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Discussion in 'My Hero Academia' started by Shanksette, Feb 8, 2018.

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    As you recall, Horikoshi drew the class 1-A in Fantasy RPG outfits for the 2nd popularity poll.
    Then he made more drawings in order to also have Momo, Kaminari, and others who hadn't made the top 10. Last season, one of the endings adapted a few shots of this medieval fantasy alternate universe, and it sparked a spree of fanarts and fanlove.

    And just yesterday, this Tumblr post came out, translating part of the 3rd official BnHA light novel, a whole story which takes place in that AU! This is official content. And it seems it's only the first of a series. How cool would it be to have an OVA adapting this [:3]? I'm hyped as hell!!

    Here's the beginning:


    Once upon a time, the world was ruled by a fearsome devil. For a long time he oppressed the humans and even robbed them of their wills, and thus continued his exploitations as he saw fit.

    However, within this long period of despair, a brave group of people sought out to put an end to this long period of despair. These men and women were called heroes who believed in the defeat of the evil ruler. Among the bravest of them all was a mighty warried named All Might, who overthrew the ruler and brought peace back to the world.

    Many people longed to become one of these heroes. And so, our story begins with a young man from the country side named Izuku. He was of course a huge fan of All Might.

    Izuku: Mother! I will become All Might’s disciple!

    Izuku’s Mom: What? Please be careful then!

    Izuku then set off triumphantly from his house as his mother waved goodbye. His mother knew that it was meaningless to try to stop his passionate determination.

    While strolling in the forest, he stumbled upon a doll with the appearance of All Might. That night, he had a dream about All Might.

    All Might: Young man! Even you can be a hero!

    After hearing that, Izuku became even more determined to finall meet All Might.

    Although he was heading down the correct path that lead to the town where All Might was in, he for some reason got lost.

    He stepped foot into an unfamiliar village. While distraught here in the village, he was approached by a young girl named Ochako and a man who was clad in armor named Tenya. When the two of them heard of Izuku’s determination to meet All Might, a clouded look passed over their faces.

    Ochako: All Might has been missing for quite some time now.

    Izuku: What? What is the meaning of this?


    Read the rest at
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    KING EXPLOSION MURDER Big Mom Cracker Katakuri Smoothie

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    This is fucking glorious !

    Thanks mate !
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    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE ACTUALLY DID IT THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also Bakugou X Kirishima confirmed, fucking fight me.

    Also Izuku all like ''This is so nostalgic! Is your mother well?'' holy shit that's a lowkey roast and Deku didn't even mean it. GG.
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