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Theory Kozuki Oden has the mythical zoan type !! Did any of you notice that?

MANGA ONE PIECE 942 - 920 - 816 !!

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    ODACCHI submitted new content in Theories & Speculations:

    Kozuki Oden has the legendary zoan type !! Did any of you notice that? - MANGA ONE PIECE 944 - 920 - 816 !!

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  2. vikas


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    sorry but for me these points don't really convince me because kougetsu was a mistake and misinterpretation not something intended, this is very common in Japanese using same characters but reading differently. It being changed the next chapter itself is the proof of the mistake. I do believe it is possible that oden had nine tail fox but as of now I could only believe it if Devon gets involved with anyone knowing oden or else whats the point of that plot point or will he confirm this in SBS?(hopefully he stops doing this). The points you made out of bad art is also not convincing . Even Douji's legs look thinner there. And the ligament which you are saying only ninja's wear is a wrong info...ninjas absolutely don't wear that. That ribbon like thing is either a shimenawa or just a normal obi ribbon. Whatever it is definitely does feel like the fluffy tail of a fox.
    In the end I would say yes I do think oden could be nine tail fox user at one point but the way story is laid out, when wano was introduced in series I was expecting it...I don't like the idea that much now. Maybe how oda will use it would make it more useful, why? because oda has made nine tail fox to be more of a utility cunning type DF which is correct when compared with japanese culture, which doesn't suit oden at all.
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