Spoilers One Piece Chapter 722 [SPOILERS]

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    Doflamingo looks f#ck#n awesome on that pic :D
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    Is that Fujitora on that last pic?
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    I think it's CC, beside Dofla right?
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    Summary thanks to Aohige [First Half]
    Chapter 722: Linage of Royalty
    Coverstory: Caribou swallows the the weapon factory whole into his swamp

    The crowd boos and openly insults Rebecca, much to Luffy's anger.
    He screams whatever grampa did shouldn't matter, as he thinsk about Garp and Chinjao, to which the prisoners agree.
    The other gladiators of block D also mocks Rebecca for being a heel worse than Bartoromeo.

    Cavendish enters riding a horse, and tells the crowd to behave yourselves.
    The crowd cheers for Cavendish to take down the hated woman, but he responds to them shut up.
    You people who would not put your own lives at stake have no right to mock this young woman standing here on the ring.
    If you want to kill the girl so badly, why don't you take up arms and come down to this ring!
    Cavendish says he entered this tournament for a reason, but he absolutely abhors it.
    Lives of warriors are not for show!

    Luffy cheers at Cavendish, saying he's opinion of him has bettered. "though I still don't like you!" lol

    The crowd forgets about Rebecca and cheers Cavendish on.
    Another warrior sympathizes with Caven, assuming he doesn't like how selfish the crowd is, but Caven (with a gag face and snot-face lol) does the sparkle eyes as he loves the attention. "It's been 3 years since I had these!"

    Rebecca thanks Caven, but he says It's true that their attitude pissed me off, and I feel for you, but we're still opponents here, so just forget about it.
    Caven then goes on contemplating (as in speaking out loud) what kind of fabulous news will be written about him
    The gong to start the block fight rings!
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    As the D block gladiators face off, panels showing named gladiators.
    Cavendish, Slayman, Ohrumbus, Rebecca etc.

    Meanwhile at the Flower Garden underground, the toy soldier gives a speech to the dwarven revolutionaries.
    Usopp listens to the plan well, and contemplates the timing to flee

    Meanwhile Wicca guides Zoro back to the ship. She says Jora is a formidable foe.
    She also tells him of the three who destroyed the Dressrosa army by themselves.. Trebol, Diamante, and Pica.
    Wicca remembers them well as she's actually older than she looks, 27 yrs old
    Sanji and Kin joines the duo. Sanji wants to go help Nami as well.
    Violet appears before them, and warns Sanji that Jora has stolen the ship and is headed to Green Bit

    Meanwhile on the ship...
    Brooks and Jora are getting along fine, both being artists. (painter and a singer)
    She torments the other three by creating a painting representing what happened to Dressrosa a decade ago.
    In 10 minutes or so, all three of them will become part of the painting forever, and die.
    Brook helps her by playing a music to contribute to the painting. He asks her for his violin back.
    The bow of the violin is a hidden sword, he slices up Jora with it before she even knew what happened, saving the trio.

    Meanwhile, Dofla and Fujitora are standing and sitting by as defeated Law lies on the ground near by.
    Dofla explains to Law...

    800 years ago, 20 kings from 20 nations gathered at the center of the world to create what later became known as the World Government.
    19 of kings moved into Mariejois with their families, and became known as the creators, and their descendants become known as the Celestial Dragons.
    Only Nefertari of Alabasta refused to move in, and stayed in their country.

    With their kings gone, the nations chose their next kings.
    To put that in perspective for Dressrosa, the newly appointed kings were the Riku Royalty.
    The former Royalty who moved to Mariejois as the creators were the Donquixote family.

    End of chapter
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    Oh snap it looks like that is Fujitora!
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