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    srry i cant post it becoz i cant hide it..!!

    Fixed By Capn

    Thanks to CCC
    Title: Blizzard with a chance of Slime
    Cover: Franky arm-wrestles a gorilla while Robin interferes

    Tashigi notices and attacks Luffy but he easily catches her and remarks how weak Smokey's gotten.
    Smoker attacks with his jutte, and Luffy is surprised at how strong glasses-girl is. Robin realizes that it's because of Law's power, and she says so.
    Luffy: "You're... Smokey!?" *bursts out laughing*
    "Let's fight properly next time. There's no point in going at it if you're not at full strength."

    Franky destroys the gate with his beam.
    Bits of slime fall from the sky onto the escaping Marines' ship and emit poison gas. It attacks the Marines.
    Those who touch it are poisoned, and when they burn it, it explodes and incinerates the whole ship. Tons of people die.
    Slime bits start falling on Luffy's group. At the same time, Caesar appears.
    Caesar tells Luffy and Smoker to wait a bit longer. Because the slime hates water, in order to cross the lake it's shooting pieces of itself across.

    Zoro and co. nonchalantly stare at the slime from across the lake.

    Caesar: "From the blazing to the frozen lands...!! When the entirety of the slime reaches here, you'll all be consumed!! Four years ago, the-"
    Luffy: "Gotcha!!"
    Caesar: "Ehhh!!"
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