One Piece Chapter 936 Prediction Contest

Discussion in 'Color Of Observation' started by Chris Mic, Mar 8, 2019.

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  1. Chris Mic

    Chris Mic

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    One Piece Chapter 936 Prediction Contest
    March 8th, 2019 - until spoilers come out

    Before participating, be sure to read the rules mentioned in this thread.

    Each participant can post only one prediction per chapter. They cannot post multiple predictions. All editing options have been disabled to keep the prediction contest fair. You may not ask a moderator to edit your posts, either.

    Please avoid posting off-topic comments in this thread. This thread is for predictions only. Do not add off-topic comments to your predictions. Please just comment on the member's profile instead of in this thread.

    Tip: You may not post more than one prediction, so be extra sure about your prediction before you submit. You can save the post as a draft and come back to finish it later.

    NOTE: Due to the main hosts' unavailability, we're going back to the traditional format for predictions. Post away in this thread! Don't worry, we will be back soon.
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  2. Jibon1992


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    Prediction Chapter 936
    Title : Kawamatsu "The Nine Red Scabbard"
    Cover Request : a Goat steal Okaki from Sengoku

    Raizo and Kawamatsu side
    - Raizo free Kawamatsu from the cell and tell that everyone OK
    - Kawamatsu is one of Kozuki retiner from Kinemon's flashback
    - Flashback from Kawamatsu"when Kinemon, Kanjurro, Raizo, Okiku and Momonosuke sent to future, Kawamatsu and another samurai
    arrive in Kuri Castle start protecting Kozuki Toki and Kozuki Hiyori. Kawamatsu , Hyogoro of Flower and several Samurai
    caught by Kaido then sent to jail.
    - back to current time, Raizo tell to Kawamatsu that he want Free Luffy because Luffy can help Them to fight against Kaido and Shogun. Kawamatsu agree and make a plan

    from Luffy side
    - Queen ask Luffy and Hyogoro of Flower to fight each other till one of them die, Luffy reject it and make Queen angry
    - Queen Devil fruit revealed, Ancient Zoan Dragon Dragon fruit,Ankylosaurs.
    he attack Luffy with his tail. Luffy's body cover with blood.
    - he want to attack Luffy again but Hyogoro protecting Luffy, at the same time Kawamatsu block Queen Attack with Katana he got from one of Queen Subordinate and he smile to Queen.

    editor note : "Kawamatsu" The Nine Red Scabbard protecting FUTURE!!

    Chapter End

    Picture of Ankylosaurs
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  3. Dabit

    Dabit Wanted Roger Big Mom Cracker Katakuri Smoothie

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    Chapter 936: Riot at Udon Prison
    Cover: Fan Request involving Brook

    Pages 1-7
    Queen makes old man Hyo dance and sing non stop, if he stops dancing Luffy will get executed. Old man Hyo doesn´t have much energy and his time is running out. Meanwhile, Raizo plants explosives on Kawamastu`s cell, and tell him to step back and wait for the moment to escape.
    Back at the stage were Hyo is being tortured, a big cloud of smoke covers the area, as Raizo liberates both Luffy and Hyo. Old man Hyo is being carried by Luffy, but Queen steps in, his mechanical arm shifts into a Canon and blasts Raizo point blank. At the same time the explosives on Kawamatsu´s cell go off.

    Pages 8-11
    Sanji arrives at the bath house but Nami and Robin have finished bathing, thus dressed. All he gets to see is naked Shinobu and he is disapointed. Nami and Robin comment about his Raid Suit and somebody recognizes him as the Soba man/mask.

    Pages 12-13
    Zoro is tracking some Beast Pirates that are carrying the Nidai Kitetsu, he knows it was Luffy´s sword and he wants it back. They are taking the sword to Kyoshiro.

    Pages 14-17
    Luffy and Queen start to clash, as the prisoners begin to riot over the events of Hyogoro being a respected Yakuza. Kawamatsu is another big head person (like Raizo, Orochi and Shinobu) and he goes to help Raizo who is being cornered by All Maid. The chaos is interrumpted by a shaking roar "Shiruuuuukooooo". Last panel is Big Mom raging outside of the Prison Gates.
  4. BigBadWolf


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    Chapter 936 : Dance Fight
    Chapter cover : Queen and Drunk Kaido having a dance battle while some lower ranking members and Orochi are cheering for them, Jack looks bored and King is facepalming

    Chapter starts with Queen having an idea
    Queen : Get grandpa here some nutrition first, so they can have some decent battle
    Old Maid : are you sure?
    Hyou : huh?
    Luffy : How about me?
    Queen : Shut up! you look strong enough to me
    Raizo : Kawamatsu, is that really you?
    Kawamatsu : Of course it's me, what's up? how's Lord Momonosuke?

    Grandpa Hyo then slowly but surely getting his beastly looks back

    Chapter jumped to Sanji who want to see the woman's bath, but because it's a mixed he didn't even need to use the raid suit, he's crying in regret after seeing Shinobu, Shinobu giving him the ball buster

    we then jump into Chopper group
    O-lin : I'm thirsty....
    Chopper : stop looking at me!
    Tama : maybe she can drink that water from the river?
    Kiku : don't even think about it, the water is poisonous
    Chopper : yes, the last thing we need is her having a diarrhea, wait where's... O-lin!!!
    O-lin is drinking the river water

    then we get back to Udon
    Queen : Good, good, are you full now?
    Hyou : yes, but what do you want?
    Luffy : *pouting
    Queen : I want you two to have a dance fight to the death
    Hyou : what?!
    rest of beast pirates : what?!
    Luffy : what is that?
    Queen : you see, to put it simple, you two will dance while fighting each other, if you refuse.. *queen's body is changing* I will kill that Ninja near Kawamatsu's prison then I'll decapitate both of you, do I make myself clear?
    Beast Pirates All Stars
    Queen the Plague users of Ryu Ryu no mi model Tyrannosaurus

    chapter ends
  5. Spike Spiegel

    Spike Spiegel

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    Title: Kawamatsu (Stolen because it's obvious)

    The scene starts in the snowy graveyard with Zoro chasing after the sword thief who is revealed to be the witching hour boy. The witching hour boy is actually a woman. It's Kuina(JK about Kuina part) :DankPepe

    Queen forces Hyo And Luffy to play a deadly game with the prisoners. He orders that whoever kills Hyo And Luffy will be free from the prison. However, no one moves because they respect those two.

    Queen gets angry and transform into his Zoan Form, The......ancient Zoan of a triceratops!

    Kawamatsu is released by Raizou and he stops queen before he kills Luffy and Hyo. Kawamatsu is a panda mink:steef:
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  6. Trafalgar Rao

    Trafalgar Rao The End Wanted

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    -Luffy is brutally injured
    -Kamawatsu defeat the Elephant headliner
    -Kamawatsu fifights Queen
    -Raizou escape with Luffy and Hyogoro
    -Killer appears
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  7. Fantasy_L1


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    Title: Kawamatsu of the 9 Red Scabbard!

    Cover Page: A new Mini-Arc

    At the start of the chapter, we see Queen who is still talking to Luffy & Hyougoro with all the other guards & prisoners still watching!

    The Calamity said to the 2 that he will convince Kaido to pardon them with their actions for opposing Kaido & the Shogun, by facing each other in a gladiatorial fight to the death which shocked everyone in Udon! One of the prisioners stated it wouldn't be a fair fight do to Hyou's current age as well as the fact on how strong Luffy is when he fought the guards with those shackles on! At the same time, Queen also stated that the winner will as receive a reserved spot in Kaido's crew, but Luffy & Hyou wasn't convinced by this even though they them that they will fight no matter what!

    Meanwhile, back at where the previous chapter ended, a surprised Raizo wanted to be sure if the mysterious prisoner really is Kawamatsu, where he stated that he is Kawamatsu as well as one of the 9 Red Scabbard Samurais of the Kouzuki Clan! We also get to see what he looks like, where he is about the same height as well as the fact that he has the same kind of makeup as Kanjuro does!

    After the surprise revelation, Kawamatsu once again asked Raizo if Momonosuke is ok, and the ninja (while trying to hide his tears of joy) said yes!

    However, Raizo also wanted to know how Kawamatsu ended up in a place like Udon?! And he answered by stating that he to came to this time period with the help of Lady Toki's Time Time Fruit power!

    As the conversation continued, we then get to see a page or 2 worth of flashbacks of what happened to Kawamatsu which happened 20 years ago, shortly after Momo and his retainers left to the future!

    While Oden's castle was on fire, the Kawamatsu along with the other Red Scabbard asked Lady Toki on why she didn't sent her daughter to the future along with Momo?! Toki then explained to them that Hyouri was still to young to be put in such danger! But she believed that if Hyouri were to be about the same age as Momo is, then maybe there could be a chance that the 2 of them could work together to defeat Orochi & restore their clan to its original glory!

    After listening to Toki's wish, Kawamatsu decided to volunteer in protecting Lady Hyouri on her mother's behalf until the day that the 2 siblings were to meet again! While carrying Hyouri with him, Toki used her power to create a portal (which further explains how Momo's group arrived) which lead Kawamatsu, Hyouri, as well as some other retainers of the Kouzuki clan to a period before Momo's arrival!

    After that, they had soon encountered some more members of the Moon ankled allies where they to were waiting for the return of the Kouzuki clan! Unfortunately, some of the members of the Beast Pirates found them, and a major clash between the 2 groups began! Since he afraid of putting the young Lady in danger, Kawamatsu had no choice but ask the Moon ankled people to defend to defend Hyouri for him! Despite her refusal to let one of her retainers put himself in such danger, the allies quickly took and retreated to a place where the enemies would least expect to find them, which was the last time that Hyouri was seen of herd by anyone so far! Thus leading up to the point where Kawamatsu became the my prisoner that we know today!

    Back in the present timeline, Raizo soon to shed tears as an act of respect for the risk that his fellow retainers took to save Hyouri and the fact that she could still be alive & well at the very least! But now that they have unexpected reunion, Raizou's main priority now is to save Luffy from the tragic fate that Queen will bring to him before it's too late!

    At the same time, Kawamatsu then asked the ninja on how he possibly do that if none of them can handle a Calamity individually!? Which lead the 2 to struggle for a possible idea!

    But at surprising twist of fate, 2 people in the shadow said that they know how to save Luffy as well as beating Queen, but they will only let them in if they release them from their cuffs 1st! The 2 retainers then asked who the 2 figures are, and why they should agree with their conditions?!

    Where they soon revealed themselves to be non other than a slightly injured Eustass "Captain" Kid as well as his fellow crewmember Killer (with a slightly damaged mask) who is carrying an unconscious Caribou!

    This surprise introduction has then ended the chapter without a break next week!
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  8. KDB17


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    Title: Remnants of the past
    Cover: Coby and helmeppo saving a small town

    Zoro meets someone from his past.
    Small glimpse of luffy and queen eating contest?
    Chopper and big mom eliminate some higher ups and get scared they were noticed and might get hunted down
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 13, 2019, Original Post Date: Mar 13, 2019 ---
    Title: Remnants of the past
    Cover: Coby and helmeppo saving a small town

    Zoro meets someone from his past.
    Small glimpse of luffy and queen eating contest?
    Chopper and big mom eliminate some higher ups and get scared they were noticed and might get hunted down
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 13, 2019 ---
    Title: Remnants of the past
    Cover: Coby and helmeppo saving a small town

    Zoro meets someone from his past.
    Small glimpse of luffy and queen eating contest?
    Chopper and big mom eliminate some higher ups and get scared they were noticed and might get hunted down
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  9. Thousand Milk Logh

    Thousand Milk Logh

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    Queen's Devil fruit is revealed to be the Queen model bee bee no mi fruit able to produce swarms of bees and the stings produce a plague like disease.

    Its disgusting. Raizo sees the Red Scabbard and he is thin and 20 years older but still deadly. He is released and Queens eyes go bug eyed like chapter 935 but in bee form its really disgusting!

    Raizo gets Luffy the key and Hyou as well, all out battle ensues. Lin lin and chopper and the others are on the horizon and see the prison with smoke rising from it.

    Oh and Zoro is seen searching for his sword in a graveyard but sees a ghost of ryuma and the witching hour boy.
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