Island 3 [Insanity]: Daily Random Events

Discussion in 'The Central Hub' started by Divvens, Oct 19, 2013.

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    So technically we are the only option for Pirates... Hai ;3
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    Day 18 - 05/11/2013
    Acid Rain To Rule Them All!

    @Rex @BlackChaosNL
    Acid Rain!: Oh no, due to the massive rise in pollution level you encountered Acid Rain! The marketplace is a mess, with many items destroyed and stocks melted away. The price of all items in the DBF Shop has increased by 50% for the next 24 hours (this applies only to your faction).

    @Sengoku @Kuro
    Tea... It Was Poison!: Recently your faction visited a tea house, sadly the water used in the tea was polluted and it poisoned all your faction members. You spend 60 Beli for medication and treatment.

    @Ruffeh @Saiken
    Doctor, Get Me A Doctor!: One of your faction members was hurt during a hard day's labor. @MDN will not be able to participate in any ongoing Davy Back Fight events for the next 12 hours.
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 7, 2013, Original Post Date: Nov 5, 2013 ---
    Due to my lack of internet access yesterday, daily events weren't posted.

    However, daily events for Island 3 has come to and (with only 3 days left for the final event to get over). Be prepared for Island 4: The Final Strike and the dangerous/helpful daily events it brings along.

    You may discuss your opinions on the daily events for the next 24 hours after which the topic will be locked.
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