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    Instinctual Generals use their intuition to decide the best course of action on the battlefield.

    Strategical generals have a hard time dealing with Instinctual type generals as their movements are hard to predict since there is no definite strategy to counter them.

    Genbou comments that people in this category are able to reach the peak of their morale easily but once their confidence is broken, they fall into despair and are unable to rally once more.


    The man known as Duke Hyou is able to subtly sense the overall flow of the battle just from taking in an enemy army's positioning and orientation, or the expressions and line of sight of the enemy soldiers.

    Ri Haku, about Duke Hyou
    Instinctual generals are not all warriors like Duke Hyou. While some such as Duke Hyou, are like prowling lions, ferociously pouncing upon their prey with a savage fury, others such as Keisha can be likened to spiders that lay down subtle traps and wait for the prey to come charging into the trap of their own accord. Those that find themselves ensnared in the traps are rendered utterly helpless to do anything.”

    Ri Boku



    • Instinctual or strategical general? Which one do you prefer?
    • What do you personally feel about instinctual general?
    • Duke's instinctual level was 100. What do you think the level of other instinctual general is?
    • When do you think Shin will reach level 100?
    • Do you think we will see an enemy instinctual Great General in the future?
    • If there is an instinctual Great General then which state do you want instinctual Great General to be from?
    • How do you think HSU should fight instinctual general? Total command to Shin or strategy from Ten executed by Shin?
    Instinctual Great General


    Instinctual General

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