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Luffy's Gear 4th Future Transformations

Discussion in 'The Theory Archive' started by EpicListening, Jul 7, 2016.


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  1. EpicListening


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    Hey, epic viewers!

    When I saw the cover page of the recent chapter, it reminded me an old theory I 've read on Oneworld's channel(Gear 4th's Secret Forms? "Beast Transformations")about Luffy having additional transformations.

    Therefore, this theory is influenced by his. I'll leave a link in the description.

    I am pretty certain that Luffy WON'T get another major power up until Zoro and Sanji get one.

    In addition, I believe that Luffy's awakening will be gear 5 and his final power up and transformation, so we won't see it anytime soon...

    However, although gear 4th is incomplete, is powerful!

    By that, I mean that if he gets accustomed to it he will be able to fight top tiers, without being at a constant disadvantage.

    As of now, it can only be used as a trump card or a last resort against strong opponents, since it's time is limited and powerful enemies have the endurance to outlast it.

    I have already predicted that after 2-3 big fights he will be able to use it much more efficiently, bringing out its full potential.

    With that being said, I believe that there is something more to gear 4th than what we've already seen.

    His gear 4th form, attacks, and move patterns, resembling that of an ape.

    So, if he is able to imitate this animal to this extent, wouldn't be able to imitate other animals as well?

    Logically, yes! The real questions are, if there is truly something more to gear 4th, which animals can imitate and if he's able to change his form as well.

    I'll be honest here... I don't like the design of gear 4th so I hope he has additional transformations.:)

    However, there is no room for this kind of talk in this theory:)

    Firstly, let me answer the first question...

    I believe the animals he can imitate are the ones, who were on the cover page(ch.831).

    A lion, a crocodile and an ape.

    This is the reason why I also believe that he'll get at least two more big fights... One will be with the 7th shichibukai.

    As for the second question, i can't answer with certainty.

    He could either maintain his bounce form and just change his attacking pattern or he is able to change his form, gaining the advantages each animal has.

    This would give him the utility to deal with many different opponents and adjust to them, depending on the circumstances and their fighting style.

    For example, with Doflamingo he wanted much raw power, to break through his defenses and finish the fight as quick as he could... Thus, he adopted the fighting style of King Kong(ape, basically).

    Although there isn't something concrete to back up my claim, I believe it makes some sense:)

    I want to note something... In his fight with Doflamingo he used "leo bazooka"(gear 4th) which is adapted by Lion, so the answer leans slightly over Luffy just adopting fighting patterns.

    Of course, this won't make him necessary weaker, just less
    impressive, because IMO, whether be animal transformations or animal fighting styles, will be equivalent with each other.

    So, whatever Oda chooses to show us won't affect Luffy's power. I am just thinking more transformations more hype:)

    I believe that Luffy will show us his crocodile transformation or his croco fighting pattern on this arc.

    The reason for this is due to the talking crocodile trying to eat them while crossing the bridge.

    I 've already said many times, that I don't believe in coincidences, especially when it comes to OP.

    Oda decides to show us the animals(ape,lion,CROCODILE), who Luffy trained with the most, and in the same exact chapter, a random passing crocodile tried to eat them.

    He even showed us a scene, which Luffy and the drunk croco glared each other.

    Although, I think it was mostly to show us Luffy's development(he's able to feel killing intent), it has also an additional meaning, which I 've already mentioned.

    I don't want to furtherly develop this theory because it might turn to a far-fetched scenario.

    So, I will leave his future attacks and transformations to your imagination.

    Finally, do you think it's possible for him to have additional transformations or having more animal fighting styles and which of the two you prefer the most?

    Tell me what you think in the comment section down below.
  2. Warlord Luffy

    Warlord Luffy

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    He already used those.
    Rhino Schneider, Phython, etc. I don't get what you are trying to imply.
    So yea, there is a chance that he also has a Crocodile or Lion attack, but imo he would have used those against Doflamingo, but he didn't. He knew that his King Kong gun is his strongest attack.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2016
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  3. 1Ps fan

    1Ps fan

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    Boundman is just one. We have all seen how naturally a balloon is shaped. But you have the force to twist and turn with it and the plastic can withstand it, you can even make a balloon poodle (the popular one).

    The sky is the limit.... Gear 4 "insert name here" is possible.
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  4. santoryu kageoni

    santoryu kageoni

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    Very improbable ! And luffy feeling any killing Intent is a direct contradiction to his basic character design !
  5. Divvens


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    Hi @EpicListening!

    Earlier today our new platform for publishing theories & speculation went live, you can read the announcement post here for more information. I'm leaving this message here as your theory was posted recently or has had discussion recently.

    All theories in this section which are in the "thread" format will be archived and authors will have 30 days within which they can port their content over to the new platform, we have written a guide to help you port over your theories.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the Theories Help Desk.

    Team Oro Jackson
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