Pirates, My Advice For Island 3

Discussion in 'The Great Pirate Summit' started by Monkey D. Luffy, Oct 19, 2013.

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    Pirates, our spirits cannot be broken! The enemy thinks "Hah, Pirates, where are they?" well, we'll show theme here we freaking are! It's our time to shine, go forth my Pirates! I'm sure you'll do well, never give up, never back down, give them hell!

    Event 3: Building your own army
    Remember, this is an event of creativity. They don't want you to build robots that engineers and scientists would come up with, just use the materials available to you, work with your team to work on a good story and come up with an army! At least try to submit 3 robots. Make sure it has a physical form, also make sure it's built up as a physical form, that is, taking print out would make anything "physical" but may lead to you getting a negative remark from the judge.

    Another tip, Insanity is dangerous. It may turn you against your own. Trust in one another, and work as a team.
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