Anime Episode My Hero Academia - Episode 52: Create Those Ultimate Moves

Discussion in 'Previous Chapter & Episode Discussion' started by Pratham, Jul 14, 2018.

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  1. Pratham

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    My Hero Academia Episode 52 - Create those Ultimate Moves

    Watch the episode online (support the series officially!): Funimation || Crunchyroll
    Can Download via Horrible Subs (ONLINE)
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  2. Beky

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    Fucking anal beads.... Mineta aint playing games

    Also Mei :wipesweat:
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  3. Chris Mic

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    Pay attention to the new opening. The story continues.

    Opening 1: Deku can only view All Might's back, trying to reach him, while All Might slightly notices him.
    Opening 2: Deku is smiling confidently as he sees All Might in front of him being heroic.
    Opening 3: Deku is fully meeting All Might, they are holding hands and Deku is being the most heroic he's ever been here.
    Opening 4: All Might shows up much more in the opening, sitting with Deku on a bench, displaying their fully established connection, All Might is no longer an unreachable dream. But in the end, he shows up behind Deku, as Deku stands in front of him, confident.
    Opening 5: All Might is barely in the opening. All Might's hair transforms to Deku's mask, that resembles All Might's face, but it flies off by the air, never to be seen again. All Might's buff form hand pushes Deku forward, but then we see him slightly in the background, in his real form, sending Deku off. Deku is in the forefront of the OP more than ever.

    I love the opening directions. It truly feels like a story is being told, and it's still going. I actually wouldn't be surprised if in Opening 6, All Might is nowhere to be found.
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