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Discussion in 'Manga Spoilers' started by ardym, Jan 13, 2016.


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    Ah, the good old "You're just jealous" argument. Where would we be without it?

    I simply mentioned that this reveal of Sanji's past is disappointing, in my opinion. I suppose I should either (1) kiss Oda's ass for every decision he makes or (2) keep my mouth shut if I ever dislike anything. Or is it that I dislike something you like that annoys you? Either way, if all you're trying to do is be an ass, you take that somewhere else.

    Nami and Absalom, Sanji and Charlotte

    by "prince of some sort" I meant just that, "of some sort." Like the "Pirate King" isn't really a "King" either.

    You don't need to be around forums and such glean something like that from him calling himself Mr. Prince, Oda talking about Sanji's birth, and that we don't really know much about Sanji's backstory.

    And even if people hadn't predicted him being a prince "of some sort" I would still be disappointed by this revelation. I'm not saying that it is bad storytelling or anything like that. I simply do not find it interesting.

    It isn't romance, but arranged/forces marriage is a rather Romance-story trope, is it not? And now it appeared twice in the Manga. By the by, that wasn't criticism from me, but more an observation.
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