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    Chapter Is Out - http://orojackson.com/threads/one-piece-chapter-721.1908/

    This topic is for posting and discussing One Piece Chapter 721 spoilers. Please be sure to read the spoiler rules and do not speak about the spoilers outside this thread until the chapter comes out.


    One Piece Chapter 721 Spoilers Below
    Chapter 721: Rebecca and the toy soldier
    Coverstory: Caribou enters Scotch's mouth, making him swallow (and choke on?) part of his swamp-self

    Rebecca cries the toy soldier will surely die.
    She explains to Luffy that they are no different than humans, they become friends to friendless, brothers to brotherless, and lovers to the loveless.
    Ever since she lost her only family, her mother, the soldier has been with her, he's like a parent to her.

    Luffy scoops up the food he dropped to eat, while Rebecca looks at him speechless.
    He tells her she doesn't look like a prisoner, and she tells him they'll meet again at the championship finals.
    The ring is repaired and the D block is starting, Rebecca leaves Luffy and heads for the ring...

    Flashback starts
    Rebecca lives with her mother, who gather flowers and sells them.
    Meanwhile in Dressrosa, apparently the king has gone mad and set fire on a village.
    The kingdom is set aflame (likely due to revolts from losing the trusts of the citizens)
    Group of rebels attack Rebecca ad her mother, as a citizen cries out to Scarlet, the mother, to run.
    The man leading the chase seems to be young Diamante.

    Scarlet and Rebecca are on the run, but they are starved from not eating for two days in a row..
    Scarlet goes back to the town to buy food for her daughter, but is killed in the process.
    The toy soldier comes running back to Rebecca, carrying the corpse of her mother.
    As Rebecca eats the food her mother brought her with her life, the soldier explains that there's a new king in Dressrosa,
    and they're looking to capture anyone related to the old king, including her mother.
    He vows to always be by her side, and to protect her even if costs him his life.
    Rebecca rejects him, and runs away crying, blaming the soldier for not being able to protect Scarlet.

    Meanwhile in Dressrosa, Doflamingo takes the throne, blaming the former king for turning on his people.
    He promises the citizens of wealth.

    As the toy soldier and Rebecca spends time together, she develops affections for him, and opens up to him.
    He finds a home for Rebecca to stay in as he work for her living. He cannot enter the house, so he tells her he'll leave a petal of flower through the window every morning to remind her he's always near by.

    Some days pass, and Rebecca gradually grows up.
    The soldier acts as a guardian, fending off bullies from her as well as boys who wants to date her.
    But one day, group of thieves enter the house thinking there's only a little girl living there alone.
    As the thugs tie up Rebecca, the toy soldier comes rushing in, shooting them with guns.

    The soldier is now a wanted man, and Rebecca leaves the house with him.
    As they travel together, the soldier teaches her how to fight. How to keep herself from any harm.

    End of flashback

    As block D starts and Rebecca enters the ring, the crowd boos at the sight of her.
    Because she is a linage of the Riku Royal family, she is hated by the whole island.
    They tell her to go die, and wishes to finally see her cut to pieces...
    hearing this Luffy snaps and enrages at the crowd.
    The prisoners explains him her royal linage and the reason why she's hated...

    End of chapter. Break next week, back in WSJ 44

    Thanks to Aohige
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