Marines, You Have Shown Everyone That Our Justice Is Strong!

Discussion in 'The Stronghold Of Justice' started by Monkey D. Garp, Sep 23, 2013.

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    In our first set of challenges, in our first step to change this era, we have shown everyone who is the leading force, we have shown everyone who is on top, and we have surely taught those Pirates and Revolutionaries their place.

    I am proud of you, my Marines! Keep going, for our justice is strong and our goal is one!

    @Brandon, @Captain Obvious, @chopper666, @Empirio Sovrano, @Iter_Impius, @Javiermark, @Kisuke Urahara, @MDN, @Meredy McGarden, @Micky, @Phayder, @Ruffeh, @Rupivens, @Saiken, @simovich, @Vihyungrang
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