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Discussion in 'Hunter x Hunter' started by 4kat0sh, Jul 15, 2016.

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Gon couldn't use his nen similar to what he experience when he trains with Wing/Defeat by Knuckle

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  4. Who's Wing? When did Gon can't use his nen?

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  1. 4kat0sh


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    Can somebody explain what Parasite Nen to me? Even Kurapika didn't know about it. I'm so slow that I can't catch up with what Togashi explain.
    I know that there are several types of Nen abilities as shown below, but none of them covers what Parasite Nen is.
    Secondly, who actually own/has this kind of ability?
    Would it be the King himself? or it is actually belong to the Pot?
    I don't see Nasubi have this kind of ability.
    We saw that he's got some kind of Demon arounds him and that is his guardian.
    We all know that Nen gets stronger upon death.
    Through this pot, by doing a battle royale + Gu thingy idea, we've got a champion with a care-taker Demon as the prize.
    Somebody (who's dead) with specialization aura, preferable from Kakin Royal families had embeded his/her nen onto the pot making it as a ritual for every Coronation ceremony.
    Any thoughts?
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  2. Killumiknight


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    As far as i know, Parasyte type Nen does not belong to any specific Nen type of the 'normal' 6 types (Enhancer, manipulator, Transmuter, conjurer, emitter and specialist)
    nor does it create one of the types itself...its more like a category i believe

    Other parasyte nen abilities might be Neon's (now Chrollo's) future telling ability - or Alluka's alter ego, 'something'
    tho these are not confirmed, i just gave it a thought some time ago and realized they do have something in common
    This one is most probably a parasyte Nen ability
    First of all, Neon doesnt know anything about Nen - and it was stated that it would be convinient if that was the case with the 'user'…so no knowledge necessary

    secondly, both Neon and Chrollo confirmed that they would write automatically, without being aware of it (i believe they even fall into somekinda trance or so)
    Meanwhile a weird nen beast appears out of nowhere, just like with the Gu of the Princes
    Additionally that beast (/ghost) takes control of someone - just like the dude that is about to attack/get rekt by Kurapika as of right now
    on top of that, only people who can control their Nen, can see that creature...the queen for example couldnt see any of the Gu-creatures

    So it is not farfetch'd at all i believe

    Alluka's case is a bit different — there are even theories of her being possessed by an Ai, those gas-like monsters from the dark continent....but thats a completely different story...and i'm too lazy to explain Allukas case as well :p

    however Knuckle's ability isnt one (99.9% sure of it) and what Wing did was something entirely different...it was just some kind of material that would react to Nen...so the ring that he got from Wing didnt surpress Gon's aura, but would react to Gon's aura and be undone - which gon wanted to avoid
    What Knuckle did is just his own ability, if it was a parasyte type Nen, some kind of Nen creature would have to be released from Gon's Nen, constantly consuming Gon's nen...however Gon's nen was just set to zero for a certain period of time

    About the pot...if it is not something from the dark continent, and if it can be explained with Nen, plus if demons and such are not the source of Nen or somekinda thing like that (as one might possess the pot)...
    The pot is most probably a Conjurer's creation, which would have a Specialist's attributes (So the creator must (have been/) be a specialist, otherwise it wouldnt work)...because just like in Chrollo's case, it is a conjured item, which grants other people new abilities (and yea, Chrollo used a Conjuring ability despite being a specialist)
    a better comParis(t)on (<- haha got it? nah? oke... ._. ) would be Hagya, i believe he was called...i think it was the tiger-ant that was killed by Morel
    Cheethu for example went to him, to ask him for a Nen ability, just like the Wolf-ant did, and was granted with his weird chamber with the Oni/tag-game
    However i dont know how his ability works and if a conjured item is needed, but the basic is the same - granting other people Nen abilities
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  3. Soma


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    I agree above ^^^^^
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