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Discussion in 'One Piece Role Play' started by Larsi, Mar 6, 2018.

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  1. Tartan Owl

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    Name: Vulpes Reynard Sharpe.
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Height: 8ft 8
    Race: Red Fox Mink.
    Epithet: "Head Taker".

    Level 15

    15 x 5 = 75

    Mink (Red Fox, speed and strength)
    +3 Speed
    +3 Strength

    Strength: 20+3=23

    Speed: 23+3=26
    -Reaction: 26
    -Movement: 26

    Vitality: 20
    20x2 = 40
    -Durability: 20
    -Stamina: 20

    Martial Arts: 12
    Sniping Mastery.

    Weapon: A customised, reinforced "Windbusche" Sniper Rifle with Socket Bayonet.

    Bullets are fired by highly compressed air instead of gunpowder. This actually gives the gun a higher rate of fire & improved accuracy. The air tank located in the rifle butt needs to be refilled with air by a built in hand pump after 30 bullets are fired.

    To call Vulpes Sharpe an animal would be denying his ruthless cunning & sadistic intellect.

    To call him civilised would be ignoring his feral tenacity & savage primal instincts.

    Vulpes was born cursed. Amongst his kind there is a rare recessive trait that is considered to be the shame of Mink kind.


    This is the term used for a Mink that has "Regressed" to their ancestral, animalistic tendencies.

    In most cases, these individuals usually end up becoming little more than mindless, highly aggressive beasts that are put out of their misery by their Mink brethren.

    Vulpes' unyielding will & calculated mind however, has prevented him from coming to such an end... At least for now.

    Instead, Vulpes has accepted his feral habits, molding them into something much more than blind instinct & animalistic rage.

    He has found something to focus on that requires both ferocity & intelligence. Tenacity & cunning.

    He found hunting.

    Whether it be man or beast, Vulpes will hunt it for entertainment & to keep his inner animal in check.

    It is not a so much a case of wanting to hunt. Vulpes needs to hunt & his need to hunt has ultimately turned into a desire to hunt.

    It is both this need & desire to hunt others that leads Vulpes to hunt those with Bounties on their head. After all, dangerous prey makes for better entertainment

    Vulpes was born & raised on Zou. Both his father (Tod Sharpe) & his mother (Vixen Sharpe) were members of the Inuarashi Musketeers. Proud & stern individuals, they wanted their son to join the Musketeers.

    Vulpes, not wanting to disappoint his parents, trained under various tutors (including both his parents), overcoming many trials & tribulations. He enjoyed the challenges & relished the opportunity to prove his worth.

    Throughout his childhood, Vulpes had strange character quirks. Sometimes he would walk on all fours. Other times he would eat raw meat. He was even known to hunt insects & wild birds with his bare paws. His parents strongly disapproved of these habits, thinking of them as too "dishonorable" for a future Musketeer.

    Vulpes thought nothing of it & blissfully continued, unaware that these were in fact early signs of regression.

    Vulpes eventually joined the Inuarashi Musketeers in his late teens as a sniper armed with a smoothbore musket & made his parents proud. It was not to last however.

    A year after joining, a Weasel Mink Pirate, Captain Mustela, returned to Zou. Ever welcome to their own kind, the Mink Tribe welcomed the Pirate with open arms... This was a grave mistake.

    Mustela did not return home for innocent nostalgic purposes. He had deliberately brought with him a slaving party with the intent of selling captured Mink children at the slave auctions in the Sabaody Archipelago & making a huge profit with which to further his pirating activities.

    At the party to celebrate his return, Mustela spiked all the alcohol with a slow acting sleeping potion, causing all the Mink adults that attended the party to fall into a dreamless slumber, even the great Inuarashi.

    With the daytime Minks unconscious & the nighttime Minks still asleep, the Weasel thought that he was free to do as he pleased. He did not take into account Vulpes.

    Vulpes, due to his "habits" had an aversion to alcahol & did not drink the beverages, drinking only water from his own flask. Noticing his comrades collapsing in quick succesion an hour after the party ended, he immediately suspected Mustela of foul play.

    Vulpes observed the Weasel & the slavers rounding up the Mink children & quickly realised the situation. Knowing there would be no help any time soon, Vulpes engaged the slavers at a distance, using his skills as a sniper to slowly pick them off 1 by 1

    The slavers had to deal with Vulpes as they could not complete their raid while taking consistent losses.

    After a grueling fight lasting several hours, it finally came down to a fight between Vulpes & Mustela himself. Exhausted from dealing with so many opponents & out of ammunition, Vulpes was quickly defeated by Mustela's superior speed & experience in melee combat.

    Mustela gloated about how his plan would still succeed & mocked Vulpes for his failure.

    This enraged Vulpes, causing his primal instincts to take control & change the course of his life forever.

    [Insert epic back story here :kappa:]
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  2. Heavenly Yaksha

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    Name: Drug Peclo
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2
    Race: Human
    Epithet: TBD

    Strength: 19+2
    Speed: 23+2
    Movement Speed: 25
    Reaction Speed: 25
    Stamina: 19
    Durability: 19
    Martial Arts: 16
    Rokushiki: 32

    Rokushiki moves: Rankyaku, Geppo, Kami-e
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  3. Arcana


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    Name: Cassy
    Epithet: Hottest Peace
    Affiliation: Marine
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Date of Birth: March 2nd
    Height: 178 cm

    Level 15
    15x5= 75

    Strength 19(+2)

    Speed 19 (+2)
    -Reaction: 22
    -Movement: 20

    Vitality: 16 (+2)
    -Durability: 16
    -Stamina: 20

    Mind: 4
    -Medicine: 0
    -Weather/Navigation: 8
    -Cooking: 0
    -Beast Mastery: 0

    Martial Arts: 17
    17x2=34 Ittoryu


    Cassy is mostly a quiet person who has trouble expressing her feelings through words. Because of this, she is thought to be mysterious.
    She is also believed to be an airhead, namely due to her quiet nature. She is very strong willed and philosiphicaly reinforced, doing everything to reach her goal which is to understand life by rising in power. She also tends to react violently or Abuse whenever someone does anything ill.

    Her goal is to become wise and powerful enough to save her friends (like family) from a powerful Underworld Organization.

    (Backstory : N/A Here.)

    (Note : I am a guy , I saw too many male characters here , So as a feminist, I made a female character lol. I am a storyteller from years, so I won't mind expressing this character in depth. + Main thing, lmao She is single.)
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  4. Rcoband


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    Name: Aso Toshitame
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'11
    Date of Birth: May 3rd
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    Two Swords

    Level: 15
    Martial Arts:

    Personality and Background:
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  5. Deleted member 28749

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    Name : Jesse Pinkman
    Ephitet: crystal meth dude
    Gender : Male
    Race : Human
    Affliation: Cipher pol

    Appearance :
    Works to train as a secret agent to keep an eye on underground world . Aiming to be trained spy for the world Govt . A natural trained swordsman with talent to be outstanding spy .

    Stats :

    Level : 15
    15*5 = 75

    Strength : 23+2 =25
    Speed : 20
    15 * 2 = 40

    Reaction : 20
    Movement : 20
    Vitality : 23+2=25
    21*2 = 50
    - Durability :25
    - stamina : 25
    Martial Arts :11
    - Ittoryu/Nitoriyu : 22
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  6. Anriokso


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    Name : Bubbles
    Species Humandrill
    Lvl 15
    Gender male
    Weaponry swords
    Strength 4+18=22
    Speed 2+21=23

    -Reaction 23
    -Movement 23
    Vitality 3+20=23
    -Durability 23
    -Stamina 23
    Martial Arts 2+12=14
    Nitoryu 28
    Mind -3+4=1
    Occupation bounty hunter
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  7. Riftenal


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    Level 15
    Nicole Diaz
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    15 x 5 = 75
    Mink: Bat (+3 speed,+3 vitality)
    Strength: 12
    Speed: 30+3=33
    Martial Arts: 11
    -Black Leg Style:22
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  8. Larsi


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    And that is the end of the sign ups. I will tag you in your respective threads when ready. Hopefully within 2 days. Maybe today. We shall see.
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