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When will OTama get her third pet?

  1. Next Chapter

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  2. Soon, In the arc's beginning chapters itself

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  3. Later towards the arc ending

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  4. Never

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  5. She already has but yet to be shown

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    OTama's devil fruit is based on Momotaro's story in which he gives the Kibidango to a dog, a monkey and a pheasant which join him on his mission to kill the Oni. Now, in chapter 912, it was shown that OTama already has Komacchiyo which is equivalent to the dog and she tamed Baboonmaru by giving it the Kibidango which is equivalent to the monkey. So, it is possible that she will aquire a third pet which will be the equivalent of the pheasant.
    I have a small theory in regards to the creature the third pet will be based on.

    Since, as almost everyone know that Komacchiyo, the dog is based on the Komainu ( and Baboonmaru, the monkey is based on the Hihi (, I speculate that the third pet, the pheasant will be based on the Basan (, which are rare birds, pheasant-like in appearance and are known to live in Bamboo groves and only make their appearance at night.

    It would be a nice thematic contrast with Komainu, the holy guardian, Hihi, the demonic troublemaker and Basan, the mysterious rarity.

    What do you say and when will she get the third pet?
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