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Discussion in 'Kingdom' started by TheoryKing, Jan 8, 2019.

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Will ten be top 3 strategist at EoS?

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  1. TheoryKing


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    A character that has been a core of the series since chapter 2 and has continued to grow alongside with the 2 primary characters of the shows and now is being build up to play a prominent part in the future of the Qin conquering, particularly through the Hi Shin Unit.

    So how great will Ten be by EoS? Well it is truly hard to say, but lets take a look at her character before we truly answer this question:

    Karyo Ten:

    - Survived out in a village of criminals on her own at very young age
    - Part of the original trio of the series with Ei Sei & Shin
    - Part of the HSU trio with Shin & Kyoukai
    - Has been dishing out strategies to future Qin 6 members, the 2 strongest combatants of their generations. An unprecedented feat from any strategist we know of
    - Got some hype by thinking up of something that SHK wouldn't have been able to do
    - Is superior to Mouki despite being younger, even when she started out much later than him (though only by slight margin)
    - Is only slightly below Mouten (by a slight margin), but is mainly inferior due to a level worth of difference in lack of experience. But she is much younger.

    So how great will she truly be? Hard to say really dependent on the story's role and if she's limited to a smaller role like just being the strategist of the HSU. But when it comes to the greatness of her abilities, she will reach the epitome of strategy. She is the only pure strategist that we know from the main young dudes that have been shown rising alongside Shin. She also has the biggest potential out of any strategist shown so far, as displayed by her surpassing Mouki despite starting out after him, and is now pretty near Mouten but lacks the experience this is while of course being younger than him by a good margin.

    I believe she will be the best strategist of Qin, when it comes to sheer strategies. We will the likes of Mouten and such be better generals than her due to the combination of combat skills + strategies.

    Now there are 2 specific panels that really interest me, and I want you guys to tell me what y'all think about them:

    Firstly, the panel from the conversation between Saitaku & SHK about the pieces of Kyoukai/Ten/Shin. There was a mention of Ten not becoming of use immediately as a piece from SHK. Now at face value one would simply consider this to be over with and done, but is it possible that this might carry on into the future somehow (do not read ahead this part if you don't want to be spoiled on historical context) when SHK separates from Qin?

    The 2nd panel comes from the conversation between Ten & Shin. And Shin says something very interesting although in a very light mood, that who knows if Ten will be the who might end up being the most incredible one out of those. I really wonder if this was some foreshadowing to come and if this will have any truth to it. Also I really like the focus on the moon during this panel, can be considered symbolic of Ten shining like the moon around the darkness, considering her background.


    So what do you think Ten's greatness will be by the end of the series?
    What will be role?
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  2. Zephyr


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    She will be above than average strategist. Certainly not Qin6, Zhao 3GH or Wei 7Tigers level.

    Shin on the other hand will reach the epitome of instinctual type GG like Duke Hyou.
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  3. DizzyBrows


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    Not entirely sure where Ten is going to be by the end of the series. She was superior or at least on par with Gaimou's strategist, can't remember his name right now, and he is a veteran with a shit ton of experience from what I can tell. Only reason she hasn't shined that much in this arc is due to the fact that the HSU is being paired up with an army being led by an Instinctual general and she can't read his moves due to bad matchup. I wish this wasn't the case because it would have been nice to see Ten's progress over the year timeskip. Possibly going to get that later on in this war or in the next invasion that the HSU take part in.

    Most likely place I can see her being in terms of intelligence is around Ouhon and Mouten. Potentially superior to Ouhon while remaining inferior to Mouten since it doesn't seem like anybody in their generation is ever going to be able to surpass or match him.
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