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    I have actually began to convert the theory into YOUTUBE format

    Check it out, and subscribe if you wish to see more, my next theory will be uploaded there first before being posted here

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    The AI and The Little Girl:

    Long story short, I believe Alluka Zoldyck is a product of the Dark Continent .

    I do believe genetically that Alluka herself [ I will refer to Alluka as a female yes lol], is a child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck.

    However , I also believe ‘Nanika’ is the gas life form AI.

    Bear with me and see the following:


    What you see there is:



    Seems quite familiar to the end result of refusing Nanika’s requests right?

    I know what you are thinking, sure Alluka is strange and the bodies described by Don Freecs in the dark continent, and the bodies found in the current world, AND the result of Nanika twisting ppl are al very similar, however how does this tie in with the Gas Life Forms.

    From the Black aura emitted and completely different ‘’Being’’ Nanika, I speculate that she is currently possessed by one of this Gas Life Forms AI

    It would match with what Silva said:


    However, how on earth would Alluka be exposed to something like that considering how secluded and protected the Zoldyck family is, unless someone brought it back?

    Yes, I believe Zigg Zoldyck, returned and died due to this Gas Life Form, and somehow through a course of events resulted in Alluka being ‘possessed’ by this being.

    [a side point made to me by a friend is how Nanika says ‘’AYE’’ after accepting a wish request, in some translations this was written as ‘’AI’’ although this may be just coincidental]

    But I think Zzigg is still alive...:balien:

    That’s most of what I have so far, however I do have further thoughts on Gon, Ging Gon’s ‘Mother’ and Nen, however just don’t have the time to type it up.
    Please link me first when you'll post that...:hungry:

    Hope it’s been a fun read for you all[/QUOTE]
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