with my theories. LOL
  9. hussien2011


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    OJ is the best place for this :D
  10. beck


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    haha yeah, Im still contacting sammy to fix the organization of my theories, it kinda looks so cluttered right now being merged in one so i hope he can help me on that :)
  11. hussien2011


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    don't worry i'm sure he will
  12. beck


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    fixed! :) new theories coming up next week.
  13. Yirica


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    Man, thats an awesome read, really enjoying this. Gimme more of this :D
  14. beck


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    i will bro! Im glad you liked it, ill be posting more theories asap :) thanks!
  15. DoFlamingoDaCannibal


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    Holy shit !!!!

    It's insane just how detailed this theory is . I haven't read all of it yet but i liked what i have read so far !!!!

    Good Job and keep up the great work !!!
  16. beck


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    thanks a lot man, there's a lot more coming, so please keep posted. :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 5, 2014, Original Post Date: Jul 5, 2014 ---
    I believe that Oda's statement on his visit to Taiwan about One Piece and Nakamas strengthen my theories:

    bold #1

    - In my theory, One Piece is a magic ball attached to the wand that is now know as Uranus, that can revive someone from the dead.

    It perfectly falls to Oda's statement that it has something to do at the end of the series, true enough, in my theory, One Piece would be used at the very last event of the series.

    bold #2

    - This disproves the theory that "there would only be 10 crewmates" because nakamas will show up successively.

    meaning there would be more than 2 nakamas, which perfectly falls to my "pattern about the recruits" and that there would be 4 more recruits in the new world.

    Also, "recruits showing up successively" proves that my theory about these 4 people being linked and joining after succeeding arcs and snowball of events is true. Plus this statement proves 2 other things:

    1. Oda plans to put familiar faces in the crew because they will join immediately one after the other.
    2. These 4 people's arcs will carryover to the next arc.

    Oda's statement is here: http://www.onepiece.com.pl/
  17. Buggy.D.Clown


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    Waiting for the monsters of florence triangle:D:D....havent read much about them...also similar thing appered(probably before crew set out to jaya!!!!(episode 145)...three winged gigantic creatures!!
  18. Anthony


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    Those were the shandia warriors.
  19. Buggy.D.Clown


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    they were huge though ..they looked like them...
  20. Anthony


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    Nope it was the silhouettes of the Shandia warriors. We also saw a huge silhouette of Luffy too, after he rang the golden bell.
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