Questions & Mysteries Is Toki from the Void Century? An attempt to fill some gaps.

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    As we just learned, Toki is said to be from a distant past, travelling forwards in time. The question is: when is she from?

    To me, the most interesting and compelling answer would be the void century. We are not sure when she fell in love with Oden, but his personality and deeds, as seen last chapter, were very charming. He captivated Whitebeard, Roger, and also Toki. In my opinion, in order to captivate someone like Gol D. Roger, you must be related in some way to the essence or goals of the Will of D. Determination, freedom, friendship, hope, etc.

    We also know that Wano is deeply connected to the Void Century. The Kouzuki clan were the masons that made all the Poneglyphs, including the ones that should tell us the story of what happened then. What if Toki knew what happened? But was powerless to do much about it, so she just travelled forwards searching for the perfect opportunity... and then she met Oden.

    What if Wano became closed because of what happened in the void century?

    Toki meets Oden, and sees in him the embodyment of the values needed to bring about the dawn. She knows that opening the borders of Wano is a necessary condition for that. Probably because Wano was part of the Ancient Kingdom before it all went to shit, and the true dawn requires unison of the voices of all things. All people must come together, with open borders and freedom to live, explore and travel the vast seas. That is why piracy is the destiny of the D. clan.

    But Oden is dead. As we learned in Zou, the secret of writing Poneglyphs is gone, taken down with Oden. We don't know yet why Kaido wanted Oden to go, maybe because of his relation to WB or Roger, or was it because he could write the poneglyphs?

    I can't quite remember, but were they able to read them as well as write them? In real life, one would assume yes, unless someone else was drawing the letters and they just sculpted them.

    But what if Toki and Hiyori are the secret behind preseving this knowledge?

    We don't know what happened to them. Toki claims this is the end of her journey, implying she would not even attempt to escape. Can we be sure? I don't know.

    More important than that, we sure don't know what happened to Hiyori. This chapter we see that she was in her mother's arms when Toki sent everyone else 20 years into the future. However, if the panel Oda showed us last chapter was factual and not construed by the drunk guy, she was alone outside the burning castle. Hiyori was nowhere to be seen. Would she let her daughter die like that? She must have sent her somewhen. With what task, with what help, with what purpose is not clear.

    In that note, however, we see a fifth retainer in page 8 and 9. A guy with a similar build and hat of the man from the cover page of chapter 631. A blonde man that was talking to Crocus. If that man is from 20 years in the past, he may have met Crocus with Oden, Roger, etc. It explains why they met.

    But that man was not sent 20 years into the future, or he would be with Kinnemon and the others on the mountain top. So he was sent somewhen else. And my guess is: he was sent with Hiyori sometime before the 20 years, at least a few years would be my guess. Probably so Hiyori could grow and become more fisically or mentally prepared. Maybe Toki sent them with a different task. And perhaps this task involves regaining the knowledge of writing the Poneglyphs, so that the Kozuki clan's tradition is not lost when the Momo group would be capable of freeing Wano.

    Anyway, I may not have filled that many gaps and just raised more questions. But this chapter was really rich and I just wanted to put something out there. Happy to hear your thoughts!
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