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    One Piece Chapter 920 Prediction Contest Voting Thread

    Duration: Until chapter 920 spoilers comes out

    Welcome to the Color of Observation Voting Event for Chapter 920!

    Vote for the top 3 predictions of your choice in the poll above. All predictions are anonymous until the voting period is over. Please remember the rules for voting. You can view the rules here. PARTICIPANTS, DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF!

    Here are the rewards:

    1st Place: 1,000 Bounty Points
    2nd Place: 500 Bounty Points
    3rd Place: 350 Bounty Points

    All Other Participants: 200 Bounty Points (for simply participating and providing a proper prediction.)

    We will announce the winners (after spoilers come out for this chapter) in this thread.

    Please no inappropriate posts

    Let the voting begin!

    Title: Back to the Reverie: We need to talk about Monkey D. Luffy
    Cover: The Straw Hat Grand Fleet navigators

    Ham Burger: 'Next topic: Monkey D. Luffy. Who would like to start?'

    The queen not named Mororon raises her hand, Ham Burger gives her the nod and it is revealed that her name is Nobella.

    Nobella: 'We cannot decide policy based on what Big News Morgans says; the decisions we make must be rooted in facts and evidence. But that is not to say that Monkey D. Luffy is not dangerous because that is exactly what he is. He is not dangerous because of the the destruction he causes; he is not dangerous because of the ideas he expresses; he is dangerous because he has absolutely no regard for the established order and unlike his father; his actions have not been part of a grand plan and as a queen of a North Blue Kingdom, I know exactly what it is like to deal with the methodical. All of us know that Big Mom was not defeated by Luffy in the physical sense, otherwise she would've already lost portions of her core territory. Luffy defeated her in the sense that he successfully escaped from her core territory whilst achieving his objective. Instead of targeting him, we should target his followers especially that so-called Straw Hat Grand Fleet.'

    Other kings and queens give their replies and the discussion goes on for 7 pages.

    Pages 8-12: Vivi, Rebecca and Shirahoshi having a conversation with each other with Mjosgard's personal bodyguards protecting them

    Pages 13-18: Sabo, Lindberg, Karasu and Morley taking out guards and they do finally manage to reach Kuma, but what they do next is not revealed.

    Page 18: Monkey D. Dragon is standing on a rooftop with none other than Koshiro. Monkey D. Garp is on the ground and has his eyes fixated on his son.

    Monkey D. Garp: 'So you've finally decided to actually move ahead with your dream?'

    Monkey D. Dragon: 'Father, please move aside.'

    Monkey D. Garp: 'I'm afraid I cannot do that.'

    Monkey D. Dragon: 'Then I'm afraid you leave me no choice.'

    Dragon blows a strong gust of wind towards Garp but he manages to deflect it with his CoA-infused fist (there isn't any damage to the buildings, meaning that it was deflected up in the air).

    Title: The prophecy

    Wano 20 years ago
    3 days before the castle is burning down Oden was in the castle with his retainers.

    Orochi was there too, he was a retainer too. Oden tells his retainers he plan to open the border of Wano. Kinemon is happy as well as Kiku, he hear about Oden journeys with the outsiders named Whitebeard and Roger. He saw them both as they were sitting in the garden under the Sakura trees. Both were secretly there because the citizens fear strangers.

    But for Orochi the world out of Wano is not worthy to visit Wano. He fears that the traditions will be ruined, if too many influences come to Wano.

    He visits a tea house where he met a guy, it was King the first desaster of Kaidou in disguise. They drink together and Orochi tells in his drunken state about Odens plan and some strangers that were in Odens castle, despite that this was a secret to the citizens of Wano right now. All citizens in the teahouse are outraged by this information. King tells his men to spread the news all over Wano with some other details about Oden. Oden was once a pirate and plans to destroy Wano. King tells Orochi he should help him to save Wano from this evil ruler. Orochi struggles first but King persuade him by giving him the title of the shogun if Oden dies, since Orochi was a loyal servant to his land.

    Oden visits his wife, as she was sitting in the garden. Oden is happy and tells her that all retainer will help him with his dream. Odens wife Sayo is not happy with it. Oden ask her why she is in such a bad mood.

    „Your dream may come true my husband“ she said.

    „So you see it already with your ability right?“

    Oden asked her. „The eclipse of the moon is near, blood and fire will appear soon “ she answer.

    Oden is shocked to hear it.

    Title: The Prophecy of 20 years ago
    Cover page: A Color Spread in honor of Dragon's Birthday, which could possibly give fans a major foreshadow involving Dragon along with the rest of his family!

    The chapter starts off where the end of the last chapter left off, with a shocking SH asking Kinemon & the others if they are really people who have traveled 20 years into the future?! Without any signs of doubts or hesitation, they 100% confirmed it!

    This shocking revelation undoubtedly gave both Luffy & Chopper the same reaction they had when the 1st encountered both the Franky Shogun & Raizo! But unfortunately this didn't amaze Zoro & the others (who were the mature people in the group that moment), because they find very impossible for 5 people (including Momo most importantly) to have looked the same for over 2 decades without a single sign of aging! However Kinemon did say that it was true, and was very well explained by telling them yet another secret that their clan has kept so far!

    During Kinemon's explanation, he said the deep inside the Mountains of the Oden Castle, lies a cave, and at the end of it was a special gate that can only be opened by those who have blood ties of the Kouzuki clan. Behind it bears a powerful artifact that their clan has been guarding for over 800 years!

    Motivated by this fascinating information, Luffy along with the other SH has then decided to go there and she what this artifact really is and how its ability to time travel works!? However despite the excitement, Kinemon & Kiku had warned them that the cave that leads to the artifact is heavily armed of security which means that getting in or out will not be so easy for any of them! But in the end Luffy was still determined to go there and was will to accept that kind of risk!

    A few hours later, the group arrived at the entrance of the cave along with Kinemon & Momo being there with them! The Kouzuki group explained to the SH & Heart alliance that since it was Booby trapped like they had mentioned earlier, they strongly recommend the entire unit to stay together and not touch anything until they reach the gate! But Luffy as usual carelessly walked in & accidentally pressed a floor button to activate the cave's 1st trap which got the entire crew terrified, however the original monster trio was able to save everyone by destroying the traps with their attacks! Luffy later apologized to the unit that was scared/angry at him and are now going to keep a very sharp eye on him in order to prevent another incident or at least mitigate the consequences when setting off more traps. After that the unit then continued on their journey to the gate.

    Meanwhile at a differently new area of Wano, we see a few Samurais who happens to famous & important people (as said in each of their own respective text boxs) went to a room for a very important meeting!

    And inside that meeting room revealed a fully armored Samurai who happens to be non other than the current Shogun of Wano - Kurozumi Orochi!

    As the meeting was about to begin, the Shogun took off his helmet, but his full face was not revealed, only in the same silhouetted way as Imu was! However as the meeting began, one of the Shogun's top subordinates has told him about the recent activities involving the incident with Urashima, as well as the Headliner Holdem being deafeated at the hands of some nobodys! But to make matters worse they even told Orochi that one of the people behind the incidents claimed to have ties with the Kouzuki clan!

    After learning those unbelievable informations, Orochi (who was talking almost like Madara Uchiha) then said to his subordinates,

    "So it would seem that the prophecy that I had once looked down upon was no lie after all! The remaining followers of Oden - The 9 Red Scabbard Samurais of the Kouzuki clan will finally return after 20 years to finish me once & for all!"

    After that epic speech, one of the subordinates then asked Orochi on how to them before it's too late? And he replied with the fact that the story of him vanquishing the Kouzuki was built on a lie, however the information on their return could give him the opportunity to finally end that "accursed" family for good!

    Those words of the Shogun had gotten his men to praise him, but Orochi also said that we must not let the information on the Kouzuki's return be spread to country otherwise it will cause a massive panic thus endangering their title in the process! In other words, they finish off the rest of Oden's followers swiftly & secretly which made the top subordinates agree on this plan!

    Chapter ends with no break next week!

    Title: The story of Oden Kozuki
    More fan request drawings

    Luffy and The curly hats are all in shock by what Kin’emon has said. Luffy asks how Kin’emon and the others are from the future. Kin’emon tells him that he will tell them but that he must first talk about the life of his master, Oden Kozuki. 80 years ago Oden’s grandfather shut Wano’s borders from the world. And when he died Oden's father took the throne as Shogun of Wano. And 55 years ago Oden was born. As a child he showed that he was completely different from his father or grandfather. He was always fascinated with the outside world as he wished to see what it looked like. This dream was furthered by his retainer Scopper Gaban as Scopper always wished to see the outside world too. When Oden turned 18 he and Scopper managed to leave the boarders of Wano to go and sail the sea.

    They went to Zou and picked up Neko and Inu and sailed around for a year before meeting Gol D Roger. They hit it off and Oden along with his retailers sailed with them for years until Whitebeard offered Oden a place in his crew in which he accepted. While Scopper was still loyal to Oden he wished to stay with Roger and sail with him while Neko and Inu went with Oden. When Oden turned 25 he returned to Wano only to discover that his father had died and the throne was taken by Orochi. While Oden was no longer royalty he still was a dayomo and had a say in Wano’s politics. He eventually married a woman by the name of Ochazuke who was a fortune teller and an activist in wanting to open up Wano’s boarders. So the two along with the remaining retainers of Oden ( Kin’emon, Kanjuro, and Raizo) spent years trying to convince the people to open up the boarders and they became very close And During that time Momo was born.

    20 years ago Oden came very close to opening up the boarders but it turns out Orochi had made a deal with Kaido to kill Oden’s father to gain the throne. Orochi sent Kaido to go and kill Oden and his followers and they were all captured. Luffy asks how did they get to the future and Kin’emon mentions that it turns out that Ochazuke had a secret witch ability ( a devil fruit) which allowed her to control time. They managed to escape for a short time and right before they were caught again she opened a portal and sent Momo and Oden's retainers into the future. Before they left she told them to search for the 9 samurai that will help take down Kaido and by proxy Orochi. Everyone is in shock by learning this and Kin’emon says he sorry that he couldn't tell them sooner, but he had to see if it was true. Luffy asks what that means and Kin'emon tells them that Luffy and the straw hats are the nine samurai who Ochazuke told them about.

    The chapter ends with Tama returning to her home with speed as she calls for her master. He runs out and tells Tama to run away but Speed grabs her and smiles saying that she is no longer her servant. We see a bunch of Beast Pirates surround the two as a giant figure appears from the shadows asking where Straw Hat Luffy is. The figure is none other than Jack the Drought.

    Titel: Uranus, the ancient weapon!
    Cover: The end of the cover story of the Strawhat alliance

    - Chapter starts with Kinemon who reveal how they travel in to the future.
    - When Oden was with the Roger crew, he learn more about the ancient weapons.
    - Before Roger let him catch by Garp and the Navy he give his Ancient weapon to Oden!
    -Only Oden knows how he can active Uranus as weapon, after he get killed by Kaido and the Shogun the ancient weapon was took by Kaido...
    -The Yonkou Kaido plan something with the Uranus but he can´t use it, he need Momonosuke(the only one who possibly know how to use Uranus) to use Uranus, because that Kinemon ask Luffy to protect Momo..
    -The Strawhats are shocked about the whole thing about Uranus....

    -Scene switch to Hawkins who make a call phone with someone of the beast pirates. It is the leader of the five stars(Strongest fighters after the Calamity) who are in the headquarter who Kaido rules/lives.. He said that Jack and one other of the five stars ahead to Kuri with a large army. Basil ask for more help because he don´t think that even Jack and one of the five stars are enough to stop/beat the Strawhats. Basil and the other beast pirates/Samurai prepare for the upcomming fight...

    -Scene switch to Zoro who lose the way again and reach Okobore(nearly), when he look at the city he see flammes and destroyed house, people of Okobore run away and crying. Jack and his army punish Okobore, some fodder beast pirates try to attack Zoro but he slash them easily. Before Zoro can finish the last fodder someone attack him behind. It is one of the five stars(Bounty 580mio) who attack Zoro. And Jack arrive behind Zoro...
    -Zoro face both Jack and one of the five stars...

    -Chapter ends, break next week....

    Chapter Title: Tragedy
    cover request with Katakuri
    Kinemon and the rest start telling the story of what happened 20 years ago.
    We see Oden in the flashback ... Roger and his crew appear too.
    The Shogun's silhouette appears.

    The story of how Yonko Kaido took over Wano Country is told.
    We also get the story of when exactly Kin and the rest travelled in time and arrived at Wano
    Looks like Kin and the other 4 aren't the only ones who traveled forward in time.

    The 3 calamities are the rulers of 3 big regions of Wano, the regions are named and so are the calamities.
    We get all kinds of ranks and groups in the beast pirates.
    Kin and the others describe the strength of Kaido's crew and the calamities and describes the Beast Pirates as the strongest Yonko Crew. Kin tells the whereabout of Team Zoro (Usopp, Franky, Robin) and what they're doing at the moment.

    Sanji asks about the Marimo and Luffy tells him that he got lost moments before Luffy reunites with them.
    Sanji will go look for Zoro :eek:

    Jack appears and receives the news of what happened to Holdem in Bakura Town, he's pissed.

    END, break next week.

    Chapter 920 : Tragedy of Kozuki Clan
    Cover Story : Fan request

    Kinemon : 25 years ago lord Oden returned from his legendary vogue of Raftel.
    He learned the the truth of void century.

    Lord Oden was loved by his people . In his era Kuri wasn't as it is now. The land had clean water, food was available for everyone , people were happy and wealthy.

    Kinemon, Momo and O-Kiku start crying..

    Sanji : We know that , he was part of pirate Kings crew then what happened ?

    Kinemon : The real tradegy started 22 years ago after Pirate King Rogers public execution

    Luffy : What ?

    Kinemon : After knowing the true history and the truth about void century, lord Oden decided to open the border of wano kuni. But of course many officials and specially Shogun Orochi was against that idea.

    Luffy : So that Orochi is bad guy..

    Kinemon : They were afraid of getting dethroned and didn't wanted lose their power.. Lord Oden was popular among common people's and was very influential..

    Momosuke : My parents were loved by people of wano (start crying)

    Kinemon : Once friend and brother in arm of Lord Oden , Shogun Orochi changed and become foe.

    He start spreading propoganda against lord Oden and his retainers. He started spread lies and rumours that lord Oden was trying to open the borders of Wano Kuni so he can take over the country with the help of pirate Kaido.

    Luffy : Kaido ?

    Momo : He killed my parents (crying)

    Kinemon : After Pirate King Rogers death he was seeking for that title. But his real motive was unknown.

    Orochi used this opportunity and leaked the information about Kozuki clans secret to pirate Kaido.

    After that , Kaido start invading Wano Kuni. We with lord Oden fought against beast pirates for 2 years .
    But meanwhile Orochi keep his propoganda against lord Oden. Unfortunately people started to fall for it. People starts lose their faith on lord Oden.

    Finally 20 years ago...Orochi and Kaido made their final move. When Kaido invaded Kuri with his all force. ..

    Momo, Kiku and Kin start crying ..

    To be continue .
    Break Next Week (The End)


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    Voted!!!! You guys rock!
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    Keep up the good work everyone! Voted!
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    Voted, good luck to everyone : )
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    Voting closed for 920 predictions. Will award winners later.

    921 voting thread coming soon :D
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    1st Place: @Predaking123 (Entry #4) - 1,000 Bounty Points!

    2nd Place: @Le-Sanna (Entry #3), @Xlaw (Entry #7) - 500 Bounty Points Each!

    3rd Place: @Fantasy_L1 (Entry #2), @Mr. Kishido (Entry #6) - 350 Bounty Points Each!

    Participants: 250 Bounty Points Each!
    @TMWRS (Entry #1), @playa4321 (Entry #5)

    All Bounty Rewards have been processed.

    Thank you for being part of the OJ prediction contest event! See ya next time :>
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