It's time to set sail pirates!

Discussion in 'No Mans Land' started by Monkey D. Luffy, May 26, 2012.

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    After a long battle, its finally time to move on. Some meat...or lots of meat would be good now!

    I am proud of the pirates, even though we ended up at the bottom it's not something to be ashamed of! When you are at the top of the ladder, there is only one way to fall and the higher you are the harder you fall. Let them be proud of their victory while we stay low and show our real strength next time, for when we pirates are called upon again. Remember! A man's dream never dies!

    Captain Rex, thank you for leading the pirates and keeping them safe, I want to see you again next year, stronger than you are now! I have a small giving from my side, 10 bounty points to have been the captain when the times were rough.

    I shall sail back again when needed, stay strong pirates!

    Monkey D. Luffy
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  2. Rex


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    Thank you Godfather ^^ We shall definitely win next time :D
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