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    One Piece Chapter 927 Prediction Contest Voting Thread

    Duration: Until chapter 927 spoilers comes out

    Welcome to the Color of Observation Voting Event for Chapter 927!

    Vote for the top 3 predictions of your choice in the poll above. All predictions are anonymous until the voting period is over. Please remember the rules for voting. You can view the rules here. PARTICIPANTS, DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF!

    Here are the rewards:

    1st Place: 1,000 Bounty Points
    2nd Place: 500 Bounty Points
    3rd Place: 350 Bounty Points

    All Other Participants: 200 Bounty Points (for simply participating and providing a proper prediction.)

    We will announce the winners (after spoilers come out for this chapter) in this thread.

    Please no inappropriate posts in this thread.

    Let the voting begin!

    927: Prisoner´s execution.
    Cover page: Fan request.

    The shadowy figure from chapter 926 is revealed to be another chef, known as the best Soba chef in Wano. He challeges Sanji to a cookoff, in which the looser would have to stop cooking for ever. The challenger tries to cheat Sanji but Sanji realizes it with his CoO before the cheating cook could do anything, and Sanji wins the cookoff. The judges are sumo wrestlers, or at least one of them is.

    Queen is revealed to be the ruler of the Udon province and warden of the prison Luffy and Kid are in.
    Luffy and Kid are sentenced to be punished for what happened to Dopon, (executed or have their hand cut off).
    The bone spitting prisoner from 924 talks to Luffy and it´s revealed he is one of Oden´s retainers (denjiro or kawamatsu).
    He tells Luffy he reminds him of Oden.

    The exacution is about to begin, as the executioner´s blade is about to slice Luffy a big cloud of smoke appears, and both Luffy and Kid turn into logs!!. Ninpo:Substitution jutsu" and "Shambles", Raizo and Law make their epic entrance, rescuing them in the nick of time!! Luffy tells Raizo they have to go back after the bone spitting prisoner cause he is Denjiro/Kawamatsu and they go, but Queen is pissed, and already on the move after them.

    Title: The Shogun of Wano Country: Kurozumi Orochi
    Cover: A fan request of Franky and Usopp welding with a badger and chipmunk.

    Pages 1-5: O-Robi is dancing with seven other geisha in the living room of one of Orochi's most important retainers whose name is Suton Korudo (literary means stone, cold), which is reflective of his personality.

    While his guests are entertained, Korudo does not give the impression that he's enjoying the performance. It's revealed that he is Orochi's chief-of-staff, which makes him one of his most important retainers.

    In his conversations with his guests, Korudo reveals that he is aware of the rebellion's symbol since he sent one of his own personal retainers to spy on his own personal retainers, but he also doesn't reveal anything that is exactly super important or specific, which shows that he is very careful with his words and aware that there might be a spy listening to what he is saying.

    Pages 6-7: Franky is looking at the blueprint of his design of the weapon to destroy Kaido inside Minatomo's workshop. But when he (Minatomo) comes in, Frankly quickly hides the blueprint and goes on continuing with carpentry work.

    Page 7: Ikkaku of the Heart Pirates (disguised as servant) informs Robin that she has been summoned to the Shogun's palace.

    Pages 8-9: The boat Zoro was on has arrived at its destination, which is revealed to be another of Wano called Takoshima (Octopus Island).

    Page 9-11: Robin is inside a cart driven by another member of the Heart Pirates who gives her some updates on what is going on.

    Pages 11-14: Robin arrives at the palace where she is quickly escorted by guards who take her up to the main room. The guards asks permission to enter, which they are granted. Robin notices that the throne room is essentially one giant mirror, she deduces that it is for the purpose of preventing assassination attempts.

    Shogun Kurozumi Orochi is revealed:
    -Tall by normal human standards
    -Dark hair
    -A long goatee
    -Very expensive purple clothing
    -Two scabbards on his hips with very intricately detailed sword handles been shown.

    Orochi: 'Perform for me, O-Robi.'

    The end

    No Break Next Week

    Title: Orochi

    The chapter begins with Luffy and Kid being put back into their cells along with Old man Hyou and being warned that when the chief Jailor returns they're gonna be sorry. Luffy chuckles a bit and saying he's excited to see if the chief jailor looks as funny as the hippo man. Hyou gets nervous and tells Luffy that the chief jailor doesn't get called to the factory unless it's important. Hyou then starts coughing and holds his stomach from hunger. Luffy looks and reaches into his pocket and hands Hyou some Dango that he saved from his meal. Hyou cry's joy as he hasn't eaten a good meal in months.

    Luffy notices Kid staring at him but he looks away. Luffy asks why Hyou was thrown into jail and Hyou reveals that he was once a follower of Oden but when he died 20 years ago he was thrown into jail under the orders of the shogun Orochi. Luffy recognizes the name and asks who is he. Hyou says “ He comes from the Kurozumi family, a long line of samurai who have been feuding with the Kozuki clan since Wano was first founded. Orochi and Oden had been long enemies since childhood and when Oden left Wano Orochi followed and disgraced himself in his family's eyes. Word was it that in the outside world the two grew to hate each other even more so. He returned years later with Kaido as his ally. He slaughtered his entire family and the Kozuki clan to take position as Shogun.”

    Luffy asks if he was a pirate and Hyou says that there were rumors he was apart of Kaido’s crew however nobody dares to ask. Luffy asks how strong the Shogun is and Hyou says “ I've been in here for 20 years, but if that monster is still the same then his strength is only surpassed by Kaido himself.” Cut to a giant temple where on the inside is a bunch of gambling games are going on and sake is being passed out to participants and Beast Pirates alike. We also see a line of geisha girls entering a private room with Robin being one of them. They enter the room and walk on stage to start performing a dance. Robin looks around and sees a giant figure in the back speaking with a smaller figure. We move in closer and one of the figures is none other than Kaido drinking away.

    Kaido remarks how he was so disappointed in Luffy and thought he might actually bring him some excitement in his life. The other figure across from him says “ If you hadn't taken care of him he would have been running amuck throughout Wano. We’ve got enough problems with talk of an uprising starting.” Kaido asks if he's actually worried about the stupid prophecy Toki said years ago. The figure comments that it's not the curse he's worried about it's the citizens of Wano's interpretation of the curse. He says “ Hope can be one of the worst things a ruler faces as you can't simply stab it or shoot it to make it go away.” We hear a woman scream as Kaido and the figure turn as see a drunk guest has entered the stage and is trying to pay one of the geisha girls to pleasure him.

    Robin is about to step in when suddenly the shadowy figure appears behind the man and tells him “ You dare interrupt such a beautiful dance for your personal pleasure!?! The punishment is death!” It's revealed that the other figure is none other than Kurozumi Orochi, current Shogun and first mate of the Beast Pirates. Orochi has a tattoo of 7 serpent heads flowing from his back onto his chest and one circling up to his neck looking like it's about to bite him. He also has 2 different swords on his hips. The guest pleads for his life but Orochi grows in height and grows 7 extra heads from his neck. It's revealed that Orochi ate the mythical Snake Snake Fruit model: Hydra. Two of his heads grab his swords while the other six say “ You know the word of the Shogun is law, pleading for your life is just pathetic and futile.” Orochi slices the guest and returns to his normal form. He apologizes to the young geisha girls and tells them to take a few minutes to rest so they can prepare for their next dance. They leave and Robin notices Orochi has his eyes on her smiling.

    Title: An Unforeseen Fate in Wano!
    Cover Page: Fan Requests

    The chapter begins a few hours after the ending of the last chapter. With the help of some prisoners who have some knowledge on first-aid, they managed to recover Grandpa Hyou after enduring the loss of his arm at the hands of one of the guards.

    Soon after that, Hyou then thanked Luffy for helping him, but also warned him & Kid to be very careful, because the Head Warden of Udon Prison will not go easy on those who would oppose him or his subordinates!

    However, the 2 Supernovas said to the Old guy that they have went through a lot of troubles like that before, and made It out alive, so it won't be really in to them. At the same time surprisingly, some of the prisioners who saw them in action began to praise almost the same way Bartolomeo would!

    Meanwhile, at an office area of the prison, one of the guards rushed into where the Head Warden is, and informed him about the beating that Dobon went through by the 2 Supernovas! The Head Warden asked the Guard if he had any evidence of their involvement with Dobson's defeat, but unfortunately he hesitated do to how the event played out. Without any solid proof of who really did it, the Head Warden ordered him to tell all of the other guards in the sector to bring all the prisoners who were possible witnesses at that fight (including Luffy & Kid), and bring them to the Pit of Shattered Spirits (the name is actually in Japanese by Oda)!

    Also, in the last panel, it was revealed in a text box that the Head Warden's real name was Ortherus, who has eaten a Dog Smile that only gives Half of his full body a dog-like feature, but also actually Dog head, thus literally being a man with 2 Heads!

    At an unforeseen area in the Kuri Region, the citizens who have received the note that Usopp gave in the last chapter had all gathered together in one place! At the same time, a field of tents were set in the area, and 1 by 1, each of the Moon ankled allies went in & went through same series tests as a part of their interrogation!

    The main reason that this is happening is related the fact that since they have arrived from 20 long years into the future through Lady Toki's powers, they needed to be sure that non of the believers are spies sent by Kaido & Orochi to ensure that Oden's last wish never comes to fruition! Because if there were spies, and they let him/her in without being suspected, then that person(s) could warn the enemy about their plan during the Fire Festival, which could horribly ruin their element of surprise!

    However, Usopp and the others ensures the Kouzuki clan that they not allow any spies get past our inner sanctum undetected!

    In the last page of the chapter, Zoro was still in the the Wharf, but the driver (despite still being mad at him for not paying the food yet) tells him that they are not far from the nearest docking area, which made Zoro feel good.

    At the same time in the forest near the river, a mysterious man was spying on Zoro, but he was at a distance where his Observation Haki couldn't reach the man's current location! And in a shocking the man was revealed through a silhouette as non other Kamazou - The Manslayer! Thus convincing a lot of fans fans that the very next chapter will be an amazing fight between the 2 Rouge Samurais!

    The chapter ends with no break next week!

    927 - Legendary Samurai Kawamatsu

    Luffy and Kid are getting stronger and start planning their prison break. Caribou will help too.

    Luffy and Kidd talks to the mysterious man in prison.

    Queen comes to torture them.

    Meanwhile Nekomamushi comes back with the message for Luffy. While Shutenmaru is still reluctant, we see Zoro.

    Chapter ends with the reveal of Kawamatsu

    Chapter title: Shogun
    Cover page: Bartholomeo spreading the fame of SH and gathering allies

    Chapter starts with Kaido underlings to queen that "Deputy wardon Dabon" got defeated by newly joined Kids in prison cell. Queen gets pissed off and asks how did they defeat even though they were in sea stone handcuffs and orders them to lock them in the torture cell that was used to torture the people who went against them and talks to himself that he has found a new method to torture them. He says that he personally come and remove one of their hands according to the law and further tortures them.

    Scene changes to Hawkins searching for the whereabouts of the law and other alliance members and informs to his people that to identify them by giving wanted posters of law and other straw hat members and warns them that not to mention "pirate" word and some one comes and mocks him that "How pathethic of you to let Law escape eventhough he was nailed by sea stone nails" and Hawkins turns back and exclaims with annoying face "Apoo!" and he asks what are you doing here. Apoo replies that "I heard someone gathering many ladies and samurai by providing them rations and food which is named "The sangoro soba stall" in the Shogun Orochi area so I came to check on the orders of Kaido. Also someone is saying to be distributing Kozuki clan symbol pamphlets. Orochi is very much pissed off and his fear came back again"

    Hawkins says that "it seems Kaido-san ruining Kozuki castle wasn't enough for the Lord Orochi to overcome his cautious nature".

    Scene changes to gathering of Geisha to which owner of the Geisha selects some people and tells them that please shogun as much as possible for their prosperity and any mistake would mean death.

    Robin was one of the geisha who was selected for entering the castle. Robin along with other geisha enters shogun castle and bows down before shogun and shogun has been shown. He is shown a worried look as he was informed that some one has distributing pamphlets with Kozuki clan symbols and feared that rebellion may takes place as a prophecy given by Lady Oden. Some one comes with a hurry and says to shogun that some one has been attacking the people at the castle and the person is looking like the magistrate killer.

    At the entrance of the shogun castle Zoro is shown attacking the people while shouting "Where am I. This look like big castle so this must be prison so Luffy mus be here". As he was attacking and going forward a samurai blocks his way. He is "Kishiro".

    Chapter ends with no break next week


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