Marines, You make me proud!

Discussion in 'No Mans Land' started by Monkey D. Garp, May 26, 2012.

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    I can lift my head up, and with my chest bloated with pride say that the young marines did a really damn good job! While I was sitting in the sidelines, eating cookies and drinking tea you lads did a great job.

    Fleet Admiral Simovich, I congratulate you and all other marines for showing the others who is the boss around these dangerous waters. As your faction godfather, I award you 100 bounty points for leading the marines to a certain victory in the first ever Davy Back fight!

    Follow your own justice and remain at the top! We shall show them our power once again when it is needed.

    This will be my last message for now, until I am needed next time.

    Monkey D. Garp
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