Devil Fruits Paramecias Sub-Categories

Discussion in 'One Piece Manga Discussion' started by lille, Apr 17, 2019.

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  1. lille


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    While trying to understand dfs and their respective awakenings I realised we barely know anything about them.

    From what we know Zoans get more aggressive or rather intense form and have an amazing regeneration.

    Goro Goro(Enels)
    Gasu Gasu(CCs)
    Hie Hie(aokijis)
    Magu Magu(Akainus)
    Suna Suna(Crocs)
    The Goro Goro(enels fruit) and Gasu Gasu(CCs fruit) stand out because the user can take on a form that is a mix of element and person.
    Hie Hie(aokiji's fruit), Magu Magu(akainu's fruit) and Suna Suna(crocodile's fruit) have the power to change the weather.

    While analysing the named paramecia fruits I was able to break them down into the following categories:
    Gomu Gomu (Gum-Gum / Luffy)
    Bara Bara (Chop-Chop / Buggy)
    Sube Sube (Slip-Slip / Alvida)
    Bomu Bomu (Bomb-Bomb / Mr. 5)
    Kilo Kilo (Kilo-Kilo / Miss Valentine)
    Mane Mane ( Clone-Clone / Mr.2)
    Supa Supa ( Dice-Dice / Mr.1)
    Toge Toge ( Spike-Spike /Miss Doublefinger)
    Bane Bane ( Spring-Spring / Bellami)
    Beri Beri ( Berry-Berry / Very Good)
    Shari Shari ( Wheel-Wheel / Sharinguru)
    Shiro Shiro ( Castle-Castle / Bege)
    Choki Choki ( Snip-Snip / Inazuma)
    Buki Buki ( Arms-Arms/ baby5)
    Guru Guru (Spin-Spin /Buffalo)
    Jake Jake (Jacket-Jacket/ Kelly Funk)
    Pamu Pamu (Pop-Pop / Gladius)
    Ton Ton (Ton-Ton / Machvise)
    Baku Baku ( Munch-Munch / Wapol)
    Mochi Mochi ( Mochi-Mochi /katakuri)

    Ato Ato (Art-Art / Jora)
    Memo Memo ( Memo-Memo /pudding)
    Ope Ope (English versions: Op-Op / Law)
    Woshu Woshu ( Wash-Wash / Tsuru)
    Hobi Hobi (Hobby-Hobby / sugar)

    Choki Choki ( Snip-Snip / Inazuma)
    Hira Hira (Ripple-Ripple /diamante)
    Kuku Kuku ( Cook-Cook /Streusen)
    Ishi Ishi ( Stone-Stone /pika)
    Nui Nui (Stitch-Stitch /leo)
    Sui Sui (Swim-Swim /mr pink)
    Juku Juku (Ripe-Ripe / Shinobu)
    Oshi Oshi (Oshi Oshi / Morley)

    Hana Hana (Flower-Flower / Nico Robin)
    Doru Doru (Wax-Wax / Mr.3)
    Ori Ori (Cage-Cage/Bind-Bind Fruit / Hina)
    Ito Ito ( String-String / DD)
    Awa Awa ( Bubble-Bubble / kalifa)
    Doku Doku ( Venom-Venom / Mangelan)
    Beta Beta (Stick-Stick /trebol)
    Bari Bari (Barrier-Barrier /bartolomeo)
    Pero Pero ( Lick-Lick /perospero)
    Bisu Bisu ( Bis-Bis /cracker)
    Mira Mira ( Mirror-Mirror /brulle)

    Noro Noro ( Slow-Slow / Foxy)(special photons)
    Sabi Sabi ( Rust-Rust / Shu)(rustness)
    Horo Horo ( Hollow-Hollow / Perona)(negativity)
    Suke Suke ( Clear-Clear / absolum and shiryu)
    Nikyu Nikyu ( Paw-Paw / Kuma)(repel)
    Mero Mero ( Love-Love / Boa) (love)
    Horu Horu ( Horm-Horm / ivankok)(hormones)
    Gura Gura ( Tremor-Tremor / WB) (tremors)
    Fuwa Fuwa ( Float-Float / Shiki)(anti gravity)
    Nagi Nagi (Calm-Calm /rocinante) (silence)
    Netsu Netsu ( Heat-Heat /oven) (heat)
    Yomi Yomi ( Revive-Revive / Brook) (soul)
    Soru Soru ( Soul-Soul /BM)(soul)
    Kage Kage ( Shadow-Shadow / Moria)(shadow)
    Giro Giro (Glare-Glare/ violet) (glare)
    Chiyu Chiyu (Heal-Heal /Mansherry) (heal tears)
    Kobu Kobu (Pump-Pump / BeloBetty)

    With sub categories set, I decided to look further into this.
    First I looked into the awakened fruits and how many of the categories can they use.
    mochi mochi(produce, transmute materials and transform its own body) (KK)
    ito ito(produce, manipulate others, transmute materials) (DD)
    They can use three different categories.

    Jake Jake (Jacket-Jacket/ Kelly Funk)(transform own body, transform others)
    Pamu Pamu (Pop-Pop / Gladius)(transform own body, transmute materials)
    Baku Baku ( Munch-Munch / Wapol)(transform own body, transmute materials)

    Ato Ato (Art-Art / Jora)(transform others, transmute materials)
    Ope Ope (English versions: Op-Op / Law)(transform others, transmute materials)

    Choki Choki ( Snip-Snip / Inazuma)(transform own body, transmute materials)
    Hira Hira (Ripple-Ripple /diamante)(transform own body, transmute materials)

    Ori Ori (Cage-Cage/Bind-Bind Fruit / Hina)(produce, transform own body)
    Doku Doku ( Venom-Venom / Mangelan)(produce, transform own body)

    Pero Pero ( Lick-Lick /perospero)(produce, transform people)

    Horo Horo ( Hollow-Hollow / Perona)(negativity) (produce ghosts, emit negativity)
    Chiyu Chiyu (Heal-Heal /Mansherry) (heal tears)(produce tears, emit "healthiness")

    shiro shiro(transform body, emit shrinking)

    mero mero(emit love, transform others into stone)

    mira mira(conjure a dimension with mirrors and emit reflection)

    doa doa(conjure a dimension and conjure doors to those dimensions)

    Many of the dfs that transverse beyond their category only expand to having a second category.
    This is almost the same as the two awakened paramecias we know (katas and doffys fruit).
    The awakened paramecias we know, have properties of three categories.

    Maybe this fruits with only 2 sub categories are awakened fruits but are of a less class than KK and DD fruits.

    This also helps rank paramecias fruits as I see fruits with 2 subcategories superior to others, followed by fruits that transform others, then emitters, then producers and at the last two (aka the worst ones) transmute and then transformers.
    The rank would be:
    #6 Transformers
    #5 Transmuters
    #4 Producers
    #3 Emitters
    #2 Fruits that transform others
    #1 Fruits with 2 subcategories

    This might help understanding and predicting future awakenings in the series.

    What do you guys make of this analysis of mine?
    Btw Hello orojackson World
  2. Hie Hie No Mi

    Hie Hie No Mi

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    I like it. I personally think that Luffy's awakening would allow him to manipulate materials, specifically he would start carrying a pole kind of weapon like sabo, however he could extend and retract (like Goku). More than likely, if a DF initially allowed the person to transform their bodies, awakening will make it seem as if they are logias in nature like Katakuri. Blackbeard who is the current wielder of the tremor fruit seems to have awakened it as well. You have it under the 'emitter' category here, however as we've seen with his most recent showing, he can produce tremors by laughing.

    Since paramecia is such a vast category, their awakenings can differ heavily. As you've broken them down into different categories so nicely, I believe Oda does indeed add another ability from the other categories making it awakened. Who knows how many possible categories can be added during awakening. There is a possibility that a paramecia can gain more than one new attribute which would make it a 'super awakening' this may the key for Luffy to beat Blackbeard who has two fruits.
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  3. Nessos

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    For Paramecias I came uo with 3 subcategories with subsubcategories each. But thats all interpretation.
    1. Body enhancer
      1. Transformer (like Baby 5)
      2. Permanent transformation (like Luffy)
      3. Life return (like Brook and Tomago)
    2. Producer
      1. Standard (like Galdino)
      2. Force of Nature (like Issho or Foxy)
      3. World Creation (like Mont D'Or)
    3. Sorcery
      1. Standard (like Hancock or Sugar)
      2. Room (like Law and Corazon)
      3. Life Control (like BM and Moriah)
    Here you can see a detailed list
    (I also categorized Logias completly different)

    Was also my first thought, but Tresoro was created by Oda so he follows the rules of awakening and habe awakening only increases range.

    But like @Beky mentioned a while back it could be like there 3 main types of Paramecia and Awakening will either unlock a new type or increase your old.
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    KING EXPLOSION MURDER Big Mom Cracker Katakuri Smoothie

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    People still remember my thread :PogChamp:
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  5. lille


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    That was a nice read. Thanks.

    I didn’t get too much on into zoans and logias in my original post but if I had to group them I would certainly do it like you did. Except that I think that Enel, CC and monet god like transformation is their awakening form.

    BTW if we were to analyse Smiles there would be two types. Body parts and permanents.

    Also the way pacifistas have df properties infused into them, leads me to assume the germa suits have been imbedded with df powers.

    That’s a nice breakdown of paramecias. I don’t fully agree but it certainly changed my perception on the topic.
  6. bimbonium

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    Nice thread, I've always observed a correlative relationship between early one piece and DF type.

    All the fruits from romance dawn till just after whiskey peak were the type that stayed "within" the body (what you call transform own body), it might be my headcanon, but Smoker could not produce smoke independent of himself till Punk Hazard (and even then, Vergo could hit the smoke to hit him).
  7. Rp4lyf


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    Not a bad breakdown.
  8. Izaya X

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    Good work :)
  9. L o g i a

    L o g i a

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    Transforming/manipulating are just more niche versions of emitter type fruits

    We only have producers, emitters, assimilates and altered bodies
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