One Piece Chapter 938 Prediction Contest

Discussion in 'Color Of Observation' started by Chris Mic, Mar 20, 2019.

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  1. Chris Mic

    Chris Mic

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    One Piece Chapter 938 Prediction Contest
    March 20th, 2019 - until spoilers come out

    Before participating, be sure to read the rules mentioned in this thread.

    Each participant can post only one prediction per chapter. They cannot post multiple predictions. All editing options have been disabled to keep the prediction contest fair. You may not ask a moderator to edit your posts, either.

    Please avoid posting off-topic comments in this thread. This thread is for predictions only. Do not add off-topic comments to your predictions. Please just comment on the member's profile instead of in this thread.

    Tip: You may not post more than one prediction, so be extra sure about your prediction before you submit. You can save the post as a draft and come back to finish it later.

    NOTE: Due to the main hosts' unavailability, we're going back to the traditional format for predictions. Post away in this thread! Don't worry, we will be back soon.
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  2. bountyhunt195


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    Not mine but someone posted some wild predictions in the waiting room , here they are -
    Komuraski has a devil fruit that disables her to die or receive wounds that scars in any physical attack and is numb against pain at will but takes time for the wounds to heal. (If you know what this means you are a real gentleman, she will remain a virgin.lmao) Kyoshiro know about that ability. she has a baby that was stolen from her years ago. lady toki was very happy about Hiyori's future that is why she never sent her with momo and others, toki gave her the devil fruit to make sure she will be alright. Toki and ryuma's great great grandfather were friends. Kyoshiro, komurasaki and Grandpa Hyou's mission is to locate Ryuma's lost bloodline. Ryuma's GREAT GREAT grandfather used to fight with 3 sword style hunderd of years ago and said to rival someone. Hiyori is now interested after witnessing Zoro using 3 sword style. the Nidai Kitetsu, Yoru and Shusui is said to be the only three swords actually used against someone and wounded wound Ryuma's gggfather's rival.

    Queen was a user of ancient rhino rhino no mi model: Paraceratherium and was fully awakened. he is now ready to fight Luffy. Raizo was caught but manages to throw the key inside the cell. kaido is sweating about his debt from linlin and wants to forge alliance again. he looks very happy about his failed suicide attemps . Kaido is preparing to visit someone imprisoned 10,000 meters under the sea and 6000 meters under the sea bed on a ruined city of three eyed tribe but hesitant because Dragon is currently present in the mary geoise and might get alarmed. the entrances to the prison is located at mary geoise and in the middle of gates of justice. he is collecting weird ancient looking keys to release rocks from the prison. the collection of 21 keys is now complete after someone stole it from shanks. 21 cells is needed to be opened at same time to open the central gate where Rocks is. meanwhile in the mary geoise RED HAIR PIRATES AND THE GOROSEI ARE TALKING WITH THE REVOLUTIONARIES, THEY ARE trying to negotiate temporary alliance about the impending calamity with the revival of the Rocks pirates. Gorosei looks weird and is sweating after shanks told them that 3 of the keys were stolen from him. Dragon is seen without any sign of weariness from battling the Admirals half of his body were invisible..

    some of the keys were stolen from Shanks, whitebeard and Mary Geoise. they do not know who is the culprit. Gorosei said that Garp is the one who imprisoned Rocks and 3 others. and others were caught and bought by world gov from Ryuma. Rocks crew are said to be all Immortal excepts Kaido, Linlin and some other crew.. The straw hat in the mary geoise is Joy Boy's property after Rocks Crew ganged up on him and killed him they are responsible for wiping almost all of the D Family. Im-sama is Rocks father he is young looking but ugly as hell. they hate each other very much. Linlin is the one who help Kaido to move away and hide the Uranus by sucking thousand and thousand of people's soul as sacrifice then she transfered it to kaido to make him semi immortal to control and hide the Uranus. only immortal people are capable of using uranus as it sucks away life force. that was the life long debt of Kaido from linlin.
  3. Le-Sanna


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    Title: O-Shiruko

    Zoro win against the two swordsmen but is inhjured. Stupid Toko laughs as always. Komurasaki heals Zoro with her power. She said she was here to retrieve the weapons that were on this cementary and to hide Toko from the wreath of Orochi.

    Luffy still makes his training for his new power. Hyo is impressed by Luffys progress he made. He now kick 56 groups out of the ring. Hyou give him some advices for more progress
    BM shows up and smell the Shiruko from Queen. Queen is shocked to see BM, Chopper is happy to see Luffy. They talk each other, so Queen comes to the conclusion that BM wants to save Luffy from the fangs of him. Luffy ask why BM is here now, but BM just want the Shiruko and get them. Queen is very angry about it, tells the elephant guy headliner to report about BM appearence and that she works with the strawhat.
    We see a first clash Queen vs BM, most of the headliner and guards run. Luffy still stand in his ring with Hyou and is excited by this fight.
    Raizou uses the chaos to free Kawamatsu. We see him for the first time, he eat the Kappa fruit. They run to the place where Luffy and Chopper wait. Raizou wants to get out of here but Luffy and Hyou can't run now because of the collar. Luffy frees Hyou from his collar and order Raizou to save him right away. Luffy will stay here as long the fight goes.
    End of Act 2
    Next chapter Reverie
  4. spitles


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    title : gifter alpacaman

    kuri :
    - kinemon @ the kaido house plan suggested dude house
    - suggested dude = kuri ancient yakuza boss
    - he doesn't have kaido house plan

    flower city :
    - pleasure hall : brook asking to see panties, kyoshiro enters
    - ebisu town : law already left

    onigashima :
    - jack playing video games, kaido joins the party

    ringo :
    - girl gives booze to zoro, then dies
    - noise @ nothern cimetery
    - zoro + gyukimaru to beat some dudes who try to steal shusui

    udon :
    - alpacaman spits @ queen's soup/oshuriko
    - alpacaman joins the great sumo inferno tournament
    - luffy pushes alpacaman out of bounds
    - alpacaman's collar explodes
    - alpacaman dies
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  5. Dabit

    Dabit Wanted Roger Big Mom Cracker Katakuri Smoothie

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    Chapter 938
    Cover: Brook singing to the fish on a waterfall

    Pages 1-4
    Kamazou got slained by Zoro and Kumorasaki thank him for his actions. Gyukimaru aknowledges Zoro´s ability after seeing how he coated 3 blades in CoA to take down Kamazou, but he still won´t give him shusui back, as it is a national treasure, so he offers Zoro a different sword: the Nidai Kitetsu, or anoher meito grade sword.

    Pages 5-7
    Sanji, Robin, Nami and Shinobu rendevous with Ussop, Franky and Yasu, they say Law has gone to rescue Bepo and the others, Sanji wants to go after him, but the blood loss makes him unable to go.

    Pages 8-12
    Luffy has defeated every pleasure in the prison, Gifters are going after him now. Luffy keeps on trying to achieve Advanced CoA. Raizo uses the key he stole to liberate Kawamatsu, but the lock is so rusty that it breaks. Raizo considers blowing the gate down.
    Suddenly, a hungry Big Mom appears breaking the walls of Udon Prison, asking for shiruko.

    Pages 13-16
    Law is at the place were Bepo and his men are gathered, he is about to take action and begin the rescue when a shadowy figure appears behind him and knocks him out.

    The end
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  6. Predaking123


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    Title: Queen enters the ring

    Pages 1-3

    The chapter begins with Babanuki ( the elephant smile user) and Daifugo ( the scorpion smile user) facing off against Luffy in the Sumo ring. Daifugo managed to grab Hyougoro and is holding him hostage as Babanuki relentlessly beats down onto Luffy. Babanuki then fires an elephant sneeze at Luffy which looks like it pushed Luffy out of the ring and also sends a cloud of smoke around the arena. Queen looks up and wonders if Straw Hat is finally done for. When the smoke clears Babanuki is shocked that the person who fell off was actually Daifugo who is knocked out. Babanuki looks up and sees Luffy above him as Luffy then grabs the elephant trunk and throws Babanuki out of the ring. Luffy walks over to Hyougoro and asks if he's ok. Hyougoro replies he's feeling more alive than he has in the past 20 years.

    Pages 4-7

    Hyougoro looks up in terror as Babanuki has gotten back up and is about to hit Luffy but Luffy quickly reacts and blocks Babanuki’s attack without having to touch him just like Rayleigh did. Babanuki falls back as Luffy then chucks an unconscious beast Pirate at the smile user’s face knocking him out. Luffy cheers as he looks at his hand saying he's starting to make some progress. Queen looks around and shouts for the next batch of warriors to get in the ring but an injured beast Pirate tells him that everyone has already been beaten in the ring and no healthy fighters are around. Queen yells at him to get anyone whose still conscious and send them back into the ring right now. Suddenly Queen hears someone yell at him “ OUI! Balloon! I beat all your men, keep to your end of the deal and get in here!” Queen turns back and it's Luffy standing and smiling at him. Queen stands up and smiles as he slowly walks into the ring.

    Pages 8-11

    Luffy smiles saying he been waiting for him to get into the ring cause now he finally has a real strong person to train with. Queen huffs down his cigar and asks “ Did you really beat that big strong boy Katakuri?” Luffy looks at him and says he did. Queen smiles and says “ When I heard that monster was beaten by a rookie I couldn't believe it. When I heard you invaded our territory and dared to attack Lord Kaido I couldn't believe it. And when you said you would beat everyone in this mine I couldn't believe it. But now I'm a believer straw hat. Which is why I'm going to do this.” Queen presses a remote and suddenly Luffy’s instincts kick in as he coats his throat in armament Haki. Queen activated his collar but Luffy managed to stop the blades at the last millisecond.

    Pages 12-16

    Queen laughs and starts growing tallerwhile saying “ You didn't think I wouldn't have planned for such a thing to happen now didn't you?!? I'm a pirate after all. Now let's see how long you can handle those blades only centimeters away from your neck and dealing with me at the same time.” We see Queen has activated his devil fruit which is revealed to be the Dragon-Dragon Fruit Ancient model: Ankylosaurus. Queen grabs his cutlass and shifts his prosthetic hand into a cannon and prepares to attack Luffy. Luffy smiles which catches Queen off guard, Luffy says that now he doesn't have to worry about the limited space of the ring. Luffy jumps and the two clash their fists together.

    Pages 17-18

    We then cut to the rooftop of the prison as we hear people talking. We hear one person laughing and saying “ This is great straw hat will weaken that fat bastard and then I can come in and put an end to him myself!” The person is revealed to be Kid who has returned but he’s not alone. It's revealed the Kid Pirates have also arrived into Wano including Killer, Heat, Wire, and several new faces. Killer tells Kid that they wouldn't need to be here if he hadn't left without stealing the keys to his cuffs. Wire says for Killer to calm down and Heat whose been keeping a look out suddenly is shocked by something he's seen coming in the distance. Heat tells him that he needs to look but Kid says that he's more interested in seeing Straw Hat fight.

    End of chapter
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  7. Fantasy_L1


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    Title: Zoro's Numb situation!

    Cover Page: Fan request

    The latest chapter starts off where the last chapter ended with Zoro easily taking out Kamazou even by using one of the Man Slayer's scythe against him! That scene alone shocked both Toko (who's still smiling) & the Geisha that was protecting her! But same could not be said for Gyukimaru, since he was still trying to attack him!

    Zoro continues to dodge his attacks while he still can. But unfortunately, something weird started to happen to Zoro wounded arm, and began to be numb. This event lead him to dodge slower until Gyukimaru was able to knock him to ground with one of his attacks!

    While on the ground, Zoro was wondering why his right arm became numb in the middle of a battle. But soon realized that the scythe that Kamazou used to pearce him was in fact coated with poison, and some of it have now entered the bloodstream of Zoro's right arm! Despite learning what just happened to him, Zoro tries to get himself up, but to be pinned down by Gyukimaru with his foot!

    Without fully realizing why Zoro isn't focused on the fight, Gyukimaru used one of his swords in an attempt to finish the "Theif" off once & for all! However at a surprising moment, the Geisha that was protecting Toko, interfered the fight by stopping the sword strike with her barehand!

    After that, Gyukimaru demanded the Lady to tell him why she interrupted the fight?! Which replied by saying 2 things:

    1. Because it was the least she could do for Zoro after saving her life.

    2. Because she didn't find it fair & honorable for a warrior to harm a man who's injured in a previous fight!

    But no matter how touching her words were, Gyukimaru would not accept it, and said something that most likely relates Zoro "stealing" Shisui, which slightly surprised her. At the same time, the geisha asked the numb Zoro if he did stole the national treasure, but replied that he didn't even without telling her how he got it! In the view point of Gyukimaru, he still thinks of it as lies! But in that of the geisha, she did not sensed a single aspect of deception in Zoro's words, thus making her the 1st character besides his friends that believes in Zoro's story! The reason for this was do to her unique ability to tell whether a person was being honest or not (most likely another form of Advanced CoO), which sadly made the 2 very confused!

    Shortly after their discussion has ended, Toko screamed (with a smile) for help since she saw more of Orochi's hired Criminals heading their way! This lead Zoro to convince the weapon collector to call a temporary truce and work together, despite his arm still being numb! But in an unexpected turn of events, Gyukimaru decided to make a bet with Zoro who he begins to listen! He said to the Ronin,

    "If you can beat these scum bags better than I can, then you can have 1 weapon out of my collection!"!

    As interested as it sounds, Zoro questioned if Shisui would also be an acceptable pick if he wins, which annoyingly made the collector say yes!

    After that, they both shook hands, and began to fight, while Zoro was wielding 1 of his swords on his mouth & the other with his left hand (almost like how a handed fighter would)! However as the 1st class was about to begin, the current surprisingly fell out of nowhere. Thus ending the 2nd Act of the Wano Arc!

    Meanwhile, at what seems to be the meeting room for the Reverie, all the royal representatives including those who befriended the SH were looking up at where the roof was at with a very shocking glare! And the one they saw was non other than Monkey D Dragon himself, who said this suprising quote:

    "Attention World Government, the answer you've been waiting from us, has FINALLY ARRIVED!"

    Leaving the chapter with Break next week, but made everyone hyped up for the 2nd half of the Reverie Arc to finally begin next chapter!
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