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Theory Ryokugyū’s Devil Fruit

Possible Devilfruits for MQ Admiral Ryokugyū,is he a Leshy?

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  1. Izaya X

    Izaya X

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    izaya10 submitted new content in Theories & Speculations:

    Ryokugyu’s Devil Fruit - Possible Devilfruits for MQ Admiral Ryokugyu

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  2. Scretch


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    Most Admirals tend to have Logia types or some kind of broken Paramecia type df like Fuji's Zushi Zushi no mi. I would say it's another Logia, like the power of wood or wind(even though a lot of people say Dragon is the one who has that logia).
  3. Charlotte Horchata

    Charlotte Horchata

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    Time is commonly depicted as green and fits a physics trio (light, gravity, time). As of now it should be the strongest bet.

    Some non-Eastern creature like Leshy and the Cherubim are a big no, don't fit in the way Oda has handled mythical zoan. A bull-related fruit is also impossible, the admirals's animals aren't related to their powers. A plant power, albeit coherent with the color and photosynthesis, just feels weak and a little out of place with regard to the other admirals.

    I go by time if he's paramecia and by some Japanese mythical creature related to green, plants, time or all of them if he's zoan. I don't see him being logia.
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