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Discussion in 'No Mans Land' started by Divvens, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Faction leaders are the most important part of the faction, once you get 5 faction members and elect a faction leader the faction leader is mainly responsible for seeing what the faction is doing for the upcoming events and to recruit required members to their faction. They are also responsible to guide their faction, keep them together.

    Faction leaders also are responsible for their relationship with other factions, while forming alliances is not allowed due to the unbalance it would create for one faction, faction leaders can always be in good terms or wage war against other factions.

    Once you reach the required count of faction members you also get the ability to select a vice-leader, who helps out the leader and lends him/her a hand in things that are needed.

    Faction members and leaders are responsible for informing CapnLuffy or Freeze about new faction recruits, so that we can give them the necessary permissions to view faction only forums.

    The elections for leaders can be held in faction specific forums once you unlock the ability to elect a leader (have a look at the achievement list to know the details).
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