Keep Up The Good Work Marines!

Discussion in 'The Stronghold Of Justice' started by Monkey D. Garp, Jul 29, 2013.

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    I am only hearing good things about you, not that I'd expect it any other way, bwhahahahaha!

    I am also here to pass on a message or rather you can consider it a hint or guidance or whatever you wish to consider it as. Davy Back Fight... how do I explain it, it's an event where loyalty is tested. It's an event which can sometimes even make comrades turn on each other, it's an event where one has to have a strong will to face the dangers out there without crumbling apart, most of the burden lies with Fleet Admiral Ruffeh. Being your leader, it's not going to be easy for him, especially when duty calls.

    But I expect my Marines to go ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL! Go, light the flames of justice and conquer this era.

    As a way to intimidate your opponents, I would like that all marines put this bit of text into their signature;
    "Where there is darkness, there is always light. We shall light the flames of justice in this era filled with darkness."

    Ruffeh, here is a list of all current Marines to help you tag them, in case it's needed;
    Brandon, Captain Obvious, chopper666, Iter_Impius, Javiermark, MDN, Rupivens, Saiken, simovich, Vihyungrang.
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    ay ay! sir! :D
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