Pirate Faction Achivements And Goals

Discussion in 'The Great Pirate Summit' started by Monkey D. Luffy, Jul 15, 2013.

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    You can view all the achievements here - http://orojackson.com/pages/dbf2factionachievements/

    As your Faction Godfather, I will keep you updated regarding what achievements you have earned and what you should aim for, my advise at the start is aim for at least 15 faction members before the start of the first event!
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    Pirates have earned the following achievement
    1. It's time to begin our journey! - 50 Beli
    Your faction has 5 members, you are ready to set sail!
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    Pirates have earned the following achievement
    2. Let's go to the Grand Line! - 100 Beli
    Your faction has 10 members, you are ready to take on the challenges of the Grand Line!
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    Pirates have earned the following achievement
    3. We face our first threat! - 150 Beli
    Your faction has 16 members, you are now ready to take on your first serious threat!
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    We Are Ready To Rock And Roll! - 100 Beli
    Your faction has participated in their first event.

    You have earned the above.
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    Pirates are awarded
    1. Moving On, To The Next Island! - 300 Beli
      Your faction has 25 members, you are moving at a great pace!
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    You are awarded the following.

    Why Not We? - 200 Beli
    Your faction has caused disturbance to another faction by using a shop item.
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    Pirates have earned the following today:
    1. A Team Is A Team, No Matter What! - 3000 Beli
      Your faction has shown exemplary team work during a time of crisis, keep pushing forward!
    1. We Trust Our Leader! - 600 Beli
      Your faction has excellent team work, you and your faction leader are a true team!
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