One Piece: Vivre Card (databook) released on 4th September

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    This databook is titled "Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary"
    - Oda and Shueisha staff have been discussing publishing this new Databook/Fanbook for "10 years".
    -Editor Naito confirmed that all Cards in this Fan Book were Supervised by Oda.
    - It will be a completely new type and different book from other Databook/Fanbook.
    - Naito (One Piece editor) says this Databook/Fanbook is "never-ending".

    This new databook was released on 4th September, the same day as One Piece Volume 90.

    Many thanks to @Artur for this outstanding summary of what exactly to expect for this new data book.

    The Databook is called “Vivre Card ~One Piece Illustrated Guidebook~” and will serve as a collection of several “vivre cards”, or in essence, datafiles, for all the characters in the series, giving a deep look at each of them, with information and stats for each and every one, with some of the information being completely new.


    The drawing for the cover. Katakuri is huge!

    However, here’s the catch: the book only serves as a binder and each of the “cards” are in fact standalone cards, separated pages that can be added to the book. Picture it like one of those classic collectible card binders, where you could put in your Pokémon cards and display your entire collection. It’s the same case here, where rather than collecting Pokémon, you’re collecting One Piece characters, with each card being a complete datafile. Here you can see how it works:

    (some of these images are courtesy of Takeshi Oowada. You can check his video here to see how the databook works in person!)

    Each “card”, or page, is inserted into the binder. Keep in mind though, this binder is only a placeholder, the final binder will look much more detailed
    How the final binder will look like with several cards inside it
    Each card is slightly larger than a normal Japanese OP volume page. Use the finger as reference.
    Luffy’s info profile. From top to bottom, includes: gender, residence, birthday, age, height, astrological sign, blood type, birthplace, favorite food, bounty and Voice Actor.

    So going over it again, each page of the databook is obtained individually and can be added by putting it into the binder. The original databook only comes with about 32 cards from what has been said, with other “booster packs” coming in the following months that will include more cards which can then be added to your collection.

    Now, it hasn’t been specified, but it’s implied that the booster packs will not be randomized, as they’ll include a specific group of cards of certain characters (example: “Arlong Parc Arc characters booster back”) and should be a complete pack. That said, it’s not officially confirmed that they aren’t randomized, but it’s been heavily implied that each pack will be a complete one.

    So for now, let’s break down what characters will be in each pack!

    The original book features 32 cards, which have been revealed to be the ones found below:


    The characters included in the first volume are all those who appeared up until the end of the Buggy Arc, as well as the main crew of Straw Hats in their post-timeskip cards. Furthermore, there are three extra cards:

    • One of them is Extra Characters Vol. 1, which includes minor characters that don’t get their own individual card as there isn’t enough information about them. This includes Anjo, Monstar, Mikio Itoo, Gyoru&Chiken, Woop Slap, Lord of the Coast, Heppoko&Peppoko&Poppoko, Soro and Rika among others. There should be two of them in this pack and more should be included in further booster packs for all the smaller and less-known characters.
    • The other extra card is “Gomu Gomu no Mi Vol. 1”, which will include a listing of all the Gomu Gomu no Mi attacks, which will be further updated in future packs. This might hint at other “cards” coming in the future for other types of things, such as devil fruits, locations, ships and other things, making this an ever-expanding databook.
    • And finally, there’s an extra card known as “My Card”. It’s a blank template, so you can write your own info and put a photo of yourself in it!
    Beyond these initial cards, the aforementioned “booster packs” will arrive each month around the beginning (Amazon lists them on the 2nd-4th of each month). Each pack has 16 cards, so each month you are getting 32 additional cards to add to the binder. Here are the ones that we know will be coming in the upcoming months:

    – October 2018:

    Booster Pack 1: “Villains of East Blue!!”:Includes characters from the Syrup Village and Baratie arcs, with Kuro, Usopp (Pre-Ts), Krieg and Gin being announced already.

    Booster Pack 2: “Gather! Supernovae!!”:Includes the eleven supernovas (supposedly excluding Zoro and Luffy), with Law, Urouge and Bege being announced already.

    – November 2018:

    Booster Pack 3: “Arlong’s Crew and the people of Cocoyasi Village”: Supposedly includes characters from the Arlong Park arc, including his crew as well as the people from Cocoyasi.

    Booster pack 4: “Impel Down staff VS prisoners!!”: Supposedly includes the staff members of Impel Down as well as its known prisoners.

    – December 2018:

    Booster Pack 5: “The sand Kingdom – Alabasta’s elites!!”: Assuming from the name it will likely include characters from Alabasta, maybe from Drum Island as well.

    Booster Pack 6: “The yonko crew, the Whitebeard Pirates!!”: Supposedly includes the members of the Whitebeard Pirates.

    – January 2019:

    Booster Pack 7: “Gather! Secret Society Baroque Works”: Supposedly includes the members of Baroque Works.

    Booster Pack 8: “Paradise on the Ocean Floor – Residents of Fishman Island!!”:Supposedly includes the inhabitants of Fishman Island.

    – February 2019:

    Booster Pack 9: “~Sky Island’s strong enemies~”: Judging from the name, will likely include Enel’s forces.

    Booster Pack 10: “~Fishman Island’s strong enemies~”: Judging by the name, will likely include Hody’s forces, the New Fishman Pirates.

    And these are all the ones we currently know, but it can be assumed there will be more to come. You might have seen a pattern here and it’s the fact that each of the packs advances through each arc at different points in the story. The first pack in the month covers the first half of the series, advancing from East Blue, to Alabasta, to Skypiea, while the second pack of the month covers the second half, from Sabaody, to Impel Down, to the Whitebeard Pirates, to Fishman Island. Judging by the amount of remaining arcs, there might be another 10 or so packs after this, at least for the main characters.

    Furthermore, there’s a bonus offer for two additional cards, though these aren’t really part of the book, they’re more like bonuses. If you buy issue nº40 of JUMP this week, you can get a bonus two alt cards, being Luffy Wano version (Luffy-tarou) and Zoro Wano version (Zoro-juurou). But again, these seem to just be alts, so don’t fret too much if you can’t get them.


    So that’s about it! To recapitulate, the original book comes with a binder as well as 32 cards and each month we’re going to get more and more. The editor said this databook would be “neverending” and has already hinted at the fact that they might keep adding more cards even after the Wano arc is over, making this the ultimate One Piece databook! While the format might be incovenient for some, this might really help out in the long run to keep the databook ordered and updated. But anyways, if you have any doubts, feel free to ask @Artur any questions! But before you do so, check this FAQ to see if it can already answer your question:

    • Q: How many cards are in the original release? A: 32, see above.
    • Q: How many cards are in each booster pack? A: 16 per booster pack, meaning 32 new cards come out each month.
    • Q: What language is the databook in? A: Japanese.
    • Q: Will it be available in English? A: No. Sadly, Viz has never translated any of the databooks and the fact that it comes in cards makes it even more unlikely. It’s possible that in some other language like French, German, Italian or Spanish it might get translated, but given the format, again, it’s unlikely.
    • Q: When is it coming out? A: September 4th, with two booster packs coming around the beginning of every month.
    • Q: How much does it cost? A: The book is 1350 yen, or about 12 US dollars. Each booster pack will cost 421 yen, or about 3.8 US dollars. This is of course, excluding shipping.
    • Q: Where can I buy it? A: Either or other sites that re-sell Japanese products, it shouldn’t be too hard to order, no matter where you are in the world (shipping prices might be a little expensive though).
    • Q: Why should we care about it? A: This databook will likely contain a bunch of new information, as it seems to include English romanizations for all characters as well as information such as heights, etc. that were not known before. It’s even been said that it’ll include previously unseen sketches by Oda.
    • Q: Is our lord and savior Buggy-sama included in it? A: Yep! In fact, he comes with the first group together with the book!
    Immense thanks to @Den_Den_Mushi for all of these translations!
    Dracule Mihawk

    'Strive with all your heart and mind to best this sword!'

    Debut: Volume 6 chapter 50
    Name: 'Hawk-Eyes' Mihawk
    Haki: Observation, Armament
    Royal Seven Warlords
    Sex: Male
    Affiliated Ship: N/A
    Birthday: March 9
    Age: 43
    Height: 198cm
    Star Sign: Capricorn
    Blood type: S
    Origin: ?
    Favourite foods: Red wine
    Bounty: ?
    Voice Actor: Kakegawa Hirohiko

    He sits atop as the strongest, gazing down at his prey. The World's Strongest Swordsman!
    He rose to renown even before the Great Age of Piracy. Even now he reigns supreme as the World's Best in name and actuality, an exceptional master swordsman. For years he devoted himself to training and after he could no longer find strong foes, Mihawk joined the Warlords. Even without a crew, he traverses the seas in proud solitude and spends his days killing time and enjoying himself. Though Hawk-Eyes strikes fear into the hearts of those who follow the way of the sword, he looks forward to the future, to the day when he will meet the swordmaster that surpasses his rival 'Red Hair'.

    A single sweep of one of the Twelve Supreme Grade Swords, Mihawk's beloved blade. He takes pride in the peerless durability of his black blade.

    He taught swordsmanship to a man aiming for his head. When Zoro roused himself, he remembered Mihawk's teachings.

    Gallery Memo
    Mihawk's initial design. His alias used to be 'Clairvoyant'?!
    Kid Mihawk
    Genderbent Mihawk

    Not only can he discern a person's talent for the sword, he can also see the true strength of those that would stand before him.

    Before 24 - Witnesses the start of the Great Age of Piracy
    Before ?? - competes ruthlessly with Red Hair
    Before ?? Joins the Warlords
    Before 02 Participates in the Summit War
    Before 02 - trains Zoro in swordsmanship
    Silvers Rayleigh

    'Don't pick the buds before they sprout. Their era has only just begun!'

    Debut: Volume 51, ch 500
    Name: 'Dark King' Rayleigh
    Haki: Observation, Armament, Conquerors
    Former Pirate King's Crew
    Coating mechanic

    Sex: Male
    Affiliate ship: Oro Jackson
    Birthday: 13 May
    Age: 78
    Height: 188cm
    Sign: Taurus
    Blood type: XF
    Origin: ?
    Favourite foods: cooked beans
    Bounty: ?

    The former vice captain of the Roger Pirates! The man known as the Pirate King's right hand!
    He once stood at the Pirate King's side, the man feared as the Dark King Rayleigh. He learned all there is to know about the world and experienced his sworn friend's death, and now raises strong youngsters, awaiting the rise of a new generation. He lives out his retirement in the Sabaody Archipelago.
    Now the time has come. His former subordinate Red Hair entrusted his left arm and straw hat to a boy named Luffy, whose dream is to be freer than anyone. After he risked it all to save his brother, yet still lost him, Rayleigh decided to dedicate his all to the boy.
    His armament haki is strong enough to hold back an admiral

    'Dark King'
    Those who challenge him get a one way ticket to hell. Even in his old age, his strength is unmistakable.
    He formerly supported the Pirate King; his uncanny ability to analyse any situation remains strong til today.
    Meeting his sworn friend Roger completely changed Rayleigh's destiny.
    He spent warm days adventuring with Red Hair and the others, and 2 years with Luffy.

    Before ?? His house burned down and he started living on a boat.
    Before ?? Fateful meeting with Gol D Roger
    Before ?? Roger Pirates are formed
    Before 25 Conquered the Grand Line
    Before 25 Roger Pirates disbanded
    Before 24 The Great Age of Piracy begins
    Before 02 Became Monkey D Luffy's teacher
    Trafalgar Law

    'Weaklings don't get to choose the way they die.'

    Debut: Volume 51 ch498
    Name: 'Surgeon of Death' Trafalgar Law
    Fruit: Ope Ope no Mi
    Haki: Observation, Armament
    Worst Generation
    Former 7 Warlords
    Heart Pirates - Captain

    Sex: Male
    Affiliate ship: Polar Tang
    Birthday: 6 October
    Age: 26
    Height: 191cm
    Sign: Libra
    Blood type: F
    Origin: Flevance, North Blue
    Favourite foods: Onigiri, fried fish
    Bounty: 500 million
    Voice actor: Hiroshi Kamiya

    One who overcame the fate of the White Town and swore vengeance for his late benefactor!
    Law was born in the doomed town of Flevance, losing his family and hometown at the age of 10 and contracting Amber Lead poisoning. He had only 3 years left to live and had fallen into the depths of despair, but Corazon saved him. Law survived thanks to the Ope Ope no Mi he received from Corazon and formed the Heart Pirates. He vowed to spend the rest of his life avenging Corazon, targeting his older brother Doflamingo. The one that had taken his life away.

    The Origin of the Name of the Heart Pirates
    The Heart was originally Corazon's symbol. He chose it to pay respect to the man who had saved his life and his heart.

    Even though he's the captain, he's also the ship's doctor. Did he just choose to save Luffy's life on a whim?

    He bisected Vergo, who used to outrank him, in a single slice! With that he set the new era in motion.

    The usually calm and serious Law gets fired up when it comes to Doflamingo!

    Gallery Memo
    Kid Law
    Genderbent Law
    Although they always intended him to have a very sinister look in his eyes, they had to trial several possible designs for his hat.

    Before 16 Joined the Donquixote Family
    Before 13 Gained the abilities of the Ope Ope no Mi
    Before ?? Formed the Heart Pirates
    Before ?? Gained a bounty of 200 million
    Before ?? His bounty rose to 440 million
    Before 01 Joined the Royal 7 Warlords
    Before 00 Formed an alliance with the Straw Hats
    Before 00 Because of his role in fighting at Dressrosa, his bounty rose to 500 million!!
    Jewelry Bonney

    'I will never... never forgive you!'

    Debut: Volume 51 ch 498
    Name: 'Big Eater' Jewelry Bonney
    Worst Generation
    Bonney Pirates - Captain
    Sex: Female
    Affiliate ship: ?
    Birthday: 1 September
    Age: 24 (presumed)
    Height: 174cm
    Sign: Virgo
    Blood type: F
    Origin: South Blue
    Favourite food: Margarita Pizza
    Bounty: 140 million

    The lone female of the Worst Generation, the Big Eater who can alter anyone's age at will!
    Leader of the Bonney Pirates and only female among the Worst Generation. The masculine but beautiful Bonney is able to eat more than most men. She possesses a mysterious ability that allows her to change one's age as she pleases, but also excels in infiltration and intelligence gathering. Even though she is a woman, she is skilled enough to survive in the Grand Line. Her origins are shrouded in mystery and she was once placed under surveillance by the World Government. Will her true form shake the world?

    Tenacity towards her goal!
    Seeing Kuma had been completely changed, she vows to take revenge on an unknown number of people. What is her real goal?

    When transformed into an old woman, she resembles the Queen Dowager of the Solbe Kingdom
    She transformed from Queen Connie into the pirate Bonney! She has infiltrated the heart of the Holy City!
    She can change her own, as well as others' ages

    Gallery Memo
    She's always pictured with food and a broad hat. A fitting design for infilitration

    Before ?? Born in the South Blue
    Before ?? Fled from the World Government
    Before ?? Formed the Bonney Pirates
    Before ?? Gained a bounty of 140 million
    Before 02 Defeated by Blackbeard and captured by Sakazuki
    Before ?? Escaped Marine HQ
    Before 00 Snuck into Mariejoa
    Basil Hawkins

    'I see the shadow of death is upon you.'

    Debut: Volume 51 ch 498
    Name: 'Magician' Basil Hawkins
    Devil Fruit: Straw Straw Fruit
    Worst Generation
    Hawkins Pirates Captain

    Sex: Male
    Affiliate ship: ?
    Birthday: 9 Sept
    Age: 31
    Height 210cm
    Sign: Virgo
    Blood type: S
    Origin: North Blue
    Favourite food: Chicken rice
    Bounty: 320 million

    He predicts the future and scatters curses! The magician with a quiet but bottomless ambition!
    Hawkins prides himself on his predictions, which have a high rate of coming true. He believes so strongly in his predictions, so no matter what happens, he remains still and does not show emotion. He is determined to leave his actions up to fate.
    In battle, he places others' lives into strawmen and carry them inside his body. His cruel ability allows him to make them absorb his damage. He can create a giant straw man, transform into a straw man and curse his surroundings, among other things. A mysterious power, the limits of which have not yet been seen.

    If he stores a maximum of 10 dolls, he can evade death 10 times.
    He can display various abilities according to the cards he draws. There are risks but it's also possible to gain a power exceeding one's limits.
    He always keeps a calm composure, avoiding useless conflict and rowdiness.

    Gallery Memo
    Although his cool expression hasn't changed, his hairstyle, clothes, hat and other details have.

    Before ?? Forms the Hawkins Pirates
    Before ?? Gains a bounty of 249 million
    Before 02 Arrives at Sabaody as a Supernova
    Before ?? Bounty rises to 320 million
    Before 00 Forms an alliance with Kid and Apoo
    Before 00 Came to serve under Kaido, the Yonko
    He advances the Great Age of Piracy, the boss 'Red Hair'!
    One of the Four Emperors who rule the New World. Formerly an apprentice with the Roger Pirates, he went on to compete ruthlessly with Hawk-Eyes and came to stand on equal terms with Whitebeard. 'Red Hair' has become the subject of countless legends, but contrary to his fame, he is the pirate that most embodies freedom. If being Pirate King means being the freest man on the seas, then perhaps it could be said that Shanks is the closest to the throne.

    A long-held, cherished blade. It has the strength to stop a magma fist and the elegance of a gryphon.
    Depending on how Shanks feels, he can start a party anywhere!
    Whether someone was a rival or a compatriot doesn't matter. He will pay respect when respect should be paid.

    Gallery Memo
    As he is the pirate that Luffy looks up to, Shanks has come a long way from his initial design.
    Zoro Preskip

    The Santoryuu Pirate Swordsman who seeks to become the World's Strongest Swordsman!
    He is a swordsman formerly invited to join Baroque Works, known by the epithet of 'Pirate Hunter'! To fulfil his promise with Kuina, he aims to become the WSS. Wielding his three-sword style, grasping a sword in both hands and in his mouth, he overwhelms his opponents with astonishing drive. After the Summit War, he trained under the Warlord Mihawk. He has a strong sense of duty, a masculine spirit. When his nakama are in a crisis, he plays a role like a vice-captain, delivering judgments with a cool head.

    His strength is second only to the captain, so he takes on an enemy organisation's second strongest.

    For the sake of his nakama, he will throw away his pride and bow his head to his arch enemy! He will not hesitate to sacrifice himself, such is the spirit of Bushido!

    Wado Ichimonji
    The only sword that did not break during his battle with Mihawk. His one memento of his dear friend Kuina.

    Gallery Memo
    In his character sheet, he professes to be a self made man. His female version drawn in an SBS would discard Santoryuu!?
    Fem Zoro: Santoryuu? No way! My teeth will break.

    船長に次ぐ戦闘能力の高さ- Combat strength ranks just behind the captain
    服船長的な役割 - Vice Captain-like role
    Postskip Zoro

    He transforms his three katanas into black blades and cuts down anyone in his way!
    After undergoing fierce training under his sworn enemy, the warlord Mihawk, he reunited with the crew. He grew in strength thanks to having learned haki and is even more reliable than before! When they entered the New World, he defeated the strongest swordsman of Fishman Island in an instant and took down an executive of the Donquixote Family. In name and actuality, he has acquired the skill suited for a master swordsman. Even when danger approaches, he does not panic, but is able to calmly analyse the situation. He possesses the indomitable spirit that allows him to overcome any adversity.

    Armament haki
    During training, he was not allowed to drink and acquired haki! When clad in haki, his swords other than Shusui can become black blades that won't be scratched!

    Crushing his opponents through sheer force of will! Even without using haki, he was able to paralyse a Logia user and showed her the difference in strength between them.

    He took down the giant Pica, and then the Pica clad in armament haki, in just two strokes! The first time he used it, his secret technique was crushed by Mihawk, but two years later it has become incomparably stronger!

    Gallery Memo
    Even from the rough sketch, it was decided that he would have an eyepatch or a wound over his left eye! Maybe even a tattoo on his right arm!?
    X Drake

    Debut: Vol 51 ch 498
    Name: 'Red Flag' X Drake
    Worst Generation
    Former navy officer
    Drake Pirates Captain

    Sex: Male
    Affiliate ship: ?
    Birthday: 24 October
    Age: 33
    Height: 233cm
    Sign: Libra
    Blood type: X
    Origin: North Blue
    Favourite food: Chicken rice
    Bounty: 222 million

    The fallen Rear Admiral who secretly operates in the New World!
    A member of the Worst Generation. Since he was a child he aimed to join the marines, rising to the rank of rear admiral, but eventually defected and became a pirate; truly an extraordinary past. Because of this, he has detailed inside knowledge about the government, and showed surprise at the development of the pacifista.

    More than a year ago, he joined the yonko Kaido as his subordinate and serves him in the country of Wano. He defeated the samurai of Amigasa Village and laid waste to it. This was part of his duty as a 'Headliner', carrying out secretive operations.

    He seemed more focused on the news of Law and Luffy's alliance than on Doflamingo's downfall.

    He came into Kaido's territory with the intention of working under the yonkou by any means possible.

    As a former member of the navy, he has knowledge about government ideology and weaponry.

    Connection to Doflamingo
    The young drake was with his father at Minion Island, his father having planned to sell the Ope Ope no Mi. Luckily he managed to escape from Birdcage...

    Before 13 Escaped from Minion Island
    Before ?? Joined the navy
    Before ?? Left from the navy
    Before 02 Attacked Kaido's territory
    Before ?? Started working under Kaido
    Before 00 Took Caribou away
    As requested by @Rivaille @Atharv and @Beerbottle

    He's after the Yonkou Kaido's head! Monkey D Luffy arrives in Wano!
    In Whole Cake Island he started a fight with the Yonko Big Mom and defeated two Commanders, Katakuri and Cracker. Now after bringing disruption to the New World, he heads to Wano! This place is known as Kaido's territory, what is Luffy after!? A direct confrontation against the one renowned as the World's Strongest Creature?! Will the pirate 'Straw Hat' once again bring about stormy seas!?

    To defeat Kaido, he has forged a varied alliance with the samurai, Mink tribe and Heart Pirates!

    Even though Momonosuke is still a child, Luffy accepted his wishes and formed an alliance with him as equals, the boy who wanted revenge for his father by defeating Kaido.

    Zunisha's voice
    Only Luffy and Momonosuke could hear Zunisha's cries. This is similar to Roger, who could hear the Voice of All Things, but how are they related!?

    Close up
    Will he be able to reunite with Luffy in Wano!?
    There is the possibility of many people reuniting with Luffy. If more people become his nakama, will his power drastically increase, enough to change the situation?
    Will Jinbe, who parted with them in WCI, be able to reunite?
    Kid was defeated by Kaido. If he is rescued and becomes nakama, that would be quite reassuring.
    Marco, who must protect Whitebeard's village - will it be hard for him to cooperate with Luffy!?
    As requested by @Rivaille

    The 'murderous ronin' Zorojuro - wanted by the entire country of Wano!
    The Straw Hats infiltrated Wano ahead of Luffy and the others. Until they could gather allies and prepare for the battle ahead, Zoro was to lay low... or so he was supposed to!! Zoro was blamed for the crimes of grave robbing and 'tsujikiri' (street murders) and is currently a nationally wanted criminal of Wano. Currently he is in hiding but still being pursued. Nonetheless, Zoro's swordsmanship is still quite good, even for the country of Wano where many strong people reside. He's fighting off assassins one after another!

    Zoro was very confident before setting out for Wano. Can he use his Santoryuu, yet still pass as one of the strong Wano samurai!?
    Although his nakama were agitated and shaken by Sanji's departure from the crew, Zoro's gaze does not waver from the goal ahead!

    Shusui is the national treasure of Wano! The predecessor to Zoro's Sandai Kitetsu, the Nidai Kitetsu has appeared!!

    The sin of grave robbing
    Zoro was accused of grave robbing because he was in possession of Shusui. But the culprit was probably Moria, who created Ryuma's zombie.

    Gallery Memo
    The pattern and design of Zoro's katanas were created one by one!

    → VOL. 1:
    → VOL. 2:
    → VOL. 3:

    @Den_Den_Mushi, @Puck_Owns_All & @Doreiku
    → 0001 Luffy-Tarou:
    → 0002 Pre-TS Roronoa Zoro:
    → 0002 Post-TS Roronoa Zoro:
    → 0002 Zoro-Juurou:
    → 0003 Pre-TS Nami:
    → 0003 Post-TS Nami:
    → 0005 Post-TS Sanji:
    → 0017 Shanks:
    → 0076 Zeff:
    → 0085 Dracule Mihawk:
    → 0122 Smoker:
    → 0124 Tashigi:
    → 0125 Monkey D. Dragon:
    → 0511 Jewelry Bonney:
    → 0512 Basil Hawkins:
    → 0513 Eustass Kid: +
    → 0515 X Drake:
    → 0516 Urouge:
    → 0518 Trafalgar Law:
    → 0531 Silvers Rayleigh:
    → 0538 Borsalino:
    → 0589 Emporio Ivankov:
    → 0591 Shiliew:
    → 0595 Sakazuki:
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    I hope that we will have at last all the names of the Charlotte children.
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    Been 6 years since the last one...
    The title makes me think that the RA gonna be hightlight of the book...
    Or at least the ones who appeared so far with their birth order and what not...
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    good news. finally new databook.
    the title feels different vibe than other databooks.

    besides charlotte family, I also hoping info about Reverie participants too
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    finally after so many years :dead: there are literally tons of information to be revealed in the new world!
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    I just hope there will be a huge section for the Charlotte Family and their single members and their birth order. This is all i want to know. Also i hope they reveal Gala as well as he didn't even showed up, unlike Snack. So many hopes, yet so many fears that all these will be blown away by the wind lol
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    I hope we will get Pica’s height and more info about the gear 4 modes. And also an explanation on how exactly Future sight works.
    Maybe some confirmation about the flame pattern of some Koka user.
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    Of course databooks are canon because all of them are actual information from Oda.
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    Supernovas,Rocks, and More Yonko information
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  10. Deleted member 24959

    Deleted member 24959 Guest

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    Oh yeah, I was also interrested in that but I hoped that the SBS corner would answer it...
    Ofc someone had to bring that up...
    Personnally I consider them secondary canon...

    EDIT: not sure if you're sarcastic or not...:unsure:
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  11. Echi

    Echi Wanted! Wanted Roger Big Mom Cracker Katakuri Smoothie

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    I'm not sarcastic. He tells information like character height, weight etc and other things there which we could never know from the actual manga.
  12. Kishido


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    By redon

    Weekly Shonen Jump has announced this week fans will have new One Piece Databook this year !!!

    Key word for this new Databook is "Freedom" and it will have information from Gyojin Island, Punk Hazard, Dressrosa, Zou and Whole Cake Island (and, maybe, Levely too).

    This new Databook will be on sale 4th September, the same day that One Piece Volume 90
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 28, 2018, Original Post Date: Jun 28, 2018 ---
    Sorry haven’t seen this one.

    Bye about Reverie as well? Does that really mean it has ended or Wano could be there as well even if unfinished
  13. Shanks You

    Shanks You

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    Considering the whole sabo is dead disaster, I won't say they are canon.
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  14. Deleted member 24959

    Deleted member 24959 Guest

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    To state that Sabo was dead, like he was in the manga, was the best way to handle the situation back then...
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  15. Shanks You

    Shanks You

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    The best way to handle the situation was to not comment on it. A source cannot be canon and provide false information at the same time.
  16. Deleted member 24959

    Deleted member 24959 Guest

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    That would be sus as hell to not mention it...
    All the databook did was going along what the manga already told us to that point...
    I really don't see the big deal here...
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  17. Shanks You

    Shanks You

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    The manga only implied it. And the manga even threw in a few panels the next chapter of a boy getting rescued from sea. spoiler: it was sabo that got rescued.

    It doesn't change the fact that if a source is canon, then we can trust everything from it to be to true. Because there is a piece of information from a databook that was not true, it cannot be considered canon.

    Let's consider another character who's living/dead status is unknown: Monet. I think she is probably dead but she isn't confirmed dead. So now if the new databook says monet is dead, can we say that it is confirmed that monet is dead? If the databook is considered canon, then monet would be confirmed dead if it says so. But the trust is no longer there coz of the sabo is dead fiasco. In fact, I might even go as far as to say that the databook saying Monet is dead confirms Monet is alive.
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  18. Prison Mike

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    They aren’t canon, so I don’t see a reason to get excited lol.
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  19. Deleted member 24959

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    You mean like the manga told us that Luffy and Ace are brothers?
    Which got corrected in a newer source...
    Similar to the Sabo thing because it was Green which stated he's dead as a fact but Deep Blue apparently only implied it (according to this summary that I found)...
    Do you know the term secondary canon?
    I consider Databooks as such...
    It means that the things can be considered canon as long as there's no contradiction to the primary canon source (the manga/SBS)...
    So all the stuff that got explained/introduced only on Databooks is noncanon?
    Why did Oda refer to a databook in this SBS question?
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  20. Shanks You

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    Ace and luffy are indeed brothers. There was no correction. They just weren't blood-related brothers. Luffy does believe ace is his brother and rightfully called him so.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
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