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[Important] Upcoming Theory Section Update

Discussion in 'The Theory Archive' started by Divvens, Jul 1, 2016.

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  1. Divvens


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    Hi there,

    As announced we'll be performing a major change to the theory section, this is to improve creation and consumption experience of Theories and Speculations. As we move closer to implementing this update, you may notice minor changes to the section and these changes will only make sense once the complete update is live.

    What's going to happen to the existing theories?
    All current theories that are in the "thread" format will be moved to the Theory Archive sub-forum, they will be available there for 1 month after the move after which all threads will be locked. Within this 1 month, you will be able to move your content from your thread and create it again in the new theory section, as the "content" type is different between the current thread format and the new "article" type that the theory section will support (theories aren't just going to be threads anymore, they are going to be "resources" of their own).

    Will I lose my existing/old theory?
    No, you will be able to click "edit" and basically copy paste your theory into the new section. It's simple, and we'll help you with it if required.

    You will have greater freedom in the new theory section as it will allow for attaching images directly to your theories rather than linking from third party image hosts. You'll also get greater screen space in terms of content showcase and can format your theories better (visually).

    When are the changes expected to go live?
    Very soon, thus this announcement.

    I have a question!
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